How can I reset geo: protocol so Locus Map 4 opens such URLs?

Started by Tapio, July 05, 2022, 17:06:52

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Hi guys,

I create lovely pictures of my hiking for displaying them on my 4K television. An example is in the attachment (webp is an image file format, more efficient than jpg and can be used by Google Photos). Look at it, it's awesome stuff :D

The QR code is a geo protocol URL in this form:


It's a standard. You can try it and scan the QR. Android devices should typically open the position in some default map app. I guess IOS devices should behave similarly.

BUT how can I make Locus be the default app for this? In the Android side app settings, I know theres "Supported links" and "Standard apps". Whatever I reset, Android always opens the geo: link with Google Maps app.

Any idea?


BTW. This is made by a) Geosetter (it adds place names metadata to the original pictures) followed by b) XNView batch processing or XNConvert (it does all the resizing and QR/Pluscode/Text stamping magic). Can share the converting process file if anyone is interested.
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the QR contains only the references of lat and lon, inside I do not find any link that could direct the opening with a specific app such as locus. So I believe that the opening happens according to the program you use to scan the QR, if you use goggle (chrome or lens) it will tend to open gmaps.
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Henk van der Spek

Sort of a dead end for me Tapio. I read the forum on my phone with Tapatalk and then the download fails. Switching to the browser on my phone I get a download, being an image with a QR code imprinted in the left corner. Which offcourse I cannot scan with that same phone.

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In fact the QR has geo:lat,lon text
If scanned by Google Lens it translates to a lat/lon tuple with degrees and minutes.
This app:

shows the correct text. I'll test on other devices.

@Henk,sharing image (via a share button) to qr capable app may work.

EDIT: I found, when clicking "Maps" in Google Lens, the Android system dialog appears, which allows to pick an app - Including LM4

My testing was maybe flawed, I tested with above Play store app. I think this app starts Google Maps on purpose.

Google Lens however transfers a Degrees/minutes latlon tuple to LM. LM then opens the online Google search with "51°12'57.1"N 7°48'42.9"E" and finds: nothing.

Seems like I will put a proper Google Maps http-link into my QRs again 😒 Like this:,7.53921
This offers to open with LM4 as well but: LM4 just starts and does not move map there, sigh.
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Google lens indeed opens Google Maps directly without an option to choose, ble ...

I tried the first good-rated scanner: "QR Scanner: Barcode Scanner" from Google Play and there, after the scan I directly see the button "Show on map" that opens Locus Map in the correct position on the map!
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