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Ich denke mwdb topicstarter ist mit dem Rad unterwegs. Weil wir als Wanderer öfters bewust von der Track abweichen, soll bei uns das Display doch abschalten ohne weitere Eingriffe von wegen Accu Verbrauch. Also bitte nur als wählbare Option

Verstuurd vanaf mijn moto g82 5G met Tapatalk

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 die Abweichung zu den Wegen in der Karte ist ja relativ, da deren Position auch meist nicht stimmt.
Wenn du es genau haben möchtest suche einen Referenzpunkt auf und beurteile die Genauigkeit/Abweichung dort
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 28, 2023, 20:22:01
Using online search a little bit and thinking about it a bit more, this is my summary:
- Google data repository is unmatched, beating Locus and any other searches hands down, whatever they try, for years to come
- Locus, for strategic reasons, also with iOS support in mind needs this independent online search
- on Android the Google API search is at no cost to Asamm, as Menion stated
- combining both searches technically seems not feasible, as per Menion's response
- to me, the obvious approach is
-- to have a Locus Search for Android and iOS alike
-- put a Google Search as separate function into the Android version

That would stop any need for tough comparisons and discussions, a d empower users to make their own choice, based on their needs.
Giving USERS a choice may not be a technician's first emotional approach, but is beneficial for all parties in the end.

And above approach would not add complexity to the UI a d user experience.

Hope is the last thing to die ;-)


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Thanks for finally making it possible to hide the Copyright button. Maybe my current Amoled display will live a longer and happier life now :-).

Just need to find a solution for status bar and navbar. In an ideal world, they should probably appear and disappear together with the Locus UI but I can't seem to make that work. There's only one setting for this? Expert settings / immersive mode?

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Hmmm, also die neuen Smartphones - bzw. auch schon mein Note9 - haben Glonass, Galileo, GPS, Beidou.
Damit komme ich bei klarem Himmel auf 1m und in Häuserschluchten, Wald usw. i.d.R auf 3m Genauigkeit.
Selbst auf Arbeit in einer Halle mit Stahlbetonwänden und -dach liege ich bei 4-5m.
Das war auch der Grund mein Oregon 600 zu verkaufen und nur noch das Smartphone zu nutzen.
Nur, wozu braucht man 1cm Genauigkeit? Ich sehe die Notwendigkeit nicht. Ich kann so präzise gar nicht radfahren, nicht mal wandern und beim Cachen nutzt es mir nix, wenn der Cacheleger 5 oder noch viel mehr m Ungenauigkeit hat. Zudem sind auch die Rad- und Wanderkarten nicht auf den cm genau und wenn ich die Wege nutze fahre ich oft sowieso neben der exakten Satellitenposition her.
Interessant ist die Sache schon, aber für die Hobbyverwender eher Perlen vor die Säue geworfen.
Ich schätze, das ist in etwa so, als wenn ich mir einen 8k Fernseher zulegen würde, obwohl ich und die allermeisten Menschen - bzw. deren Augen - schon 4k nicht mehr von FullHD unterscheiden können. Zumindest nicht in der Auflösung.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 24, 2023, 12:48:23
A filter could be introduced to limit searches to a radius of x kilometers.
We thus avoid useless occurrences of results that are too distant both on the map and in the list.
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Quote from: Mips on May 23, 2023, 16:21:25Was kann denn Dein Gerät konkret besser, wie groß ist es, wie sieht's mit der Stromversorgung aus und wie wird die Verbindung zum Handy hergestellt?
Der TE hofft wohl, dass die Teilnehmer dieses Forums jung genug sind und sich nicht mehr an GPS Mäuse erinnern.
Darauf lassen die Formulierungen schließen, z.B. "externes Modul". Ich habe noch so eine Maus.

Vor einigen Jahren wurden unzählige Diskussionen zum Thema Verbesserung der GPS Genauigkeit geführt. Schön dass der TE das in ein paar Monaten geschafft hat.
Das müsste der TE eigentlich wissen und daher selbständig mit einigen Rahmendaten aufwarten können.
Meiner Meinung nach sollte man den TE nicht länger füttern.
Sollte dennoch eine kluge Idee dahinter stecken, könnte sich eine Diskussion lohnen aber ohne Informationen ?
Freischneider hat es auf den Punkt gebracht.

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Other features / Re: Online search
May 22, 2023, 22:14:20
Very good background information, Menion, TXs a lot!

Yet, while on your server you must not use Google API, it would be not too hard to merge the local Android Google Search results with those from your server. Data feeds and presentation are two different architecture layers. And merging two feeds is no rocket science.
Once Locus server search is as comprehensive as Google Android API, the latter can be dropped. However, this may take years rather than months, I fear.
Do not get me wrong - I understand your strategy, and if you never start something new, you would never get there. But for the time being I strongly advise to combine the strenghts of both approaches rather than leaving the users with mediocre results (to be friendly) for unknown time.

Just my 2c.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 22, 2023, 20:19:22
@Jan: appreciate you see the looooong way ahead :-)))

What I do not understand: before the new search system, Locus DID use Google APIs, right? Not exactly maybe as GM itself does, but good enough to leverage the huge dataset Google has.
I do not see any reason that would stop you to feed such a Google API result set as an ADD-ON to your datasets.
Once your and Google datasets are comparable in size, you can drop that API call :-)
OSM alone is definitely not the way to go. When you do some maths like number of OSM objects/country size or /population, you will see that CZ, Germany and very few others stand out. The rest is not exactly desert, but way below practical or reliable.

Also, pls. mind what Tapio wrote below. The Google + location format is a must indeed.
And pls put priority to those fixes rather than taking users hostage.

TXs for your understanding.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 22, 2023, 18:47:24
thanks for the tip on long-tap in Google Map - that works & is a GREAT "work around". until the latest LM Online Search was released, I've never bothered with online search or even Google Map. The offline POI have been sufficient.

I'm happy to "agree to disagree" whether the initial online search is within the visible map or not. I would rather see list results sorted & displayed by distance (method of sort could be a setting/ personal preference), and in which case Barcelona would never be shown, and the map wouldn't be zoomed out. if we do compare with Google Map then it doesn't zoom out by a huge distance

or even... have the "Barcelona"(s) in the list BUT only change the zoom if & when that item in the list is tapped?
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 22, 2023, 17:59:36
Hi, sorry, this will be slightly longer. ::)  :)

We are really happy to be compared to Google search, but even when we think we made huge step towards, let's be honest there: Google is still beyond our league in terms of search capabilities. :) At least within the cities. But with your help, we will outgrow them soon, we are getting there. ;) To more serious note, we can't use their search API in the way how they are using them on Google Maps - it is simply not the option and we would also loose ability to handle some of our specific requirements! But please keep in mind that this is also big redesign of this functionality on our side and as much as we tried to design it intuitive, it makes some times to get used to it.

Handling POI sharing from Google Maps will be fixed in near occasion, it indeed slipped through our tests. Can't confirm yet, whether we will be able to retrieve also its location or we will again try to find it by name on our search again. Alternatively, you can hold-press anywhere on the map on Google Maps and share specific location which is open properly on Locus Map with exact position.

There are few feedbacks that we can't search for place if you write down its name together with POI category (Restaurant Semproniana). That is fair note, we will think whether we can do something with this in the future. "Bar" or "Restaurant" are not part of the name and we can't do multiple-params searches yet.

@Andrew Heard The suggestions are not the same as text search results! The suggestions are guessing what you want to search even when you didn't tape everything yet or doesn't know whole name. Text search (when clicking to Find) should get you results what you weren't able to get via suggestion module or allow you to search on top of map. It allows you to find for specific place even if its name is part of the name of important placemarks thus suggestion module will not offer it (Barcelona // Barce).

To expect that search (as overall functionality incl. suggestions) should immediately strictly limit results to visible map area is not thinking to other use-cases which such search must handle. (For example, how do you find places which you do not have yet idea where they are at all?) Getting "Barcelona" suggested on Bar is, we believe, really correct as it is major city and there is significant probability that you want to find it when write such letters, thus allowing you to click on it gets you faster to what you might want. That is also why it behaves quite similar even in Google Maps, btw. 

The main reason for "search area" button in text search is to not automatically reload results when you want to explore them, for example when looking for something particular. But even here are reasons to not limit search strictly to viewed area, otherwise some use-cases will not be covered and others users will report wrong/missing results. Your suggestion to limit first and have "show wider area" button on bottom seems to be more limiting for future functionalities than current approach.

BTW your case when you were zoomed out to 1000km+ far to see first result when getting one near you if zooming in again and clicking to search the area is quite extreme case - we will discuss this. Yes, this might happen when "importance" of results of wide-area search will push out of the list the one next you.

We understand it is too intuitive that some results will be shown only when you zoom in due to POI grouping. Will discuss possible solutions to that.

@lor74cas It is correct behavior - this just indicates directions of results outside of your map while you can be anywhere else in the real. We plan to add distances from GPS position to the list of results bellow the map.

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Other features / Re: Online search
May 19, 2023, 20:33:37
It's a long was to ...

I definitely agree a properly working share fron Google Maps is a must, if the use if the API Service from GM is discarded.

Re. overcrowding and zooming: Locus will hardly have a proper priority of items to show anytime soon. It cannot, I think, hence no criticism.

But Locus already has a smart system to deal with overcrowding (I recently taught it to Inge, whom I brought to Locus some time ago): it's the grouping. As long as there are numbers, pan and zoom.
Just my 2c.
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Other features / Re: Online search
May 19, 2023, 18:17:11
Quote from: Radim V on May 19, 2023, 16:33:30I don't think Barcelona for "Bar" is that irrelevant.
@Radim - maybe the search should consider the current zoom level? Barcelona may be relevant if close by, but not when 2000km, and the map is zoomed out to display, non-existent map/ no offline map even exists. This zoom-out to 2000km happens on most searches which is bad.

Did you check why a share from Google Maps doesn't work? This workaround would help alot.
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Blue is beautiful! I like the new colour scheme, too!  :)
But, as freischneider said, it's a side side topic  ;)
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You could create a help topic for voting, but I like the new colour scheme.
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