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Was very much looking forward to sort per folder, thx for that one.
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An Presets binden? Seit einiger Zeit speichern Presets ja auch die Detaileinstellungen von Themes. So mache ich das. Die eigentliche Theme-Auswahl nutze ich selten.
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Huawei in seiner endlosen Weisheit hat bei manchen Geräten "PowerGenie", das nur via adb gezähmt - deinstalliert - werden kann. Hat mir aber bzgl. GPS keine Probleme gemacht. Aber Nachts Tasker schlafen gelegt.
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Tasker / [Tasker] Remove timestamps from GPX files
November 14, 2021, 18:09:56
With the following Tasker task you can remove all timestamps from GPX files, a privacy option. Locus does only export GPX with timestamps.
Backup your files. It's not too thoroughly tested.
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Quote from: Andrew Heard on November 10, 2021, 22:45:03The pattern (at least) is 4 very experienced users now report the same issue. That's a good start.
I created a Helpdesk entry for it:
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Quote from: Menion on November 07, 2021, 21:06:59Offline places ... this is small addition added on the push from @Michal
Problem is, you go into the offline places to add some POI from specific categories. Now the first step always is to go back from the overall search. I would remove the initial overall search when approaching the dialog from the toolbar.

Weird behaviour shaping points was more a question to the other users, I cannot force the behaviour reliably myself...

Quote from: Menion on November 07, 2021, 21:06:59
what about settings "Points &tracks > Overwrite exported data"? It should solve the problem with overwriting of exported files ...
Yes. Menion, I explained the danger. User will be OK at first look with "overwrite data" because he thinks it just overwrites old with new versions. But user cannot see that Locus overwrites files created in the same export run - and so he gets less export files than tracks. Say 1000 same named tracks, 1000 different named. Will give you 1001 gpx files. In such a scenario data can silently get lost without noticing.

Quote from: Andrew Heard on November 07, 2021, 22:43:48@tapio - shaping points correctly restored for me (although just recent route, not days before)
is the problem also there for recent route?
Very rarely. Problem is, this issue happens since many versions, but rarely and I can not find a hint why. I have reported it once but it does not seem to be a common problem. What's special about those tracks etc., not yet seeing a reason.
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Maybe the export option "Overwrite files" is usually not turned on. Of course there is workarounds, one gpx would work, but the problem is a nasty one, people may not realize the loss of data.

Locus says "Exported 1600 tracks" and user may not notice there is just 1300 files. People may rely on re-import (personally I've done that often) and then have silently lost tracks.

The track name is just not unique. I think Locus should populate a list of export file names beforehand. Then resolve collisions before writing files. Add indexes maybe on collisions. It's really bad that it overwrites files which it has created in the same export run. I'm sorry, I always put stuff on your monstrous pile of work. 😁

User id 1aacaff2a2, I will try to find the cause of import crash, maybe find limits... EDIT: Not yet found a cause. Happens pretty much at ~1004 import files.
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I created two Tasker scripts which help to rename GPX files to a more unified and timestamped form.

The script rnGPX analyses the gpx file and uses the first found trackpoint timestamp. It applies CEST corrections to that stamp! It uses and declutters the internally found name tag.
It automatically handles collisions (identical file names due to identical internal gpx names).

Backup is crucial here.

See below Reddit thread in the Tasker forum.
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Hmm... it doesn't show me those sensor stats (which is good).
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Quote from: WujTom on October 16, 2021, 10:24:53
In the route details. Can I move the "hide" button to the bottom bar?
Haha... For me, "Hide" is maybe the most used command and "Share" amongst the least.
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Quote from: Andrew Heard on October 13, 2021, 22:57:12
Quote from: Menion on October 13, 2021, 11:06:01
I'm more thinking about and option to put these buttons into function panels - but this also is not so simple task  :-\
yes please - vote for
If they could also stay on map... I prefer the way it is now. Because outdoors, I permanently show the bottom toolbar - which has important other elements. But hey. I should get used to that doubletap-drag zooming.
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Für alle, die es nicht wussten - man kann die Routenführung simulieren, indem man GPS ausschaltet, Routing einschaltet und dann das Kartenzentrum an der Route entlangführt.
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Quote from: freischneider on October 12, 2021, 20:29:11Rotary knob always displayed.
You maybe just want to turn off "Dual centering button" option again to achieve this.
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Quote from: luce on October 10, 2021, 11:20:09
The new separated center button is great, and so is the smooth animation! :)
Agreed, but: Do you like its position? I'm kind of uncomfortable with it, because it reaches into the top part. I'd prefer the compass button to be top left... maybe.
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Nice one about the splitting of centering/rotation button. Easier to understand for newbies. I'd make it the default. Also, with GPS off and in dual button mode, there is no simple way to have the map rotate.

Lovely transition from the rotate/north mode.
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