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@Andrew Heard
- LM Pro never had "inner" Brouter. If you talk about using an external BRouter app from Google Play, it remains possible no matter what version/premium plan you use.
- alternative routes were also not part of the Pro version.

Maybe you used some beta versions where this was enabled? But never in official production.

Family subscription: look, we almost two months computed expected cost on our servers etc. For a very long time we worked with only a single subscription. But it looks that running servers, LoMaps, LoPoints, all these stuff are so expensive, that the price can't be lower to be safe on our side. So increase? Yes it is. On our side, as well, a huge. Because of the price, we decided maybe a month ago, to create also a Silver tier. This is quite a cheap alternative for users without the need for cloud services and also a big risk for us.
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QuoteAb und zu mache ich viele Trackpunkte für die OSM Pflege
Das man mit der Export - Import Methode funktioniert nur mit den Navigationsanweisungen, die anderen Trackpunkte werden nicht gelöscht. 
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Wait wait ... when you tap on the point directly on the map, so only part of the map is covered, you are unable to dismiss this bottom "dialog" with a swipe from top to the bottom? You wrote this, but it definitely should work!

I thought you talk about a full-screen point screen (like click on the point in the "Points manager", not directly on the map screen).
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Since some weeks LiDAR source data of the whole territory of France in its finest resolution is available as OpenData. So during the last weeks I created enhanced DTMs of France:

Additionally Wallonia (Souther Belgium) also provides their LiDAR sources in its finest resolution as OpenData. So I created enhanced DTMs for Belgium too, now the whole country is complete in highest resolution:

Have fun, Sonny.
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Sorry, but I don't agree with @lor74cas. I choose Locus exactly because of its extra functionality, otherwise what would distinguish it from the many many other GPS apps out there. The default LM4beta on/offline routing for me works well "out of the box", and the additional/ advanced settings are quite well "tucked away" from the "average" user. Just my 2 cents worth. I do generally use a PC for route planning too, but I don't think that would be any different for any Android GPS app, powerful or simplistic.
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New overlay dialog - is a great step in usability! Thanks!

But, please, take a few more steps:
1) why do you need "Remove" in "Change map" menu, when there is switch to turn overlan on/off?

2) why do you need "Change map" menu with separate "Online" and "Offline"? I think, "Change map" button, that open standard "Maps" screen with "Online" and "Offline" tabs - it's a better way: stantard screen and one tap less in many cases.

2.1) another solution - show in "Change map" menu 3-4 last overlays. In many cases, that's enough to not open select map screen. For example, I active use about 5-10 maps, but only 2-3 overlays.

3) now, when I open select overlay map dialog, I see selected by red current main map, not current overlay map.
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As for the map center button. "Hold map" is the only menu option on longtap. A submenu with just one entry feels wrong. I think it would feel very right, if after longtap it toggles the hold state.
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Quote from: Menion on November 30, 2020, 13:45:43
if you may just zip it and share it with me, it will be perfect, thanks!
@Menion - do you need track.db though? the compressed database folder with tracks.db = 86MB, without = 237KB - big difference in upload

Quote from: Menion on November 30, 2020, 13:45:43
"Quick action menu" > heh, it was created a long time ago, correct, for CarpeIter controller. It was never officially published and to be true, I'm not sure if it has any extra usage without direct open from the hardware controller. Are you using it?
Quick action menu? It has been in Free & Pro for years? Maybe we are confusing different functions? Function with the lightning bolt icon right? I use it all the time for 8 chosen functions, but in LM4 now with configurable larger # rows of menu, I guess that would be as convenient.
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Quote from: balloni55 on November 03, 2020, 13:26:05
QuoteAction in background: I have absoluitely no idea. How long visible was this notification?
these notifications are visible on my device as long as
- i open it once
- swipe it out
That's a Google/Android thing. To my knowledge, for every app that you've given full background location access, after a while this notification appears to "remind" you've given those rights to the app. After swiping it off once, it never appears again (in my experience). Since Android 9, I think. Nothing Menion (or any developer) can do about.
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Hallo zusammen,

ich habe die Lösung nun gefunden.
Seit Android 11 ist der Zugriff auf /storage/emulated/0/android/ eingeschränkt. Mit lokalen File-Explorern wie zum Beispiel Solid-Explorer gibt es keinen Zugriff mehr. Die .rd5 files von Brouter lassen sich auf diesem weg nicht mehr manuell austauschen. Ein Editieren der Datei storageconfig.txt zum Umlenken des Pfads zu den .rd5-Files ist auch nicht möglich

Es gibt aber einen einfachen Workaround:
Der Zugriff auf den Pfad von einem PC aus (USB Verbindung Android<->PC) ist weiterhin möglich.
So können die .rd5-Files ausgetauscht-, oder die storageconfig.txt bearbeitet werden.

Beim umlenken der Pfade in der storageconfig.txt zum Beispiel auf /storage/emulated/0/segements4 muss der Brouter-App die Berechtigung "Dateizugriff" gewährt werden.

Hoffe das hier hilft dem Einen oder Anderen weiter.


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One category less? Perfect!! Thanks
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Das habe ich schon vor einiger Zeit gemacht und gut wars.
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In contrary to profiles, extra specification does not make much sense. I have spoken  for specification for common users, not experts. For the stats to be really useful, not just bells and whistles.

Whatever will be Menion's final decision, I will be fine with that. I have just wanted him to hear various opinions.

Sent from my Xiaomi MI A2 / Android 10, via Tapatalk

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sorry, for me neither offline (LoMap, OAM, raster) nor online maps are displayed ::)
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What you see, sync data between two devices, show that there is not a simple direct connection between devices on the table, but that points/tracks/groups are uploaded into the big database from one device and then downloaded to the second device. Once this will be working, it is the first step for another service that need this, like > drawing track on the web and send to your devices once saved, or sharing some points/tracks with your friends over the simple link or editing points/tracks on the web as well etc.
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