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Why don't you make a video so that we can see how good or bad it is with them at the moment?
Quote from: DIDYM13 on August 27, 2023, 17:44:54Wenn die App für alle Benutzer so funktioniert, gibt es dann eine Möglichkeit, den ,,Aktualisierungswert" des GPS-Signals zu erhöhen oder zu verringern?
Denn für mich ist die Nutzung der Locus-Karte auf einem Motorrad einfach nicht möglich ... es sei denn, man fährt mit 20 km/h.
I am against increasing this value. It is good enough for cycling and hiking. The battery has to last the whole day.
Morrad or car is not an application for Locus Map (in any case not since). If more people come here who use it for motorcycle and car, you should provide a special setting for it. This then also immediately in presets.
This setting would then optimize Locus Map for faster speeds. Furthermore, one would not have to pay so much attention to the battery consumption, since there is a power supply on the vehicle.
Maybe you turn off the GPS when the screen is off. When you turn it on, the map moves to the current location.
Start a recording parallel to the navigation. After that save. Look at the track then. does it have straight lines ?
What is behind the difficulties Smooth, Rolling, Varied....
It must be parameters from the OSM database. MTB Scale STS (S0-S5) or Imba (0-4)
If Smooth is S0 and Rolling S1 etc. then one should write a S0 or S1 in brackets behind it.
These are international units that every MTBer can use.
If no MTB Scale (STS) is maintained but an IMBA (30% of the cases). Then the IMBA should be used.
The most common translation is this
S0, IMBA0 Easiest (white circle)
S1, IMBA1 Easy (green circle)
S2, IMBA2 More Difficult (blue square),
S3, IMBA3 Very Difficult (black diamond)
S4, IMBA4 Extremely Difficult (double black diamond)

(S6 is not relevant)
The first test was bad for me. I set Smooth and then roted over a S2 trail. It took the S2 trail even though it could have taken an easier trail. and it didn't display a warning.
Other features / Re: Online search
August 25, 2023, 17:36:01
Sharing from G-Maps works perfectly with the new version. I tried it with different types of maps poi.
Quote from: balloni55 on August 25, 2023, 12:53:45
Quotedenn es bleibt die Frage, warum auf der gesamten Strecke und auch am Ende der Navigation diese Zeile überhaupt nicht mehr angezeigt wurde.
welcher Routingdienst ist bei dir eingestellt?
wenn ich mich recht erinnere geht die Straßenanzeige nur, wenn du GraphHopper als Routingdienst verwendest.

Also bei LM4 geht das auch mit LoRouter (BRouter).
I think you have incorrect offline altitude data.
The best are the lidars from Sony.
What kind of details will be lost ?
You write about multiple tracks. Maybe your database was deleted. Some telephones do this with cleaning programs. The program simply deletes files. It thinks you don't need it anymore. I have disabled all these apps and removed their permissions.
Luckily I had a backup at the time. I also automatically export all tracks to the cloud when I save.
The question has nothing to do with the function. Do you hold your phone in your hand while using it or do you have it in a cradle on your bike?
Am besten im Helpdesk melden. Eventuell vorher schauen ob es bereits ein gleiches Problem gibt. Ich meine in letzter Zeit was gelesen zu haben.
What application do you have ? The phone in your hand ? Or in a holder on the bike handlebars ?
Bei LM4 kann man ein Kleineres Navifeld wählen. Und man kann die obere Zeile Mit dem Straßennamen und oder Statistik Leiste weglassen. Da braucht man auch kein Preset. Das ist nur nötig wenn man spezielle Einstellungs-Sätze schnell wechseln will.
Bei LM3 bin ich mir nicht sicher was möglich ist.