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Discussion/New features / Re: Android 11+, changes
« on: Yesterday at 12:12:57 »
It's all too complicated for me. I don't even know what I have to do, what I'm allowed to do. I will only update my 2nd phone for now. With the other I wait until there is experience and especially a tutorial what to do.
Is there an address on google where I can complain. I do not want this security. I will create 100 accounts in case of need and write there.

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.4.+ ( 23. 9. 2021+ )
« on: Yesterday at 11:38:58 »
I am also looking forward to the sorting, it is much better now. But there is one more improvement.
But I do not know if it is much or little effort. That's why I made a suggestion.

Troubles & Questions / Re: undo for web planner?
« on: Yesterday at 11:07:31 »
It's not just about votes and prio. It's also a list of tasks. More ideas can be brought to the proposal. And other users see so that it was already discussed and do not have to write again. So the work is faster for the team, because they don't have to answer again and again and again. And it is a standard procedure. Standards make the work easier.

Ich glaube nicht damit das einmal gegangen ist. Aber es wäre schön wenn man zwischen 2 oder 3 Favoriten schnell wechseln könnte. Ein lange klick auf Themen könnte die letzten 3 verwendeten oder Favoriten anzeigen. Aber immer mit der untermenü Auswahl Wandern, MTB; Stadt.
Mach doch mal einen Vorschlag.

Das geht schon lange. während der Navigation den gewünschten Punkt öffnen. Unten ist dann ein ein Sechseck mit einem Pfeil drin. Da drauf klicken und es wird eingebaut und neu berechnet. Es geht mit vorhanden Punkten und Poi aber auch eine Stelle auf der Karte. Stelle auf der Karte lange Klicken und Sechseck wählen.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Sync of Waypoint Attachments
« on: November 17, 2021, 14:48:38 »
these are all questions and suggestions about the web planner. If there is nothing here, they can also read here.

Otherwise make a suggestion for improvement. Then others can vote for it

Hello Josef,
for me the navigation works perfectly. But it must be a route generated in the route planner. Only navigate by a track is very bad. For this function there is a suggestion in the helpdesk.
The navigation consumes a little more battery as only recording. But that is not a problem with my Remi Note 10 Pro. For me, the battery lasts 11 hours (recording, navigation, screen work, LTE, BT, Tasker...).
I have it set so that the screen automatically turns on when a navigation announcement and goes off again after 5s. If I need it additionally, I do that with a BT remote control.
At Cafe Stop, where I deviate from the route, I turn off the navigation briefly. As soon as I'm back on the route I turn it back on. Here, a pause function would be very helpful. Pause navigation briefly.
But if you only drive on sight and when clicking on the route want this information. You could show in the dashboard the information distance to destination and distance from start. This then shows the information for the current location. Another function could be to change the displayed location when clicking on the route. Then the values are no longer displayed for the current position but for the point where you clicked. The whole for x seconds. After that the value for the current position is displayed again. If this would be a solution for you, you just have to convince Menion to implement it.

Translated with (free version)

Alle 3 Monate

ten údaj je vždy reálná vzdálenost k bodu. V případě obyč bodů jen tak na mapě je to v podstatě jen vzdušná čára k bodu od tvého místa. V případě trasy je to ale nyní mnohem zajímavější a je to reálná vzdálenost pod dané trase. Tedy součet vzdálenost od tvé aktuální polohy na nejblížší místo na trase a pak podél trasy. Ideální tedy na zjišťování jak je nějaké místo na trase během výletu daleko.
This innovation is very good....but....
The same icon has different information.
Once distance to the destination (as the crow flies, direct).
Once distance to destination (on route)
This can be very confusing for some users.

I suggest for "Distance to destination (on route) to use a different icon. For example an arrow with serpentine lines.

Das Problem taucht nur auf wenn du den Vollbildmodus aktiv hast. Vollbild aus und alles ist gut.
Du kannst das Problem im Helpdesk melden.  (ist aber eine extra Anmeldung notwendig)
Ich habe bei mir das Telefon umgestellt auf Gesten Steuerung. Am Anfang war das etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig aber jetzt finde ich es besser als vorher.

ich finde es gibt fast nur Vorteile mit LM4. Bedienung unten ist viel besser. Wer hat so lange Finger damit die bis nach oben reichen.

Ask in the Openandromaps forum.

I also have gold and only use LoMaps because of the offline address data in the background. That means the types are installed but are not displayed. I use the OAM cards for viewing. I think the OAM theme is so good.

Troubles & Questions / Re: Can't select theme
« on: October 26, 2021, 21:11:39 »
The best thing to do is to ask in the OAM forum.

[CZ&SK] - diskuze o Locusu / Re: Locus ve fullscreenu
« on: October 25, 2021, 11:23:35 »
I switched to gesture control in MIUI. This means that the control buttons at the bottom are gone. It takes a short time to get used to it. Now I think it's even better than the control buttons.

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