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This is not due to LoRouter but to BRouter. LoRouter uses this for routing. And this takes OSM data for the calculation. If in OSM private road is entered or something else. Possibly also incorrectly deposited data Then the router can not go along there. Therefore, it is also important to keep OSM data up to date and to correct errors. The best way to do this is in the Home Zone. I also do this on the road when I have time.

Translated with (free version)
Import the track into a folder in Locus. Make a copy and name it with reference. As line style give it a different color. Now activate it so that it is displayed. Eye active.
Then load the original route into the route planner with Change Route. Then save it there.
Since you see the refernz there, you can check if there is a deviation. You can adjust it if necessary. You can also split the route and save the individual daily stages.

Translated with (free version)
What exactly are the maps LoMaps or ??
Update ? What version did you have before. Which one do you have now.
Which phone, which Android ?
Quote from: CabrioTourer on March 07, 2023, 17:13:54
Quote from: Menion on March 06, 2023, 11:08:32The system of backups needs to recreate.... I need to find a time (week or rather too)...

If you work on it please add no-go area,too.
Alternative would be the NoGo would bein a separate folder at points.
Then they would be automatically saved and you can manage them well.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Pay LM4 with LoCoins
March 06, 2023, 19:24:43
I think he means the same as I do. The payment with LoCoins is only offered if you activate expert settings. But even then only if you have enough LoCoins. If you have too few, it is not offered.
That's how it is with me right now. But I do not know how much I still have to buy.
At the moment I have the beta and with it I can't make any purchases. I hope that this month still comes an official version.

Du kannst LoPoi Online und Offline auf der Karte anzeigen lassen. Beim draufklicken kannst du sie öffnen. Du musst sie aber mit dem Auge vorher einschalten.
Aber wenn du LoPoi und OAM Poi gespeichert hast kann sein dir werden 2 Angezeigt. Aber das Thema POi und Anzeigen wird demnächst kpl. Überarbeitet.
Quote from: T-mo on March 01, 2023, 19:53:55Honestly, I don't use LoPoints as the whole UI-experience gives me more stress than something of use.
But LoPoints-rework is already on top of 2do IIRC.

Nevertheless, using new MF4-maps and LoPoints-offline and going for 'Points around' and doing this twice seems to give me doubled results, the icons are slightly different with outline and shadow and without.

edit: doubled entries are given if additionally the eye in menu is enabled. Btw would expect to have points not shown at all if eye is disabled
edit2: might be due to other .dB available in other folders

do you use OAM ? I also had double points because OAM also places the points database in the automatic DL. You get then LoPoi and OAM Poi displayed. OAM Poi but unfortunately you can not hide. It goes only with database delete. But you have to do that again with every update.
Here the user interface would have to be extended to be able to show and hide OAM Poi.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.14.+ ( 1/2023 )
February 21, 2023, 12:41:47
Quote from: joeloc on February 21, 2023, 10:05:25@joeloc
Quotehmm nice main menu in display. And what you suggest? With Locus Map 4 you may hide everything except "Copyright" button. But this one will be in the next app version semi-transparent, so at least a little smaller problem.
I don't know a perfect solution... but Locus is responsible for destroying amoled displays for a long time now. It has by definition by far the longest screen on time at the brightest setting of any app. Putting some more thoughts into this is overdue.

Auto hiding the menu bars is obvious... but what about other elements? Like track recording icon? GPS icon? Scale?

Maybe a little transparency for these (80%?) could help, without causing too much usability trouble? A better but more complex solution might be to shift the whole UI around SLIGHTLY by a few pixels every day. Half a millimeter or something is hardly recognizable but will go a long way in protecting displays.

You cannot view this attachment.
I think they are exaggerating a bit here. Why do they always have the screen on ? Normally they are hiking or biking and look at the path. On Locus you look only if you need information. So the screen can stay off 70% of the time.
Quote from: Mare e monti on February 19, 2023, 16:21:27Die Karten auf meinem S10 laufen weder mit LM3 (Pro) noch LM4 (Free) flüssig. Update gibt's nur 1 mal die Sekunde, dementsprechend sieht's halt auf. Fährste 100 ist man dann eben schon fast 28 m weiter.

Okay ich spreche nur von fahrradfahren und wandern. Locus ist auch nur für diese Aktivitäten optimiert. Für das Auto nimmt man besten Google Maps.
Ich hatte früher auch ein S8 und Locus ging mit LM3 sehr gut. Aber ich habe bemerkt damit das S8 die letzten jahre immer langsamer wurde. Locus habe ich schon länger nicht mehr drauf.
Habe seit 2,5 Jahren ein Redmi Note 10 Pro und habe LM4 drauf. Da läuft alles super. Und der Akku hält 2 Tage.
Klicke oben links auf dein Profil und dann auf Profile Details. Ganz unten kannst du dein Gerät eintragen. Ich habe noch weitere Infos in die Signatur gemacht.
I have from time to time also paths where according to the map are not accessible. Sometimes it is also wrong. But a change arrives too late at the router.
I always switch to manual here. I have it on long press on routing profile.
If I need turn-by-turn directions at this point, I make a via out of the shaping and give it an appropriate name. This is then announced.

i wish here. The route planner manually detects and automatically generates a turn-by-turn indication based on the angle.
I wanted to try it too. But officially only apps from the Amazon App Store work. And Locus is not in there. I read that you can also run the Play Store. But this is not official and is only for people who know it.
Can I also save the files as a ZIP ? Or can Locus not read them then. I have saved them internally.
If ZIP goes, must then all ZIP be or does it also go as ZIP and unpacked mixed.
Since then I have each unzipped and then pushed to the phone. But is a lot of work. And it also takes until they are moved via USB. For quick and practical tips I am grateful.