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The error has already been reported here.
Therefore no answer is necessary here.
@Thomas: Please do not duplicate messages !!!
Troubles & Questions / Re: button shortcuts
June 12, 2024, 20:01:18
You could also request a button for the sidebar that takes you to the Android home screen.
Troubles & Questions / Re: button shortcuts
June 12, 2024, 19:58:04
Create a request in the helpdesk.

Or vote here in the main menu:
And only one topic per request (switch from landscape to portrait display, one separate request)
automatischer Export müsste im Aufnahmeprofil einzustellen sein. Cloud, Strava, OSM usw.

Das Backup hat bei mir immer funktioniert. Nur in die Cloud gibt es Probleme wenn google mal wieder  bastelt.
Schau mal wo dein Lokaler Backup Ordner ist.
What do you mean by captions. When it comes to the text that you can add to a rating (stars), I can change it with the pencil symbol behind it.
zum Ecken abrunden musst du einen Vorschlag machen. Sonst wird das nichts.
nein das geht nicht. Mit Overlay meinst du wahrscheinlich Dashboard. Das kannst du auch bei einer anderen Pos. machen. Du kannst auch 2 machen. Eins mit navigation und eins ohne
For a point embedded in a track, I use an external BT button. The whole thing is then addressed via Tasker.
Tasker can also place a button over Locus to trigger this task.
Whether this works with a normal point needs to be checked.
The error has already been reported here. Please do not report it twice.

Errors should always be reported to the helpdesk.
If you back up to the cloud, I would briefly log out of the cloud and log in again.
There are no more new functions in Locus Classic. It is currently in maintenance mode. Only bugs are fixed here and at some point even that will no longer be possible.
It is best to switch to Locus Map 4. It already has so many new and good features. You can test it for one year free of charge. If you don't like it then you can go back to classic.
I would also like to have something like this when cycling. But then 1 or 2 km steps would be enough.
Many thanks for the great function.