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I converted another 2nd shaping point in the route to an intermediate destination. After saving the route, I could no longer find it. I repeated it again and made sure to save the waypoint and the route. And again the 2nd point or intermediate destination is missing.
When I convert a shaping point to a waypoint in the route planner, I am shown a "Comment" field.
When I open the route after saving, I can edit the waypoint. A "Description" field is then additionally displayed to me there.
It would make more sense to display the "Description" field in the route planner as well. I find it better than the "Comment" field.
Error in route planner ?
I have converted a shaping point into a waypoint. At the title was the place. I then called it New name.
Save....continue route.
When I look at the route now there are 2 points at this place. One with name "intermediate destination" and one with name "new name".
Du hast doch LM4 Gold....da brauchst du den BRouter nicht installieren. Der ist da bereits integriert. Der nennt sich dann LoRouter, ist aber sonst alles gleich.
Der Rest ist alles in der Anleitung wo ich dir geschickt habe.
Die Navigation hat nichts mit der Karte oder dem Theme zu tun. Sie geht auch ohne Karte.
Eventuell ist es das gleiche Problem wie hier.
Wenn ja dort Voten damit es bei dir auch so ist und eventuell was dazu schreiben.

PS: jetzt fällt mir noch was ein. Hast du die entsprechenden BRouter Dateien für das Gebiet runtergeladen ?
Welchen Router verwendest du ?
Hast du ein Silber oder Gold ABO ?
Hast du Datenverbindung wenn der Fehler kommt ?
Ich denke du hast LM4 ? Welche Version ?

Die Backup Funktion findest du im Menü / weiter Funktionen (unten Rechts) / Einrichten / Backup Manager

Weitere Infos findest du auch in der Anleitung:
für Auto nimmst du am besten Google Maps, ist viel besser als Locus. Du kannst es auch aus Locus heraus aufrufen.
Wenn ich Wanderungen oder MTB plane, beginne ich meistens an einem Parkplatz. Wenn ich morgens losfahre öffne ich Locus rufe meine Tour auf. Klicke auf den Parkplatz und sende es an Google Maps.
If you have a Google account, there is 15 GB of free storage at GDrive.
You have to distinguish between export and backup.

Backup saves all tracks, points and settings. They are not available individually, but only as a database zip. You can backup locally and to the cloud. There is also an automatic backup. But you can also do it manually.

When exporting, the individual points or tracks are exported as GPS, KML, etc.. This is only possible individually or the entire folder.

The automatic export when saving a new track you can set in the recording settings.

The backup can be found under Menu / All Functions (bottom right) / Setup / Backup Manager.

More info can be found in the manual:

Questions and problems are best asked or reported in the helpdesk.

Translated with (free version)
I would take the larger zip file. Maybe the phone has already started to delete the small one.
Export your new tours first and then import the backup. If you have points export them too. If you have attached pictures, back them up too.
Then restore the backup and import the new stuff again.
Tip: Make a better backup.
1. backup local
2. backup with WLAN to the cloud (if you lose your phone you don't have your local backup anymore).
3. i have set to automatically backup each track to the cloud when saving. I do this with mobile data. (If your last backup was on Sunday and you recorded tracks Monday-Tuesday. And your loss is on Wednesday, then those 2 days are not in the backup. If you exported them to the cloud, you can import them again later.

Translated with (free version)
Your phone may have performed a garbage collection and cleared the database. Disable these functions in any case.
Have you activated a backup in Locus ?
I have created a Tasker project.
Use case:
Phone on the handlebars of the bike. Screen off. Navigation of a route. At a turn Locus turns on the screen and makes a voice announcement. I like to have a small zoom to have some overview of the surroundings. But with a navigation announcement I don't really see the details of the turn. This requires a large zoom and right after that I need the small one again.
With voice announcement Locus zooms to zoom level 20 (Adjustable) and after 7 seconds (Adjustable) back to the old value.

It is also possible to zoom only 2 or 3 levels instead of the fixed zoom level.

You can download the project via the link.

Criticism and improvements are welcome. Improvements are always possible.

Idea Preset:
1. at the end of the start process there is a question which preset should be used.
2. the last preset is loaded
3. a very specific preset is loaded
4. no preset is loaded and the normal settings are used. This should also be the default setting.

Why 1: For the user who changes very often between preset. When I start Locus I know exactly why and what I want to do (what to look at, what to test, hiking, MTB, Geocaching. So I am quickly at my preset and do not forget to set it.

Why 2: I do not know if this option is needed at all. If I did something different last time like this time, I have the wrong preset. If I always do the same thing, 3. is good too.

Why3: If I always do the same thing 90% of the time, then this preset is always loaded. And in the other 10% I just have to select another one in the main menu.

Why 4: This option is for new users. They don't know what preset is yet and it should be as simple and intuitive as possible in the beginning.

Quote from: CabrioTourer on July 18, 2022, 17:00:58
Interesting. I just completed a tasker projekt to add points of comments for my "known street" database.
Means recording audio while riding, translate into text. Create a kmz file with location, audio and transcription which can be imported in locus.

The tasker side is ok for me. What I would like to know is how you trigger the tasker tasks from Locus. Specialy if you have an idea to even parse parameters.
You mentioned something like "quick bookmark" in first post but have no idea what you mean.

Bcs it's off topic to locus you might give me a hint via Email
Is not an issue for here. But maybe open a topic in the forum. eg. Other Features. It might be useful for others too.