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I always thought - what do you think - it's hard to spot what's an upper level, what is collapsed, what's expanded?
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Quote from: Andrew Heard on April 29, 2022, 01:26:46
Totally agree converting/ promoting an ordinary track point to a Shaping or Via point is unnecessarily tedious at present. It's a very common use case. But we've had this discussion before right ;-(
Did we? Probably without Menion, because I feel he'd instantly agree 😁
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Route Planner. I think the most common thing is inserting shaping points somewhere into a track- and this is a bit too hidden. First we have to go to the three dot submenu, pick "Trackpoint XY", then convert it.

I understand there's the same logic here as on tracks. You toggle between track segment and trackpoint.

The toggling to trackpoint should be bettom left, just like in normal track window. See screenshot - there could be a button "Trackpoint XY". That's my idea. Would follow the same logic as the track window.

Not following the logic, but ultra super mega convenient would be, if all three trackpoint commands ("Change to") were already visible in the orange screenshot area. Because why not - after toggling, the trackpoint screen additionally includes only Help and Streetview. Both are also available in the "Route segment" view. So you could unify and simplify it.
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Quotechg: improved system of generating shaping points for recorded/imported tracks loaded to route planner

What's the use case of this, how can this be useful? Just curious... I'd never try route planner on a recorded track. So now I did and it created shaping point #1 somewhere in the middle and some other shaping points somewhere.
So if Locus could algorithmically recreate a route from a recorded track (like BRouter web can do in "Load track as route"), that would make sense... but I don't see that on the horizon.
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Works now. Bug with increasing its size per tap. Last step makes it fullscreen just for a moment, then window disappears.
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Maybe because you aren't used to? He uses the bold text system already IIRC in the recording presets and audio trainers. Also systems where there's just one item active.
Hmm but I can see, it's a rather unusual ui. Maybe a "Use" entry in the "..." menu helps so people find something in any case.
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Quote from: Menion on March 31, 2022, 08:27:04
"Dashboard manager" screen is the ideal solution, but I'm open to improvements of course.
I start dashboard manager from main menu only. No button in toolbar.

Case1: A dashboard was active. Then this dashboard will just be disabled. Manager does not appear.
Case2: No dashboard was active. Manager appears.

This is unexpected UI behaviour. Not good. Atm the command is 50% a toggle, 50% a call for dashboard manager.

I would prefer, if case1 was extended: disable dashboard and call manager.

Just like the GPS manager/gps on/off, the toggling of dashboard should be behind longtap. That would be consistent ui imo.

You may also make the  dashboard entries toggles (bold text if enabled). With maybe the manager not closing when tapping a dashboard entry.
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Maybe what I wrote is useless, because I do not make us of 'action_after: "[audio,photo,video]"'
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Quote from: Menion on March 28, 2022, 08:57:04
Basic "add_wpt" with "auto_save" parameter does not work? Hmm, I see no problem in the code, so should I check it more precisely?

Audio recording automatically stopped after a few secs: heh interesting idea. It is technically doable, but it needs a little bit bigger modification in my code. Well ...

No, autosaving works, I use it always. All options work. Will post a task.


Have a look Lorcas, line 38. It's part of my auto recording logic. Package name ( is in a var here.

EDIT2: AH you need to auto save wp, not track. Also works. Here's the relevant command:

Here you can see I make use of the new "Description" property of add_wp.

I have no experience with audio/photo wp, I'd probably use a standard wp and do the media part outside of Locus.
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But Menion, I don't want to have a dashboard button in the button bar (display of dashboards is bound to presets), but sporadically start the dashboard editor via the main menu...
EDIT: AH. List of dashboards can be accessed via main menu and EDIT is behind 3 dots. Good.
If a dashboard is visible, it turns it off only. Was a bit confusing at first.
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Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.6.+ ( 02/2022 )
February 05, 2022, 13:42:19
It's a bit nitpicking, but as much as possible space for map is important.

So, can Locus detect the required space for the collapsed bottom panel more precisely? See screenshot, it could save some more space. Also it would look more useful if only the tracks name would be visible and no half unreadable lines. Maybe you could even create a distinct, space saving ui element only for the collapsed state. With just the track name  visible in a small line (I don't like the word wrap here) and an arrow up tap zone indicating expanding...
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Nein, es ist kein Geheimnis von Menion, denn er hat den Zusammenhang noch nicht gefunden.

Deine Denkweise ist zu einfach. Ich konstruiere ein unsinniges, aber exemplarisches Beispiel:

Das Betriebssystem dunkelt den Bildschirm 10 mal schneller ab, wenn die Quersumme der ASCII-Zeichen des App-Namens der App im Vordergrund 755 ergibt.

"Was hast Du nur anders gemacht?" brüllt nun, mit Mistforken bewaffnet, das wütende Volk dem bedauernswerten Entwickler zu.
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Thanks for the update, track/point screen buttons are fixed.
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New beta, and a nice improvement which I think is useful when you are displaying many tracks and want to highlight one.

You tap a track, it inverts as normal and the lower pane appears. Now you can tap the title of the lower pane and it minimizes to a very small size - so now you have a better view with still having the inverted track. You can move map and zoom.
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b) As for the time tag, it is unlikely that it is spread over 3 lines. Just possible. It's just in oder to be safe. In another script, I delete trkpt tags. Those are most likely spread over multiple lines.
c) That's the point. -z kind of flattens to one line. Allowing analysis over (in the source) multiple lines. Usually sed operates per line. Then you can not match from xml tag start to xml tag end if tag start and tag end are in multiple lines.
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