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hmm this is close to some "universal difficulty index" (something like IBP index) that should display next to every track and that will inform about optimized difficulty, easily comparable with other tracks.
Yeah, would be great to by able to sort "by difficulty" (in terms of exhausting) for all the sportive enthusiasts, who e.g. do hiking for preparation of more difficult tracks, or just for the sports side of life.

IBP, quite interesting stuff. Lots of attributes mixed for an index number. But is their algorithm open?Here's the analysis of a day trip I had, oh I had a bad day I remember...
Edit: I'm not convinced about the algorithm. A hiking trip in Germany Sauerland hat a higher Index than one in the Austrian Alps. Which was way harder.

Least and simple value you could offer is "positive elevation gain divided by distance". I fand someone here thinking about it a bit more:
And Oruxmaps has IBP index according to - however they did it. I did not find the algorthmic details being open...

It also happens after a restart. I edit a preset, then in it I edit what is part of the preset. The page with the checkboxes. I scroll up and down, check and uncheck entries, after maybe 10 seconds it freezes.
It is on an older device, Sony Z1.

Yes exactly. And before my patience ended I killed the instance. Which was maybe after 15s
Will test more thoroughly and after a device restart.

Maybe a bug. I was editing the presets, because of the new possible settings... and Locus always decided to freeze after a while.

Bug? Track manager in lock screen, tracks sorted by elev. gain.
Unlock device, bring another app to front, go back to Locus: Track screen says it has no data.

Awesome release. I must admit: now with the possibility to sort by elevation gain, I wish it would calculate, display and allow sorting by elevgain/distance. I.e. elevation gain per km. So we can easily plan and see, at least it is a hint, on how exhausting a track is...

Free chat / Re: Best phones regarding GPS
« on: January 26, 2019, 21:41:54 »
I have no experience with newer phones. But this is important and interesting indeed.

To me, knowing about the position of the GPS device is important, because I have it in an ammunition pocket on my rucksack and only the top 10 cm of the device are uncovered. E.g. my Sony Z1 GPS is on top (left IIRC) of the display side. It works very reliable also in bad GPS conditions. I don't care about GPS elevation data because I'm fine with LiDAR data.
I've changed my battery in it once. Never a problem, I walk 8 hrs at max typically, with no 4G turned on, not making photos etc., it's always not empty.
I have a Tasker profile which turns a lot of stuff on and off for hiking, in order to have low battery consumption. I'm using that awesome Nova launcher. When I swipe the Locus icon up instead tapping, it toggles that tasker hiking state on/off.

Have a close look at: Settings - Guidance (out of route)
Also Gps+sensors (notification settings)

"Einstellungen -> Track Aufzeichnung"

Leute. Niemand mag Deppenleerzeichen. Deppenleerzeichen-Schreiber sind die Schmuddelkinder der Nation. Und o.g. Menüpunkt ist echt schon unanständig lange in Locus Pro. Was sollen nur die Leute denken... daß wir alle Sonderschulabbrecher sind?  ;) Das da oben schreibt man ruhigen Gewissens zusammen.

Ich habe mich da drüben auf registriert - schon allein dieser schlimme Menüpunkt ist es wert. jedoch finde ich mich (noch?) nicht zurecht. Ich finde den kaputten String nicht.

Frage: Kann ich da überhaupt Korrekturen bewirken, die sich dann irgendwann in der App niederschlagen?

Auch die Verwendung von "&" im Hauptmenü in den Einstellungen ist nicht seriös. "und" sollte verwendet werden.


Oh, seems like Menion has got a lot of work to do.  :D Both on database side and UI. E.g., as for the UI, as a user I espect searching for tracks/points to (also) be accessible via the data manager - not necessarily I go to the general search page, where it currently resides.

So does Locus do database maintainance? Like, compacting?

Half related: I have never exactly looked at it - Does Locus ever do database compacting or will it stay bloated, if, say, I delete all entries?

I hope the forum will have a smartphone interface one day.

As for the POI warner, an option to read max n POI would be nice. Often there's 2 or 3 and then Locus reports "2 points in range". But I'd be fine if it reads out both.

Yes, filters and search is rather a weak spot in Locus.

I hope the new version is out soon. I SO MUCH can't wait to the "sort by elevation gain" feature 😁

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