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Free chat / Forum issue - Change Profile
January 22, 2024, 17:11:07

every time I change profile, eg the signature, the text fields are populated with my user name, no matter what the prior values were.

See screenshot. Browser is Soul Browser.

Tasker / Tasker Plugin returns Altitude 0.0
July 02, 2023, 15:02:04
Guys, would you please check? My Tasker plugin returns 0.0 as altitude. In the screenshot you can see the real elevation (based on Sonnys Lidar).

Maybe something got broken with most recent LM4 beta?

A simple task, flashes lat,lon and altitude:
Themes - Vector maps / [Theme] Tapiola
June 26, 2023, 16:20:18
I want to present you my theme "Tapiola".
You can download it here.

Tapiola is 100% tested with regional Mapsforge v5 maps (Germany->Nordrhein-Westfalen) from Bigger maps (e.g., whole Germany) have a few less details included on certain zoom levels, but you probably won't notice it.
It also works with Lomaps V4+, but there are definitely issues.

The theme is a fork of the awesome Settler theme from Andrey, but slowly and steadily I made many changes and moved away from it.

My main ideas/goals were:
- Change colors to my preference
- City/town names not dependend on priorities at all. They will show up if zoom level allows it. Some names may overlap - but IMO it is important. A good overview is crucial for me. This way a was able to use smaller overview maps from OAM.
- City names following priorities were under risk of not being displayed. It happened that they were not displayed because a river had preference.
- Good visibility of hiking and cycling networks. Reasonable display of their names (like "X1"). Hiking color on one side of road, cycling on other, so both visible usually.
- Some themes show lines at some zoom levels due to few pixels of overlapping, I got rid of that.
- There's also some coding of track quality via display of lines on paths (OSM has a grade1-grade5 system) - more lines=less quality. 0 to 2 lines. Short+long line=Undefined. Zoom more in to see them.
- I reworked the display of road names, especially motorways, primary and secondary roads.
- In the themes options, I have made some changes compared to the Settler heritage. I combined some options.
- Less focus on hilltops compared with Settler.
- Benches, picnic tables, shelters, viewpoints have high prio and are drawn later, on top of other stuff - I'm a hiker.
- Parking has some over-the-top exaggeration. Many parkings are displayed. May change that.
- After all, you can turn on/off most things in theme options.
- I included OSMC hiking node icons (shameless copy/paste from John, his awesome Voluntary Theme) but I never really liked those. May remove them at some point.

Sorry, time is an issue, no pdf/html legend or fancy theme icon yet.

Here's a few notes as for the legend:
- Motorway: blue, Trunk: blue-greenish
- Primary road darker orange, secondary/tertiary getting lighter.
- White roads are asphalt, light brown more what you find in forests, less quality the more lines are on it (0-2 lines).
- Hiking routes are red, less important ones are interrupted lines. Cycling=blue, MTB=purple.


1. Download the zip file
2. Copy (don't unpack!) it into Android/[data|media]/

Just walk through the different zoom levels and see if it can help you. Have fun!

A few screenshots attached:
1. An overview map, I balanced the theme starting from Zoom level 8.
2. Notice the display of suburbs (can be turned off) for best overview but still no distraction
3. Display of hiking (red) and cycling (blueish) networks.
Hi theme authors,

I noticed my theme doesn't work perfect with Lomaps. Well, I only test against OAM Mapsforge V5.

Can you tell, what and if there are general differences and what they are about?

Very general: are different assets included into lomaps? Maybe even renamed ones?

Tasker / Locus Tasker addon not working
March 09, 2023, 10:19:41
Hey Locus Tasker addon users,

I'm using latest Tasker beta and recent Locus stable - Tasker Addon is not working for me. Is it working for you?

The Tasker dev is heavily struggling with Google and has to change a lot because of Android 13, so it's very well possible it is some kind of inter-application restriction going on here.

Tasks can still be started via Quick Bookmarks, "tasker://assistantactions?task=..."

I also asked on LocusTasker Github.


You cannot view this attachment.
Hi, something very basic, I always ignored the problem...

Locus Map 4 operating in the locked screen. If I turn my Smartphone on via on/off button (so now it is still locked and Locus Map is up front), screen dims after 5 seconds without action and turns off after 8 seconds.

This is on a Huawei Mate 20 X.

I think Locus could keep my screen alive - Poweramp music player, also in lock screen, keeps the screen on.

Troubles & Questions / Pay LM4 with LoCoins
February 27, 2023, 09:07:29

by the end of March I will need a new subscription and my LoCoins stack up. I know "Payment via Locoins" has been worked on, but I do not find anything related in the software. So, will it be possible? How?

Hi guys,

I create lovely pictures of my hiking for displaying them on my 4K television. An example is in the attachment (webp is an image file format, more efficient than jpg and can be used by Google Photos). Look at it, it's awesome stuff :D

The QR code is a geo protocol URL in this form:


It's a standard. You can try it and scan the QR. Android devices should typically open the position in some default map app. I guess IOS devices should behave similarly.

BUT how can I make Locus be the default app for this? In the Android side app settings, I know theres "Supported links" and "Standard apps". Whatever I reset, Android always opens the geo: link with Google Maps app.

Any idea?


BTW. This is made by a) Geosetter (it adds place names metadata to the original pictures) followed by b) XNView batch processing or XNConvert (it does all the resizing and QR/Pluscode/Text stamping magic). Can share the converting process file if anyone is interested.
Tasker / [Tasker] Openandromaps map downloader
January 07, 2022, 12:00:44

with this Tasker script you can automatically download OpenAndroMaps.

At first configure Task:
a) Configure which file(s) you wish to download, multiple items are comma separated. Full URLs! Like:
b) Configure the target directory of your system, where you want the files to be. Like: /extSD/Android/media/

Then you are ready to go. The Task first sends only a http-head command, compares file date of the zip file on server with your local maps file time and only downloads, if there's a newer version server side, or if you haven't got that map. So we're friendly to the server.

This is how it operates the downloads per url:

- Task downloads zip file to target dir
- Then it unpacks the zip completely AND OVERWRITES existing .map/.db/.poi
- zip file gets deleted
- .poi file gets deleted (unneeded by Locus)
- Next download

Use at your own risk, enhance task by yourself, I am not planning to add much security/error handling code. I'd use the script only if the whole process does not take too much time, if it takes minutes, not hours. Because by the nature of Tasker, this task may block execution of other tasks while it is running.

[snip - currently only working in Tasker beta]
Hi guys,

here's a Tasker script which downloads BRouter routing files (rd5). In the task, just adjust the rd5 path to match your own system. It will then download and overwrite exactly those rd5 files it finds in that directory. Task has no error handling whatsoever.

BRouter rd5 files are typically in:

Please execute task in a reasonable manner and have server load in mind.

Tasker / [Tasker] Remove timestamps from GPX files
November 14, 2021, 18:09:56
With the following Tasker task you can remove all timestamps from GPX files, a privacy option. Locus does only export GPX with timestamps.
Backup your files. It's not too thoroughly tested.

I created two Tasker scripts which help to rename GPX files to a more unified and timestamped form.

The script rnGPX analyses the gpx file and uses the first found trackpoint timestamp. It applies CEST corrections to that stamp! It uses and declutters the internally found name tag.
It automatically handles collisions (identical file names due to identical internal gpx names).

Backup is crucial here.

See below Reddit thread in the Tasker forum.
Tasker / Call Tasker Task with parameters
August 20, 2021, 14:20:08
Guys, I just learnt, it is possible to call a Tasker task via URL scheme, including parameters (%par1 and %par2 that is).

So we can use that in Locus Quick Bookmarks.

This is awesome, a few of us might have used Tasker Secondary before, an indirect approach without parameters.

Example - see also screenshot:


Some useful and useless OT fun for your inspiration, lots can be done with Tasker/Tasker plugin. At first I jump to a random position in my state Nordrhein-Westfalen, then there is a lovely prng at work creating random positions, also my gps calculation functions are needed (calc of latlon/bearing/distance).
Also it is creating nice addresses from - especially very well formatted address details for German places.

Here is the address script. Not 100% document, you need to know Tasker.
Hi guys,

I just realized, after testing, uninstall of LM3, reinstall etc etc, after all, some of my purchased maps (the quite expensive Kompass maps) are lost. Didn't have them in mind.

I think it's not a good system. Too easily we just throw money away. Fortunately those maps turned out to be not too important for me.

best regards

is anybody using the Tasker plugin?
It is not working for me. Eg, if I add "Sensors and Stats" plugin to tasker, then click the configuration button, nothing happens.
Have already deleted app cache of tasker and the plugin, restarted phone, no change.

das ist zugegebenermaßen nicht nur Locus-Relevant. Ich zeichne ja im Wesentlichen all meine Bewegung in GPX-Dateien auf, sobald ich gewisse Orte verlasse. Das ist mittlerweile ziemlich ausgefuchst.

Heute bin ich geblitzt worden (vllt. auch der Wagen rechts von mir), sowohl sofort überprüfter Tacho als auch die GPX-Datei sagen mir, dass ich an dem Punkt mit 74 km/h statt 60 außerorts unterwegs war. Das wären 40 EUR.

Als Berufspessimist beschäftigt mich nun der Fall, dass die Blitzanlage hypothetische 200 km/h meldet.

- Werden exakte Position und Zeitpunkt eigentlich in so einem "Sie wurden geblitzt"-Anschreiben genannt? Kenne mich nicht aus, werde so im Jahrzehnte-Takt  geblitzt.
- Eine GPX (bzw. eine Aufzeichnung in die Locus-db) nützt mir im Zweifelsfall vermutlich nicht, oder was meint Ihr? Letztlich ist sie ja nicht fälschungssicher. GPX ist nur Text. Und die Qualität hängt ja von Endgerät und aktuellem Empfang ab.

Vielleicht habt Ihr ja mal von sowas gehört. Moderne Autos können eigentlich Strecken aufzeichnen, nur bieten wohl viele einfach nicht mal die Option an, vermutlich wg. Aufschrei von Datenschützern. Es ist aber doch so, dass wir heute sehr viel Technik haben, dann wünsche ich mir, dass sie zur Entlastung auch genutzt wird und Gerichte nicht anachronistisch im Nebel stochern.

Mir gibt die Daueraufzeichnung ein gutes Gefühl, ich wollte das unbedingt haben :) Annahme ist, es passiert irgendwas. Da ist die Täter-Opfer-Präferenz in Deutschland eigentlich recht starr (Autofahrer ist böser als Fahrradfahrer, der ist böser als Fußgänger) und ich würde schon gerne vorzeigen können, NICHT geheizt zu sein.
Zweites großes Thema: Ich bin echt vergesslich bzgl. Zeitpunkten und kann nun nachprüfen "wann war ich wo".

Beste Grüße
Hi guys,

I am having an old Sony Z1 phone as backup. Phone is always off, but when I turn it on it hardly has a GPS fix. Not sure 100%, but it seems like it gets GPS fix super slowly, like "in 20 Minutes".

- It has no sim card
- wifi is on, "Reset A-GPS" works, I get a confirmation that it has been downloaded--- but does not help
- Google location services is set to high precision
- The Locus Satellites page mostly shows like 20 Satellites, but all red. It displays "0/20".

When the device was regularly in use there were no such problems. Any ideas?

EDIT: Now I'm looking like 5 minutes on it and it has 1/16 sats.


after there has been path changes to BRouter some while ago, I am still struggling with the profiles2 folders. I have them at 2 places:

b) /storage/sd_ext/Android/data/btools.routingapp/files/brouter/profiles2

- If I delete a), Locus does not list the contents pf profiles2
- If I delete b), those profiles are listed. But it cannot calculate the route, an orange error message appears (missing data)

So, I need both. Why is this?

It is set to "Locus profiles", because otherwise I cannot manage profiles from within Locus. TBH I do not understand the other option "Brouter profiles", where everything is grayed out. AFAICS I should use the Brouter app then, which seems weird.