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I have a default value for the altitude threshold of 3 (I'm quite sure I set this myself in the past). Now I would like to change it permanently to 5, but I don't know how.
After the last update (4.24) and the new features for LoPoints, I tried a few things.

The captions for LoPoints photos can neither be edited after uploading nor added later. In the field, I usually don't have the time or inclination to write a caption, or I make a mistake and want to correct it later. Unfortunately this is not possible, or am I missing something?
After I recently had to reinstall Locus, I realised that my audio coaches and quick new points were not included in the backup and I had to create them all again.

I only have a few audio coaches, so that was done quickly. But I have a lot of quick new points for various use cases, so it was a bit of a pain to create them all again.

EDIT: I have just seen in the backup settings that Audio Coach and Quick new points should be included in the backup. The option "Settings" was definitely activated and everything was activated when the backup was imported. However, my audio coaches and quick new points were not there afterwards (all other settings have been restored correctly).

Perhaps there is a problem with the backup function?
I have a request for improvement when creating a new route in the route planner:

I am planning a route. Then, for example, there is a small bridge over a stream that is missing from the OSM map. The route planner doesn't want to take me along it. No problem, I create this section of the route "manually" in drawing mode. Or I want to take a shortcut somewhere cross-country. Here, too, I can insert a manual segment. Wonderful.

But: Whenever I recalculate the entire route ("recalculate all"), the manually drawn segments are ignored and the route is routed via existing paths, which ruins my planning.  See screenshot.

Would it be possible for manually drawn segments to be regarded as "unchangeable" during the recalculation and thus be retained? That would be great!

(If the manual segment cannot be reached in another profile (Car instead of Hike etc.), the orange error message "Routing service can't find the start point..." may appear. Just like when recalculating in car mode if shaping points are on hiking trails.)
Since I sometimes have problems with the ETA during (track)navigation in the current version (unrealistic, sometimes nonsensical times are displayed from time to time, usually much too short), I took a look at the planned routes as a gpx file:

The LoRouter generates timestamps when creating a route. Unfortunately, this is now also the case if you create a route without navigation commands. It is completely unclear to me what the purpose of timestamps is for a planned route. Logically, they make sense for a recorded track, but for a planned route?

Are they needed for the navigation commands and if so, why? The time is irrelevant, and they would be unnecessary for a planned route without navigation commands.

Just to calculate a fictitious route time in the planned route? Which is also too short by default (5 km/h or even more is always assumed for "walking", which is definitely too fast). 

No other route planner generates time stamps. Not GraphHopper, not BRouter Web, not and not even the Locus web planner. And you can navigate with their tracks without any problems.

If someone can explain this to me briefly and clearly (unfortunately I am not a geoinformatics specialist), I would be grateful. I couldn't find anything useful on the Internet.

It would also be interesting to know how the ETA is calculated during track navigation. All you really need is the current speed, the length of the remaining distance and (if available) the gradients. As I said, the values are sometimes given in an absurdly short form and are therefore not reliable.

EDIT: I just found my posts (in german) in this 3 year old thread. There were already problems back then.
Small issue with the navigation commands switches on/off:

I open the route planner and choose p.e. hiking or walking mode. I select "include navigation commands" on. (Important: the last time I planned a route, it was off).
However, the route is initially created without navigation commands. Only "recalculte all" creates navigation commands.
Then I create another route and select "include navigation commands" off. However, the route is created with navigation commands, only "recalculte all" deletes them.

This means that the route planner remembers the last setting, which is not changed simply by ticking "include navigation commands", you first have to recalculate.

LM 4.20.1 Afa

Translated with (free version)

Hallo, ich versuche es erstmal hier im deutschen Forum.

Ich bin bisher nicht besonders begeistert von der neuen Version 4.20, der Routenplaner wurde angeblich komplett überarbeitet und soll mehr/bessere Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten bieten.

Irgendwie finde ich ihn umständlich und kann viele Einstellungen nicht mehr finden. Wo z.B finde ich denn die Zuordnung von Profilen wir "shortest" usw. zum Modus Gehen, die ich vorher problemlos im Routenplaner auswählen konnte. Und wo kann ich neue/eigene Profile erstellen?

Danke für einen Anstupser, vielleicht bin ich ja nur blind...
I often want to create points with attached photos. In doing so, I want to have a clearly visible geometric icon and attach one or more photos to it.

There are 2 ways to do this, both of which require too many clicks:
1. "Quick new point": Here I can set default icons that will be used. Great. But if I make a photo as attachment, I have to choose every time if the photo should be used as icon or not (I don't want to, because the photo icons are badly visible on the map). Then still save. That's quite a lot of clicks. Here it would be nice to save at least the photo icon query by a default setting.

2. "Photo point". Actually great, as it is much faster. But in doing so, the photo is used as a point icon by default, and I have to manually set another icon again afterwards.

Ideally it would be, if one could specify an own Icon, which is used by default.

Or is there already a corresponding possibility or setting that I have overlooked?

Translated with (free version)
A small problem with the displayed track statistics for merged tracks:

Sometimes I forget to activate the track recording at the start of a tour and do this only after, for example, 0,56 km.
I then create the first 0,56 km with the route planner and then merge the two tracks. The part with the route planner logically does not contain any time values.

The merged total track then contains the correct total distance (e.g. 20,93 km, of which 20,36 km was recorded and 0,56 km was created with the route planner). The altitude profile is also correct.

However, nonsense is displayed for the track time: 469238:54:07.
Likewise with the pace: 1344958:37

I know that Locus cannot calculate correct values in this case. However, it would be more elegant if then nothing or 0,0 is displayed than such fantasy numbers.

Screenshot 1 shows the statistics of a recorded tour. Length 20.36 km.
The first 560 m are missing and were created with the route planner.
Screenshot 2 shows the statistics of the merged track (20.93 km).

(Such nonsensical values always occur when a recorded track and a track created with the route planner are merged).

ich benutze überwiegend die OAM Karten, gelegentlich aber auch LoMaps (offline).

Bei einem Kartenwechsel von einer OAM Karte zu einer LoMaps Karte wurde m. E. früher automatisch auch das Theme gewechselt von z. B. Elevate bei OSM zu einem internen Theme. Jedenfalls hatte ich damals bei einem Kartenwechsel immer gleich die typische LoMaps Optik, wie sie auch bei den LoMaps online zu sehen ist.

Seit einiger Zeit muss ich das Thema zusätzlich manuell wechseln. Bei einem reinen Kartenwechsel sieht die Karte sonst praktisch identisch aus, da das letzte Theme weiterhin aktiv ist. Das erschient mir nicht wirklich sinnvoll, denn letzlich könnte ich dann nur mit OAM Karten arbeiten und ausschließlich das Theme wechseln, um generell die "LoMaps Optik" zu bekommen.

Hat sich da mal was geändert oder fehlt mir eine entsprechende Einstellung?

LM 4.17.2 Gold, SGS10
I raised this earlier in this thread but never got a response. So I'll try it here:

@ Menion: I would like to remind you of this topic again, as I have not received an answer so far.

Is it possible or planned to integrate the option to show and hide the coloured hiking and cycling routes in the Locus web planner?

I often find them annoying and a planned route is difficult to recognise between the many coloured lines.

Most modern smartphones have a built-in pedometer, including my SG S10. I have numerous apps that can access this and display the steps correctly. In Locus this does not work, the field "Strides" in the track recording always shows only 0 strides. See screenshot.

The app permission "Physical activity" is granted.
The blog mentioned the possibility of displaying geotagged photos on the map in Locus. Some time ago I had set several folders with photos and it worked.

Now I have looked at the menu again and I can neither edit/delete the folders nor add new ones. The 3 dots next to the folders are not there and neither is the + icon. See screenshot. (Locus V 4.15.2)

Possibly this is due to Android 12, which I currently have. However, I had Android 11 on my SG S10 from the beginning and was able to select the orders earlier.

If it is due to Android, would it work with the AFA version?
Hello Menion,

since the update to version 4.15, the calculation of the elevation values has been changed. I don't know why this was done at all, for me the calculation was fine before. But maybe I missed something.

Apparently, minor elevation changes up to five or six metres are now ignored, so that in flat regions 0 m elevation gain / loss is always displayed despite slight ups and downs. I am not quite sure if this is what is intended. Since the elevation profile still shows the (small) elevation differences, this is at least inconsistent (see screenshot 1).

Absolutely illogical, however, is the calculation of the distance (uphill/downhill), which is now much too short. Even on routes that go steeply uphill continuously, the distance (uphill) is only displayed for a nonsensically small part of the route. This can be reproduced without any problems. See screenshot 2 and 3, which shows a steep ascent. You can believe me, every single metre of the 1.1 km long route goes steeply uphill, yet only 686 m are displayed as distance (uphill). Is this a bug or how can it be explained?
The track overview is a practical function.

Unfortunately, the display and position of the evelation profile is not well solved. The profile is often poorly visible above the map background and sometimes overlaps the track.

Suggestion: the evelation profile could be positioned on the right in the white area above the Locus logo.

Alternatively, the display of the evelation profile in the track overview (optional) could be omitted.

Attached is a screenshot as an example of very poor visibility of the evelation profile.
The last update (LM4) brought a change in the backup management. The backup zip files are now 4-5 times as large as before, which is due to the fact that now also the segments with the rd5 files are zipped.

User Niklas had already noted this in the Blog (entry 10.12.2022).

As a result, I now have backup files of about 1 GB in size, which significantly increases the upload time and unnecessarily takes up disk space. The rd5 segments do not need to be secured in my opinion.

I would therefore welcome to take them out of the backup again. If some users absolutely want to backup these segments as well, please do so as a selectable option.

Perhaps the question/request has been asked before.

In the Web Planner, it would be nice to be able to hide the colored hiking trails and bike routes.
The easiest way would be to have another Lo-Maps map without these trails (and without POI display) available in the menu "select map" in the upper right corner. (Suggestion: "LoMaps pure")

LoMaps for hike&bike
LoMaps pure

In regions with many biking and hiking trails, the colored lines interfere with planning and the self-planned route is then difficult to recognize.

In the app, the hiking trails and bike routes can be hidden in the themes. It would be nice if this could also be done in the Web Planner.

Example: BRouter ( f. e. can do so, there you can easily (de)activate the display of hiking and cycling trails via checkboxes.

See also screenhots
Recorded track, dark mode: If my list of intervals is longer than the screen, after scrolling some interval entries are displayed with black writing on a black background and are then unreadable.

In light mode there are no display errors.

Can anyone reproduce this? The error is no drama, but I would be interested to know what the cause is.

SG 10, Android 12, LM 4.9.2 (but was also like this in previous versions).

I think with the latest update (LM4.8.1 Gold) there is a small bug with the route planner. (If it is a feature, it doesn't really make sense to me):

Until now, a route planned with the route planner only showed "distance", "elevation" and "others" but no intervals (no intervals here), which is also logical. See screenshots 1 and 2.

Recently, parametes "tracktime", "tracktime in movement" and "pace" are also displayed, as well as "intervals", which then all show 0:00:00. See screenshots 3, 4 and 5.

Is this the way it is supposed to be?
Hallo, ich versuche es erstmal hier im deutschen Forum.

Locus 4 bewirbt die Möglichkeit, mehrere Alternativ-Routen zu erhalten/erstellen (PREMIUM, also vermutlich Gold, was ich habe):
(Dort unter ,,Routenplanung".)

Ich finde diese Möglichkeit nirgendwo. Alles andere dort aufgeführte ist hingegen klar:

- Zahlreiche Routing-Profile für verschiedene Aktivitäten
- Anzeige von Straßenoberflächen und Wegetypen
- Automatisch generierte Rundkurse PREMIUM

Aber wie oder wann mehrere Alternativ-Routen erstellt werden finde ich nicht...

Danke euch!