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In den Einstellungen von Locus kann man sich die Standard Verzeichnisse ansehen. Wenn ein Standard Verzeichnis auf einen nicht existierenden Ordner führt, dann meckert Locus.

Also schau nach, in welches Verzeichnis die Backups gespeichert werden.

Wenn Du ein brauchbares Backup gefunden hast, dann würde ich wie folgt vorgehen.

1.) Jetzt ein aktuelles Backup machen. Mit einer Bezeichnung, die Du auch wieder findest.
2.) Spiele ein altes Backup mit den verlorenen Tracks ein.
3.) Gehe auf den Ordner Deiner Lauf Tracks und exportiere die Tracks. Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere, dann kann man mehrere Tracks markieren und in eine Datei schreiben.
4.) Spiele Dein Backup aus 1.) zurück.
5.) Erstelle wieder einen Ordner Deiner Laufträcks und importiere die gerade exportieren Tracks aus 3.)
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Ah, very good idea, thanks! Just keep on mind, that it is more a "device ID"  ::) ... every device has its own ID. Maybe incorrectly, I started to call it "user ID".
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New Beta version just uploaded.

Most of the problems should be fixed. At least the random stuck when panning with the map. @fresichneider reported that full-screen still cause problems. I'm unable to find or simulate any problem, stupid :-\. Anyway, I'll keep looking, but full-screen on Android 9+ is something I would really like to remove completely ...
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Hi Wole,
definitely no need to lose faith, but rather look at the very details of the fact collection.

There is an impressive collection of Samsung MODELS that MAY suffer from the issue (you named them below).
But NOT ALL of the DEVICES of those models suffer the issue!

So, same Samsung model, but different behaviour - with the exact same software (as far we can tell - there is a lot of jungle beneath the surface and the app code of a smartphone).

And we can assume that the issue is not hitting the majority of the devices of those models. Otherwise there would be much more complaints. And believe me, if my Samsungs were affected, I would be loud and clear (Menion knows a bit of that :-)

Up to now, nobody knows what differentiates a device of the same model having the problem from one that does not suffer.

A typical strategy in IT for such situations is to revert to a safe ground. Which here can mean two things:
1) a factory reset: heavy impact to the user (and not yet done yet, if I screened all the thread pages correctly). Only realistic for devices not regularly used. Maybe someone has such.
After restart NOT apply Google recovery of ANY kind. ONLY install LMP and LM4 and then re-test.
2) an Android SETTINGS reset, which should be possible at least in newer Android releases on Samsung devices. To be accurate and take out assumptions as far as possible, backup the SETTINGS in LMP and LM4. Import settings of the other kind to LMP or LM4. Test. Then use the other settings backup for both, LMP and LM4. Test.

After 4 decades in IT and SW trouble shooting I learned to not believe in magic. Not regarding the root causes, nor for the remedy of issues. But that it can be tedious, lenghty, yet SYSTEMATIC work.

Good luck and cheers
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Quote from: Andrew Heard on July 05, 2021, 05:08:22 run LM4 > opened track recording panel totally blank
@menion - further testing: all foreground apps killed, phone not restarted during testing, single 6km walk with new track started each ~500m, exit/ restart LM4 if track recording panel is blank. Nothing is 100% repeatable, just more/ less likelihood of blank panel occurring. Track recording is auto-started.

  • new observation/ not previously reported: when the track recording panel is blank, the map content panel is 100% also blank
  • if track recording panel is not tapped immediately after start of recording there is more likelihood of blank panel occurring after further 500m
  • so reverse, if track recording panel is tapped immediately after start of recording there is far less likelihood of blank panel occurring after further 500m
  • generally when the recording is saved then viewed in the list, the track is duplicated
  • the most recent track(s) remain visible (Eye icon) while for the older tracks something is turned off visibility
  • the #visible tracks in the folder is displayed as 0 even though some are visible (screen cap)
  • database corruption?
  • One time the panel was OK, then 30s later on next tap blank. But another time all OK for 5 minutes.
I can upload the database but it is very large 300MB.
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Quote from: freischneider on June 15, 2021, 15:05:08
soweit kannte ich das schon.
Ja, glaub ich aber vielleicht andere noch nicht ....  ;) :)

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Weg, nach Tip, gefunden!  :D
Da ich schon so viele gute Tips bekommen habe und selbst noch viel zu wenig Wissen besitze, geb ich mal auf eine andere Weise was zurück:

"Schwebendes Menü" aktivieren/nutzen:

1. Rechte Funktionsleiste länger berührt halten, bis sich ein PopUp öffnet!

2. Die Funktion ""Leiste ändern" antippen!

3. Im sich nun öffnenden Fenster, den roten Plus-Button antippen!

4. Im neuen Fenster ""Funktionsknopf hinzufügen" auswählen!

5. Im folgenden Fenster ganz nach unten scrollen und dort "Schwebendes Menü" auswählen!

6. Danach sollte im Fenster "Funktionsleiste einstellen", das "Schwebende Menü" zu finden sein.....

7.  .....und die rechte Funktionsleiste, das entsprechende Symbol beinhalten!

8. Wird dies angetippt, öffnet sich dass "Schwebende Menü", in einem PopUp und es können insgesamt 8 Funktionen angewählt werden:

Hält man einen der 8 Buttons länger gedrückt, erscheint das Auswahlmenü, für die unterschiedlichen Funktionen. Der gedrückt gehaltene Button kann dann, gegen den, einer anderen Funktion, getauscht werden!

Es versteht sich von selbst, dass Forenuser und Admins/Mods, falls was brauchbares im Beitrag sein sollte, alles fein nutzen dürfen ...  ;)
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Herzlichen Dank!
Quote from: balloni55 on June 14, 2021, 11:41:49
... aber bitte für jede Frage einen eigenen Beitrag eröffnen, sodass es auch für andere suchenden übersichtlich bleibt ...
OK! Wie die Überschrift vermuten ließ, hatte ich ursprünglich daran gedacht, eine Art Sammelthread daraus zu machen, um nicht, zu jeder einzelnen Fragestellung, ständig neue Threads zu eröffnen. In einigen Foren, ist das ja so erwünscht. Die Regelung hier finde ich selbst eigentlich auch besser.
Ich hab dann auch mal gleich die Überschrift verändert, damit daraus hervorgeht, worum es sich handelt.

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Search tool:
From what I see the same problem that I found in the webplanner is also present in the Locus app.
All searches are performed on the basis of the name key, but a lot of information is present in the other keys and therefore these places are not found.
In OSM many nodes do not have the name tag, but have the amenity key valued therefore Locus does not identify these values.
An example above all, of relevant importance for those who are outdoors is the search for a source of water. This public drinking fountain has no name, but is tagged as amenity = drinking_water
<osm version = "0.6" generator = "CGImap 0.8.3 (1793695" copyright = "OpenStreetMap and contributors" attribution = "" license = " ">
<node id = "6312687085" visible = "true" version = "1" changeset = "67715997" timestamp = "2019-03-02T15: 22: 00Z" user = "Cascafico" uid = "361003" lat = "45.9451386" lon = "13.6199964">
<tag k = "access" v = "yes" />
<tag k = "amenity" v = "drinking_water" />
<tag k = "drinking_water" v = "yes" />
<tag k = "indoor" v = "no" />
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The missing "delete" button is an ugly side-effect of different changes. Thanks, will be solved in the next version. For now, you may tap on the back button on the main map screen. In the popup is an option to stop or immediately delete the current recording.

map slowdown ... hmm, only what I did was a little slower animation of how map tiles are displaying. I'll revert it if there is such a negative visual effect.

@Andrew Heard
two issues: missing round-about and incorrect street names. Thanks, both improved/fixed.

I plan. All these sub-screens are because of lack of time mostly copy of old screens from V3 app and they definitelly need an update!
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Menion, do you plan to overhaul the waypoints-in-tracks screen? For one thing, I'm definitely not the only one missing bulk delete. Also, I noticed that sometimes deleting doesn't work. Not sure how to reproduce it, but directly after I restarted Locus it's always OK. I think it's more likely to happen on tracks that I just copied.
Anyway, that dialog has some issues, so if you're planning to do something here anyway, please consider adding multi-delete and check the code for deletion... Thx!
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New 012 version instantly crashes (often) when:

- tap a track (planned one, from route planner)
- New track screen is open
- Bottom left icon (to point screen)
- Crash
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Quote from: Menion on April 29, 2021, 13:21:22
route name > only recorded. Imported or planned has different names. Also, in the recent version, you may modify the pattern for the name of the recorded track, so ...
There's the timestamp there {t} - I was wondering - will you add more variables? Especially (next) city name is interesting.

Quote from: freischneider on April 29, 2021, 11:38:30
I would love not to see "Best Interval".
Oh yes. Same, also the waypoints symbols aren't useful for me. Maybe at a later stage we can define which elements are shown, while the rest (their fullscreen windows) can be accessed via a submenu.
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Quote from: freischneider on April 29, 2021, 11:38:30
Perhaps you can also select other fields there. I would love not to see "Best Interval".
Quote from: freischneider on April 29, 2021, 11:38:30
One more point about this screen.
When I click on the track, this sub-screen opens.
When I select a track in the track manager, the full screen opens.
I don't like the full screen because it can't be swiped down (other users too).
But the question is: when you swipe coming from track manager, where do you want to go? Back in the track manager or on the map?
For me it's the track manager, but the swipe gesture with the map at the top suggests the map
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With the new track details (latest beta), I like the behavior when you tap a track on the map.  You get a small panel with the ideal amount of detail: the four key numbers, and an elevation chart.  You can swipe up for more, down for less and to get rid of it.  To me this is ideal.

When you tap a track in the track list (sometimes, haven't quite figured out the logic), you get a large panel that takes most of the screen.  Here, you can't swipe to make it smaller or make it go away; swiping only scrolls if needed.  To me, this is much less ideal, and I'll be forever trying to swipe it down to shrink.  Any chance to make it consistent (like the first paragraph above)?

Also, in the second case (non-swipeable panel), I sometimes have trouble exiting by tapping the left-arrow in the title bar.  Even when aiming and tapping carefully, it doesn't react maybe 20% of the time.  I've seen some map behavior that suggests my tap is directed to the map behind the arrow instead.
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