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Hi Karlsson, also, welche Strassennamen/Nummern wann (Zoomstufe) und wie dargestellt wird, bestimmt das Theme.

Aber die Verteilung über lange Straßen - das beschäftigt mich auch (, ist für uns Theme-Autoren schwer zu kontrollieren.

Siehe Anhang. Man sieht die A45, die A2 ist darüber, aber da ist kein Text zu sehen.
Ich hoffe, das irgendwie verbessert zu bekommen.
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  • Villages display on lower zoom, ZL11
  • Minor MTB track changes
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Themes - Vector maps / [Theme] Tapiola
June 26, 2023, 16:20:18
I want to present you my theme "Tapiola".
You can download it here.

Tapiola is 100% tested with regional Mapsforge v5 maps (Germany->Nordrhein-Westfalen) from Bigger maps (e.g., whole Germany) have a few less details included on certain zoom levels, but you probably won't notice it.
It also works with Lomaps V4+, but there are definitely issues.

The theme is a fork of the awesome Settler theme from Andrey, but slowly and steadily I made many changes and moved away from it.

My main ideas/goals were:
- Change colors to my preference
- City/town names not dependend on priorities at all. They will show up if zoom level allows it. Some names may overlap - but IMO it is important. A good overview is crucial for me. This way a was able to use smaller overview maps from OAM.
- City names following priorities were under risk of not being displayed. It happened that they were not displayed because a river had preference.
- Good visibility of hiking and cycling networks. Reasonable display of their names (like "X1"). Hiking color on one side of road, cycling on other, so both visible usually.
- Some themes show lines at some zoom levels due to few pixels of overlapping, I got rid of that.
- There's also some coding of track quality via display of lines on paths (OSM has a grade1-grade5 system) - more lines=less quality. 0 to 2 lines. Short+long line=Undefined. Zoom more in to see them.
- I reworked the display of road names, especially motorways, primary and secondary roads.
- In the themes options, I have made some changes compared to the Settler heritage. I combined some options.
- Less focus on hilltops compared with Settler.
- Benches, picnic tables, shelters, viewpoints have high prio and are drawn later, on top of other stuff - I'm a hiker.
- Parking has some over-the-top exaggeration. Many parkings are displayed. May change that.
- After all, you can turn on/off most things in theme options.
- I included OSMC hiking node icons (shameless copy/paste from John, his awesome Voluntary Theme) but I never really liked those. May remove them at some point.

Sorry, time is an issue, no pdf/html legend or fancy theme icon yet.

Here's a few notes as for the legend:
- Motorway: blue, Trunk: blue-greenish
- Primary road darker orange, secondary/tertiary getting lighter.
- White roads are asphalt, light brown more what you find in forests, less quality the more lines are on it (0-2 lines).
- Hiking routes are red, less important ones are interrupted lines. Cycling=blue, MTB=purple.


1. Download the zip file
2. Copy (don't unpack!) it into Android/[data|media]/

Just walk through the different zoom levels and see if it can help you. Have fun!

A few screenshots attached:
1. An overview map, I balanced the theme starting from Zoom level 8.
2. Notice the display of suburbs (can be turned off) for best overview but still no distraction
3. Display of hiking (red) and cycling (blueish) networks.
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Quote from: luce on June 22, 2023, 21:22:18In German, "Auswahl aufheben" is a better translation to "Deselect all"
Agree. I have changed it, I hope. Was a bit difficult via mobile interface. Please have a look in upcoming versions.
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OK, new update, same functionality points/tracks in map items, just no eye icon. NOOOOOOO. It feels wrong.
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Quote from: Menion on June 20, 2023, 13:04:09If you want quick access to temporary hiding, which is from my point of view more "geeky" feature, use a long click!
...Long click on the track manager button, which I removed, because it is accessible enough via Map Items.

I disagree. The eye symbols in Map Items offer quick, welcome, expected and convenient toggles and you removed the convenience. Which was finally usable and within good reach. "Nobody" 😁 uses longclick-hide.

And you removed the possibility to FINALLY hide embedded waypoints. My tracks are full of them, it helps for overview purposes.

Also there must be some kind of bug, I managed to show tracks and at the same time the top right "tracks hidden" symbol was shown.

Maybe you should use the term "My points" in the map items panel for more clarity (I mean the user poi in the database)
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I want to temporarily hide tracks, this is now broken. I can't show them again after... hiding.

And what does it do? Hide: no? Rather unload I guess? This is not what is expected here. Here we need a quick show/hide toggle.
The counter of loaded tracks stays as is, after refresh ui it goes to 0.

The behaviour of prior version was perfect for me. A dialog window is wrong here.

Solution. Eye symbol: short tap = show/hide. Longtap: unload all. If none are loaded, bring up track manager.
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Quote from: freischneider on June 16, 2023, 21:09:54I think most people want to go straight back to the map when changing a theme.
Not sure. But Maybe Menion could register the left area again for apply+goto map. Just like points/tracks.
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Thx, I see it remembers the expand/collapse (click on <screenshot>) state of themes, even after restart LM. Good. Some of us prefer to directly access theme, some don't, so we can choose.

But, bug, after restart of LM, theme/theme option click shows no reaction. EDIT: cannot reproduce any more. hmm.

I like the behaviour of clicking themes, return back to "Map content", I think it's practical and transparent now.

Still hesitant to allow hiding more stuff? Wanted to hide layers and online LoPoi...

Counters for tracks/points, nice.
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Hmm, I don't have this one. Some comments.

Dashboards are in ~ /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/

Have a backup? Zip files in Locus/Backup - you'd find dashboards in there.

Can't you just stop it from wanting to display, via the dashboard selector screen?

Maybe the non-existing dashboard is part of a preset definition?

App won't be uninstalled. Idk, maybe turn off "run as service" in Locus options and try again.
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Quote from: freischneider on June 15, 2023, 07:59:44
Quote from: T-mo on June 14, 2023, 23:37:37I suggest to put the legend button into theme's options dialog. I rarely use it but currently it requires extra thumb selection precision as right handed person.

The button should stay there. I use them more often. So she can be reached quickly.
Like T-mo, I also don't like it where it is now. Legend and theme options should at least be swapped (and I also agree, cogwheel for theme options).
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Now that we probably use track/point hiding more often: Anyone else thinking those very old icons aren't elegant? I never liked them tbh. Also, those white corners...
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Quote from: Viajero Perdido on June 10, 2023, 18:31:11depending on the fate of OAM
OAM cannot die, must not die. I'm convinced he feels that itch to continue soon enough 🙏🏻
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Awesome release. Quicker access to theme options. Yasss. And finally! we can hide embedded waypoints. I am once again very thankful for your hard work.

Definitely needed: Allow to filter out any setting. I don't need temp. map items or map overlays. You're probably hesitant because new users, shoot in the foot etc...

Bug: Embedded WP do not disappear instantly,some screen refresh issue?

As Andrew wrote, the panel comes out sluggish.

The line break (screenshot) does not look beautiful. And creates some wasted vertical space. See attachment.
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Verstehe immer noch nicht ganz. HDOP wird doch mit jedem Trackpunkt aufgezeichnet und kann bspw. via gpx1.1 auch exportiert werden.
EDIT  ACH SO, Du schreibst ja, geräteabhängig. OK.

Im Screenshot LM4, aber auch in LM3 kann man doch jeden einzelnen Punkt und alle seine Attribute ansehen.
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