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I haven't quite reached my goal yet, but I've come a lot closer. With the Logcat, I had only one defined trigger. Then when the announcement comes. And it comes only once 15s before.
With the current setting, I now have to work longer in practice.
I have also found out so that it also goes without tick. I have tick and Locus App active replaced by notification query. Notification from Locus with the title Navigation.
In any case, I have learned a lot again.
A big thank you for that !
From me also once again a thank you
Have now been doing various tests all day and testing other combinations of If and Endif and variables. Once it was not zoomed at all and mostly only in and not out. I just thought of something else and I think that will work. Will be tested tomorrow.
The Unix seconds are not used with Navipoint1_Time. I have found out through various tests that it is specified in miliseconds. Unfortunately I found this out only after many unsuccessful tests.
I have to take a closer look at the tick later.

The examples for inspiration are all grayed out. Are they inactive ? How do you do that ?
Früher hatte ich meine Legende als PDF abgespeichert und über Favoriten geöffnet. Da bist du dann nicht an ein Theme gebunden. Dann wurde die Legende in den Themes auswählbar und ich habe die Funktion aufgegeben. Wobei die Lösung ein klick schneller ist als über Theme
Distance to Navipoint I wanted but the problem is the distance. Depending on the speed is very different.
That's why I try to use Time now. Zoom in 15s before Navipoint.
I just do not know where I apply the tick. If I apply it alone in the profile it goes day and night. Can I say in the profile notification Locus / navigation + tick ?
I also don't know if the value is displayed in s or min. or maybe 22:08.
The variable is deleted immediately after the task. Therefore I cannot see its value.
At the moment I am ready, only tick is missing for the test.

Dynamic ticks: yes I am also interested. But for now it has to run like this. And then we have to switch to the German forum.

Translated with (free version)
Thanks Tapio
Ah I see, the value I store in the variable is only the one at that time of retrieval. It does not adjust itself. This is how I have used it since. I retrieved the zoom factor and saved it. Then zoomed in and after 10s zoomed back to the saved value.
I have since used Logcat Entry as the trigger. But on Android 13 there is no access to logs anymore.

I then tried to use the distance from the notification. I have attached the profile below: Zoom Distance

As trigger I took the notification Locus Map with the title Navigation. The zoom worked. Only zoom back to old value did not work. But I don't know why.
But distance is not ideal. If I drive very slowly, the zoom comes too early. If I drive very fast it comes too late.

That's why I want to look at Navipoint1 Time. I would like to zoom to level 20 15s before reaching the turn.
But if I use the trigger Notification Locus Map with the title Navigation, the value is only saved once at the very beginning. I would like to have it up to date during the whole navigation.
Otherwise I would use the same profile. Smaller 15s zoom and larger 20s back to the old value.
I made %ZoomTaskRun so that if I make 2 turns in quick succession, the zoom stays and doesn't go in and out all the time.

But if the value of time does not adjust then I can forget it.

Profil: Distanz
Ereignis: Benachrichtigung [ Besitz Applikation:Locus Map Titel:Navigation Text:* Subtext:* Messages:* Other Text:* Typ:* New Only:Aus ]

Eingang Aufgabe: Anon

A1: Variable Aufteilen [
Name: %evtprm3
Teiler: , ]

A2: Variable Suchen Ersetzen [
Variable: %evtprm32
Suche: m
Übereinstimmungen Ersetzen: An ]

A3: If [ %evtprm32 < 70 & %ZoomTaskRun !~ 1 ]

A4: Request sensors and stats [
Konfiguration: map_zoom_level
Timeout (Sekunden): 10 ]

A5: Execute Action Task [
Konfiguration: tasks: {"map_zoom":{"action":"value","value":"20"}}
Timeout (Sekunden): 0 ]

A6: Variable Setzen [
Name: %ZoomTaskRun
Zu: 1
Max Rounding Digits: 3
Structure Output (JSON, etc): An ]

A7: End If

A8: If [ %evtprm32 > 80 & %ZoomTaskRun ~ 1 ]

A9: Execute Action Task [
Konfiguration: tasks: {"map_zoom":{"action":"value","value":"%map_zoom_level"}}
Timeout (Sekunden): 0 ]

A10: Variable Lösche [
Name: %ZoomTaskRun ]

A11: End If
Quote from: kodela on March 24, 2023, 11:04:49Hallo,

dieses Thema hat mich auf einen Bereich von Locus Map gestoßen, der mir bisher noch völlig fremd war, beziehungsweise noch ist. In den vorstehenden Beiträgen wird eine Seite verlinkt, auf der ein Screenshot zu einem Auswahldialog gezeigt wird, über den geogetaggte Bilder geladen werden können.

Meine Frage, wie komme ich zu diesem Auswahldialog (bitte in Deutsch)?

Ich denke damit du das meinst
Bin aber nicht sicher ob das in deinem alten Locus vorhanden ist.
I have some questions about "Request sensors and Stats".
Guide Navipoint1 Dist:
Is Navipoint a turn indication (turn right) ?
Navipoint 1 and 2. is 1 the next turn hint in the track ? and 2 the next ?
Do 1 and 2 always move up when I pass them ? Example I have 3 pcs. 1. turn right 2. straight ahead 3. turn left. When I have turned right and thus passed 1. Is then 2 straight ahead-- now 1 straight ahead and 2 is then turn left.

Navipoint1 Time: is it the time to the turn, based on the current speed ? Is it given in seconds ?

What is Navipoint1 Extra and Navipoint1 Action ?

What is Navigation Point Index ?

If I understand correctly, these values are stored as variables in Tasker.  Is this permanent and in which intervals is it updated. Does it need a permanent battery ? And how much ?
Was funktioniert nicht ? Beschreibe dein Problem genauer. Ich kann da nicht folgen.
For me it is so that Strava currently always shows more altitude than Locus. Yesterday I had in Locus 905 hm and in Strava 1022. Use the Current Beta
Small differences should already be taken into account. Only unrealistic jumps should be filtered out. E.g. 3 hm within 3 meters.
This is not due to LoRouter but to BRouter. LoRouter uses this for routing. And this takes OSM data for the calculation. If in OSM private road is entered or something else. Possibly also incorrectly deposited data Then the router can not go along there. Therefore, it is also important to keep OSM data up to date and to correct errors. The best way to do this is in the Home Zone. I also do this on the road when I have time.

Translated with (free version)
Import the track into a folder in Locus. Make a copy and name it with reference. As line style give it a different color. Now activate it so that it is displayed. Eye active.
Then load the original route into the route planner with Change Route. Then save it there.
Since you see the refernz there, you can check if there is a deviation. You can adjust it if necessary. You can also split the route and save the individual daily stages.

Translated with (free version)
What exactly are the maps LoMaps or ??
Update ? What version did you have before. Which one do you have now.
Which phone, which Android ?
Quote from: CabrioTourer on March 07, 2023, 17:13:54
Quote from: Menion on March 06, 2023, 11:08:32The system of backups needs to recreate.... I need to find a time (week or rather too)...

If you work on it please add no-go area,too.
Alternative would be the NoGo would bein a separate folder at points.
Then they would be automatically saved and you can manage them well.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Pay LM4 with LoCoins
March 06, 2023, 19:24:43
I think he means the same as I do. The payment with LoCoins is only offered if you activate expert settings. But even then only if you have enough LoCoins. If you have too few, it is not offered.
That's how it is with me right now. But I do not know how much I still have to buy.
At the moment I have the beta and with it I can't make any purchases. I hope that this month still comes an official version.