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Yes fullscreen mode covers the virtual back button
Same here, but you typically swipe the bottom Android buttons to front if you swipe from the buttom up. So, there are options :)

Im Höhenmanager gibt es:

-Keine Verwendung
-GPS-Höhenangaben optimieren
-GPS-Werte ersetzen

Mich wundert, dass ständig empfohlen wird, die GPS-Angaben mit SRTM-Werten zu optimieren. Warum? Es gibt doch jetzt diese LiDar-Daten, die genauer als die bisherigen SRTM-Dateien sind. GPS liegt dagegen manchmal 30m höher. Warum sollte ich die Werte "optimieren" lassen? Einen Durchschnittswert nehmen, wenn doch vermutlich die Wahrheit in den Lidar-Daten liegen?

Oder habe ich einen Denkfehler?


You have defined in recording profile distance = 0m? Suggest to set there at least 1 (m) to avoid this issue.
It is and was always set to 10m. And I don't understand: the display was always alright. Then, one or two versions ago, Locus showed crazy values. Now you did something about it, but graph looks broken. Why did it work, say, in the beginning of 2018?

Edit: Ah, I have set 10m OR 5s. Maybe, but cannot remember I changed it to OR and then its my fault. Changed it to AND an will see...

New version... The extreme peaks in steepness are gone, but the graph looks broken. See attachments.

In all my latest recorded tracks, I have extreme ascend/descend values, >400% at times. Elevation values are by srtm here, they replace gps values. I did not change it. This makes the graph unusable. Anyone else?


ich lade immer Menions LoMaps-Karten herunter, sobald sie aktualisiert sind. Einerseits unterstütze ich das Projekt natürlich gerne, andererseits erhoffe ich mir in erster Linie aktuellere POI-Datenbanken.

Wie aber sieht es mit den Karten aus - habe ich irgendeinen Vorteil davon? Die Karten von Openandromaps kommen schneller auf den Markt. Ich überlege, ob ich nicht besser die OAM-Karten verwende und die LoMaps-Kartendatei lösche. Schafft Platz und mehr Ordnung. Die POIs sind ja davon unabhängig.

Einziger "Vorteil" der Lomaps, den ich kenne ist, "Interessante Punkte - Auf Karte anzeigen". Irgendwelche POIs (nur Berggipfel und so?) werden dann auf der Karte angezeigt, das brauche ich aber eher nicht.

Sonst noch Vorteile?

[DE] - deutschsprachiger Forumsbereich / Re: OpenTopoMaps in Locus
« on: August 20, 2018, 12:32:51 »
OAM-Karte plus TOTM-Theme ist exakt, was Du willst. Das Theme gibt es hier im Forum in der Theme-Sektion.

It's something completely different. Locus crashes depending on the group and folder name.

Group: 3. Test Test
Folder in that group: Unsorted

Tap any track, crash.

Rename group to "3TestTest": no crash.

Hi guys,

@tapio Crash with some tracks? If reproducible, send me GPX track to test please, thanks.
My Garmin imports now crash reliably. But when I export and re-import, they work. Will need to look for the source gpx files.

what about saving the track from route planner in fullscreen mode in the latest version? Better?
Yes, buttons are there, looks like solved.

Will send gpx if definitely reproducible.

Thanks! I've found out: Locus does not like my Vista hcx tracks any more, crashes on any of them. Anyone having old, imported Garmin tracks in Locus? Will try to find out more...
I'm under the impression it happens on imported gpx files. My workflow is to import and correct elevation data on import.

Crash since a few versions ago.

- Display like 20+ tracks
- Enter whatever track details screen
- Crash

Anyone else? Maybe because I have older hardware, a Sony Z1?

So both GraphHopper and BRouter should return computed ETA times and the app should only modify these values little bit based on previous user activities.
I'm not sure about "the app should only modify these values little bit".  There is no absolute truth in calculated ETAs, looking at the users tracks will not help, our actions may be too versatile. You add unnecessary complexity.

The light version of an app? No chance, sorry.
Here I fully agree. It would be something else. People can already have something else. Locus is complex, has to be learnt no matter what. But we want it. We want the features it has.

I cannot save tracks from route planner any more. Buttons at the bottom are missing. In fullscreen mode, old story.
I need to bring the keyboard (SwiftKey) up, then the buttons appear.

I've read about the swiss formula; looks like we need a realistic example here. I've searched quite a lot and did not find what those magic constants are.

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