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Troubles & Questions / Re: Pay LM4 with LoCoins
March 26, 2023, 10:29:33
New subscription with LoCoins yesterday, it just all worked flawlessly, was a matter of 10 seconds.
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Ist von Menion hat den Link auch in seiner Signatur.
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Yes, I added deactivated entries. Longtap -> Screenshot.

Ah, I looked at %guide_navpoint1_time, it seems to be remaining time in ms, you're right.

Often you rather get a unix timestamp and calculate the difference. You probably know you can do maths in Variable Set actions.
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Quote from: kodela on March 23, 2023, 10:26:52Da aber eine Voreinstellung keinen aktiven Status hat, stellt sich mir die Frage, wie es möglich ist, dass per Voreinstellung zum Beispiel verschiedene Einstellungen für den automatischen Zoom aktiviert werden können. Bei anderen Einstellungen, zum Beispiel den Bedienleisten & Tasten, funktioniert das nicht.
Nun, automatischer Zoom ist ja auch eine komplexere Einstellung als "nutze map: Bing".
Es braucht Grenzwerte: 0-3 km/h zoom x, 3-10 kmh zoom y,... usw .
Logischweise kann man das also einstellen.
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"It goes day and night" - it's up to you to define when it runs. You could add an additional variable context, make it run only eg if "%IAmOutside=true", you could control the profile through other tasks - there's an action "Profile status" which turns profiles off/on. You could add a time context. Whatever you wish.

See in my attachment how a profile is tamed by multiple conditions. Often I have to let the entry task start, but if certain other conditions are not met, I will stop it (via the Stop action) as soon as possible.

To your profile, I have added the condition of Locus being on top, just an idea.
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Freischneider, I have changed your profile to use Tick. As for the times returned by the plugin, those are always in unix seconds since 1970..., a big number. The current time is in %TIMES. You can use the flash action and look yourself.

I have added flash, 2 plugin independent zoom intents and the tick set as disabled code on top of your task, for your inspiration. It runs only if Locus on top.
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Quote from: Andrew Heard on March 24, 2023, 23:12:25@tapio I'd be interested to read about the dynamic ticks too.

a) You will use %tick as a variable which holds the tick time in milliseconds.
b) That variable needs to live in the profile scope. So you have to define it as a "profile variable". (longtap profile, tap gear wheel, or however that's called)
Avoid global variables mess, keeping scope limited is good.

Now there's a problem: if you assign a new %tick value in the entry task, this will be unnoticed by the tick trigger (profile event). It would continue ticking with the old value.
This is what needs a workaround. Profile off/on would work, but it's bad. So...

Instead of just "Variable set %tick=newvalue" do this:

c) Variable Clear %tick; wait 300ms; variable set %tick=newvalue
d) Add an additional variable state trigger to the profile: "%tick !~ \%tick"


The concept is in action here, just for you to compare:

That is an alarm profile, where tick time gets smaller as it approaches alarm time.
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Ja, vermutlich wieder so ein Android >10 Ding. Hoffentlich kann Menion da helfen. In der Zwischenzeit kannst Du ja alles einfach zippen und importieren, wie oben angemerkt.

Locus 3 weiter pflegen sah ich auch immer kritisch. Die Nachteile zeigen sich schon im Forum. LM3-Fragen beantworte ich manchmal nur nicht, weil ich es nicht 100% vor Augen habe, aber weiß, dass viele Leute Dinge ganz genau beschrieben haben müssen.
Ich meine man kann beobachten, dass eigentlich einfach Fragen nicht/spät beantwortet werden.
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Adjust zoom level based on distance to next turn is what I understand you want to do?

Maybe use a Tick event triggered profile, Tick just fires the entry task every n milliseconds. You can go up to 2 minutes. You can use a profile variable there and have it fire dynamically and intelligent (tick more often, the closer you get to the point of action).

Dynamic ticks (i. e. with variable ms, not a fixed value) are not perfect, need a specific workaround in order to work, which I can tell you if you're interested. You can of course already do testing with fixed values. Just let your task run like every 2000 ms
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Quote from: freischneider on March 20, 2023, 18:18:15For me it is so that Strava currently always shows more altitude than Locus. Yesterday I had in Locus 905 hm and in Strava 1022. Use the Current Beta
Small differences should already be taken into account. Only unrealistic jumps should be filtered out. E.g. 3 hm within 3 meters.
Here's a good read for a better understanding of why elevation gain calculation can vary drastically - there is no simple truth. It helped me a lot. Eg., "Choosing an elevation threshold" is a very relevant factor.

Haha yeah, I only use Sonny's best hgt files. Last year I had to disappoint a friend of mine who proudly walked over a 1050m hill in Schwäbische Alb, which in fact was <1000m. Also a lot of hill elevations in OSM are rather drastically off (>50m at times), source may have been barometric measurement or lack of geoid model, I correct those attributes if I find them. Well, some data are pretty old.
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Quote from: luce on March 19, 2023, 20:59:19Hi, i've made a Screen Cap Video:!AredTfs4J1f5gu5kazAzPtRydwnEtQ
Ah, a selected poi, nice. thx
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Quote from: luce on March 19, 2023, 09:54:524.15.2:
Great update with pointer directing at an active point
Do you have a screenshot? I have no clue what this is about; in what context do we have "active points"?
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Menion, in the hidden state, I noticed the bottom bar (Always visible) behaves differently depending on how the zoom buttons are set (Always show/Auto hide).

I think, Locus should use the second layout if no center button visible. But if we hide the center button, it picks the first layout and leaves this big notch where the button was before.

My guess is, you have accidentally linked the second layout to the Zoom buttons instead of the centering button.

I have applied below settings via a preset.
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I think the app must become more attractive for Geocaching. I'm personally not interested in it, also I guess Menion doesn't do it. But they are a big and important community. [Removed Apple bashing]
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OAM does suffer from the effect. Screenshot is Germany/NRW OAM with VolUK theme.
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