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I've read about the swiss formula; looks like we need a realistic example here. I've searched quite a lot and did not find what those magic constants are.

setup of "climbing/descending/flat speeds" is overkill
OK! Hey, Locus already does calculate decent ETAs internally for the temporary track... and also offers it in route planner (Menu -> Travel time) - There is "Bergwandern (mountain hiking)" which would be more appropriate for me for display in the bottom bar.

BTW as you probably know, Germany has a norm for this (DIN 33466):

Code: [Select]
Up: <u> meters
Down: <d> meters
Horizontal: <h> meters

Conservative assumption - the hiker walks per hour:
300m up
500m down
4km horizontal

a = u/300 + d/500
b = h/4
c = greater value of a and b
d = smaller value of a and b

Walking time: (0.5*c + d) hours

A good time for reminding of poutnikls ETA calc proposal:

Ok. Average speed from my tracks is not perfect. I was in the mountains recently, with very low average speeds, because we had at max. 1400m elevation change per day and 1-2 km/h speed at times.

I think you just let us define climbing/descending/flat speeds. You already know the different ETA formulas, because it always has been in the track options... Thanks for your hard work!

I cannot save tracks from route planner any more. Buttons at the bottom are missing. In fullscreen mode, old story.

Test of Locus Pro+BRouter Route Planner ETA: quite good result in my first test. Well done @menion.
Du you have an example? What brf files do you use, maybe you can upload one? I get good results for 90 year old people. 3 km/h in flat areas. Is the ETA depending from something inside the brouter brf files maybe?

From: 51.351619,7.699465
To: 51.344583,7.740034

Graphhopper: 42m
Loc/Graphhopper: 1h14

Edit: Maybe hiking profile = walking profile.

17km in 6 hrs is still unrealistic ETA. Thx for the update btw.

Yes, the filesystem message makes me very nervous, I don't want to spend time setting anything up again.

Hi Menion, the new time estimation in route planner. It is very conservative. In flat areas it assumes I walk < 3km/h,which is way too slow. I use brouter. Can I configure it? Thx

It detected, after a second start, a change in the file system, but I did not change anything. I just confirmed, it works, but makes me nervous.

When I copy a track (you know, the functionality where you can reverse the track direction), it offers to choose POI folders instead of track folders.

Would be nice if we could download older apk's to revert back.

It crashes now if I tap any of my 4 profiles.

Big problems with Fullscreen mode and various dialogs. I was not able to save changes (coloring) to an existing track, I was not able to move a track to another folder: Cancel and Save buttons to the bottom right were missing, and it was not a matter of swiping down.
Had to turn off fullscreen mode.

I have "Resize map" as part of all my profiles, which I love to use. It does not work. After I tap this setting, the window appears and says "Loading" endlessly. If it worked it would load that map preview and allow setting up the zoom.

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