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As for the POI warner, an option to read max n POI would be nice. Often there's 2 or 3 and then Locus reports "2 points in range". But I'd be fine if it reads out both.

Yes, filters and search is rather a weak spot in Locus.

I hope the new version is out soon. I SO MUCH can't wait to the "sort by elevation gain" feature 😁

I cannot add waypoints to existing tracks. "+" is missing.

Discussion/New features / Re: Altitude Notification
« on: January 05, 2019, 11:11:14 »

Facebook tracker was not possible to disable before, but I've found a way so in the latest version, it is already disabled.

Google Analytics is step by step changing to Firebase Analytics, so it will be during 2019 completely removed. So the only tracking system should be "Firebase Analytics", which I hope is safe and secure. It's purpose is to monitor usage of some functions and usage of app.

Great, it's nice to hear you are aware of it. There's probably quite a few developers around who simply aren't exactly aware of what exactly they in their software. Also, many apps need to much unneeded privileges. Not because the devs are necessarily evil people, just because they do not know everything :-D


I am referring to the 35C3 report (summary here, in German: ) which is about excessive usage of trackers in Android apps.

According to analysis, for Locus (free) this may be:

Facebook Analytics
Facebook Login
Facebook Places
Facebook Share
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Google CrashLytics
Google Firebase Analytics

Is that correct and why Facebook?

Wishing you the best for 2019 and ongoing success for Locus. Which is good for all of us 😁


Troubles & Questions / No share after manual backup
« on: December 27, 2018, 12:25:54 »
After a manual backup Locus does no more offer to share the zip file.

Hallo Leute,

mal davon abgesehen, dass Locus wirklich mal Tracks nach Hm bzw. Länge filtern/suchen/sortieren können sollte...

Kennt Ihr Software oder Onlinedienste, die das für meine Tracks tun können? Ich habe sportliche Ambitionen und will manchmal nach Anstrengung (hm) sortieren. In Locus habe ich viele Tracks, aber darüber eben keinen Überblick.
P. S. : hier voten

deen? Danke!

EDIT1: Erste Möglicheit, die ich fand, ist - aber man muss halt GPX-Tracks hochladen. Da kann man sie dann nach Hm sortieren. 80 Tracks hochladen und analysieren war da kein Problem.

Wishlist / Re: Lazy loading
« on: December 19, 2018, 08:13:23 »
Somewhat related would be the (dynamic?) loading of POI alongside a routing track instead of static loading of a fixed radius. The current poi system is clumsy with its 100 by 100 loading.

As for the new version: The "Navigate reversely" checkbox is a great time saver, thank you! The warning is rather useless for hiking in the open wild... maybe just warn once?

Complains about magnifier: I personally found it useful, which is why I do not see problems related to it. Any suggestion how to visualize moving point better?
My most prefered way of moving things is per map center position. Because there we have the best overview and we can zoom. Move per map center: Which is currently too far away.
I think a dedicated "move mode" would be awesome, which, if map center is close to the track, automatically  highlights either waypoints or, if somewhere in the track, the closest trackpoint. Highlight by just hovering it.
In this mode, there should be a hand button, which toggles between holding and releasing that point.
And on releasing, if it was just a trackpoint, auto create a WP. Movement of points by moving map.

Just my 2c. Because I am convinced, moving points - doing track corrections - is most essential.

Yes, probably, I see your point. But still I think moving WP is essential and should be as easy as possible. The most often action, correction if the auto created route...

I realized, sometimes drag+drop works, somehow? But I never liked that magnifying glass method. With that zoom and your finger on screen, I have not a good overview.

Edit: it works, when a wp is quickly dragged. Here, while dragging, one also cannot change zoom.

In route planner I think a very often used action is to move waypoints for correction purposes.

This is WAY too difficult and hidden. Compare with Brouter online, where you just drag and drop. Please consider making it much easier!

My idea: when I tap a WP, that grey overlay screen appears with all the commands in the bottom. You could make the top map view ready for dragging. Ie, if we drag the map there, the WP follows the map center.
Currently, tapping the top area just exits.

Problem with GPSies? Cannot simulate, for me it works correctly.
Thanks. I just realized, it only finds my tracks, which is useless for me, they're in Locus anyway.

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