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Troubles & Questions / Re: where to post?
April 13, 2024, 20:13:58
Troubles & Questions / Re: android 13 no access
April 02, 2024, 12:36:28
Um keine Daten bei eine Deinstallation zu verlieren, ist ein Backup sehr wichtig. Den Backup Ordner kannst du in den Einstellungen festlegen. Am besten du legst ihn in den Download Ordner von Android. Solltest du ihn im Locus Ordner belassen ist er auch weg.
Zusätzlich mache ich ein Backup in die Cloud.
Früher war es so damit es noch Medien Dateien (Bilder, Memo usw) und Geocaching Daten gab die beim Backup nicht dabei waren. Aber es hat sich einiges geändert und ich weiß nicht ob es noch so ist.
Ich mache zusätzlich jeder Woche einen Sync vom ganzen Locus Ordner in die Cloud.
Sicher ist Sicher
Den Export Pfad wo du eingestellt hast. Ich benutze da immer die Cloud.
Gehe in einem Track auf Export und da siehst du den Pfad.
Quote from: lor74cas on March 29, 2024, 12:44:38Hi,
You could contribute by adding the information to openstreetmap. It will take some time but sooner or later it will be implemented and the transition will occur normally.
In the meantime, you would like Locus to insert a sort of bypass between two points that are not currently connected, temporarily until the grid is definitively updated. In this way not only the recalculation but also future planning would take the change into account.
It could be an interesting feature, but I don't know how many would be interested in it. But in my experience of use I have often found myself in similar situations having to edit the line manually each time.
If there is a path there, I add it to OSM immediately after the tour.
But if there is no path there and I still want to go there. Then everything is gone after the recalculation. It would also be helpful if a turn-off hint was automatically generated for a manual segment. But we have already discussed this in another topic. Menion knows about this and said that it is possible.
Quote from: TomHH on March 27, 2024, 10:27:43No timer please! If I want to get it fast, then I click fast!  ;D

Of course my way of using LM isn't the holy grail! It's just the way I use it. That may not be appropriate for others and sometimes it's also changing habits and getting used to it. So in the end all good!

PS: if I could disable the timer then it's fine! :)
Menion meant timer user-defined. If you don't want it, you don't have to use it. I think the solution is good.
And if we're never comes down to 10 seconds.
Quote from: Graf Geo on March 25, 2024, 14:37:14You can still do this. Simply start the route planner directly instead of "Navigate to", then you can select the starting point on the map.
Use plan route by instead of navigating.
Quote from: TomHH on March 22, 2024, 14:08:13Hmm, I would bother switching back to the previous approach. If I want to plan a route I open the planer, if I want to do a quick and direct navigation I use 'Navigate'.

The current approach with first open the planer and start navigation from here is okay but a little useless as I know in advance what I want to do IMHO.
Not always, I want to navigate from my location to the selected point. But I may not like the route selection. That's why the route via the planner is quite good and does almost no more work.
Navigating to always leads to the planner. The start and destination are already filled in. and if I want to plan the route to. I just have to complete the route.
Everything is OK for me. Have you tried logging in to the Locus Store? With the same account where you bought gold. How exactly do you proceed? Do error messages appear?
For me, this is duplicate and makes no sense. If I want a different start, I can simply change the entered location.
Quote from: Menion on March 21, 2024, 08:53:19@freischneider
 Problem mit verlorenen Formungs-/Navigationspunkten > Danke, verstanden
The shaping points are now converted correctly.  Thank you

you had written here:
"Turn-by-turn instructions for manual segments should be possible"
I would be very happy about this improvement.  It would save me the trouble of converting the shaping points.
Quote from: Tapio on March 20, 2024, 22:06:20
Quote from: Graf Geo on March 20, 2024, 22:04:01I don't see any need for changes here.
Geotagged photos. They're screaming for this change.
I don't use that. I was talking about a normal point to which I have added an image.
Quote from: Tapio on March 20, 2024, 14:50:41When tapping an image, the primary interest is to view the image. I think if it initially came up with a bigger preview this would already be good enough for previewing. The tiny preview not so much What do you think? I suggest full width stretch (and cut top/bottom to keep initial panel size predictable). IMO this would make picture viewing a much better experience! It's currently a bit lacking and clunky.
The preview larger....yes and no. Then I see less of the other information and have to scroll earlier.
When I click on the image it becomes large. The whole screen width. But when I rotate the phone, the image is not rotated.
I could view the image even larger by rotating it.
The problem with changing the shaping point still exists.
Have you overlooked it or are you still working on it?

My mention here:

Request from you here:

My answer with video here:
Quote from: Menion on March 18, 2024, 09:40:09@freischneider & @Andrew Heard
 ,,Vom Bildschirm auswählen" fehlt > warum vermissen Sie diese Option? Sie können dies direkt im Routenplaner tun, indem Sie auf dem Kartenbildschirm auswählen.
I know I don't need the function. But I think all the ways to select a location should be offered on this screen.
It's not easy for a beginner.
He chooses "via Point after // then on "select stop" // then he is on the screen.
It would be helpful to have this option there.

the name "select stop" is still an old name. Now "select via Point after" ?
Select location" screen
here it could be helpful to add the "Select from screen" item.