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No, everything works fine for me. The map name and the map itself are displayed correctly.
Dear Locus team,

may I ask you to have a look at the helpdesk thread, especially my last post from today.

There I show a very simple example of how a single shaping point causes a completely wrong ETA calculation. I hope this helps to understand the problem.

Thank you very much!
Grins. Ich merke eigentlich selbst, wenn ich Hunger oder Durst habe. Aber ok, wenn du einen entsprechenden Trainingsplan hast... Direkt so geht das zwar nicht, aber mir fallen auf die Schnelle zwei Workarounds ein, über die das ginge:

Nutze den Audio-Trainer. Da kannst du nach einer beliebigen Zeit und/oder Distanz eine Statistik-Info ansagen lassen. Zwar nicht Essen oder Trinken, aber z. B. die aktuelle Uhrzeit, die Trackzeit, Distanz und vieles mehr. Das sollte vielleicht als "Erinnerung" reichen.

Alternativ kannst du die Tracknavigation verwenden und an der gewünschten Position der Route (nach x km) einen Zwischenpunkt setzen, den du beliebig benennen kannst, z. B. "Jetzt ein Bier" oder "Baby iss die Banane". Das wird dir dann tatsächlich angesagt. Du kannst natürlich auch mehrere Zwischenpunkte setzen und benennen, je nachdem, wie oft du erinnert werden willst. Im Extremfall alle paar Meter ans Atmen. 😉
Quote from: Menion on July 01, 2024, 18:11:21@Graf Geo
it is a little harder for me. Old offline LoPoints were written probably 6-8 years back
I also consider this as a minor problem. Thanks for understanding.
One last note. With a 5 year-old kid, I`m a little forced to have more vacations than I would like  8) so please excuse me for the next two months, if I won`t react as usual ;)

Thanks, it's not that important. Especially as the problem with the LoPoint photos hasn't occurred since I returned from holiday.

Enjoy your time with your child! 🙂

EDIT 02.07.2024: I have now been able to reproduce it. There are indeed isolated LoPoints that are only available offline. If you then try to upload a photo, the error "invisible point" appears.
That clears that up, thank you.
Bei längeren Routen dauert eine (komplette) Neuberechnung tatsächlich lange, das ist mir auch schon aufgefallen.

Bei der Navigation habe ich aber meistens Streckenpriorität eingestellt. Wenn ich dann vom Weg ankomme, wird nur ein kurzes Stück zurück zur Strecke neuberechnet, was keine spürbare Verzögerung bedeutet.
Quote from: Gerhard57 on June 24, 2024, 12:41:58Importing a gpx file with Option Update elevation set results in elevation measure = 5 and NOT 3 as expected

I cannot confirm this. My display shows 3.
Quote from: Menion on June 24, 2024, 08:08:05Hmm, and which value does not seem to be ideal in your case? ...

I think that there are no ideal or perfect values for all use cases. The current ones are ok, and if an individual setting is not feasible, they can stay as they are. I use srtm almost exclusively, and the value 3 usually fits quite well. Only in the mountains would I possibly use a slightly higher value, but then I just do that with the slider.
All good.
Thanks for the answer. No, the occasional crashes didn't ruin the holiday ;)

Hmm... not all online LoPoints are also available offline in deed, e.g. viewpoints are often only available online. And yes, sometimes I had no internet in the field and could only access offline LoPoints.

However, this does not explain the "invisible point" error, which occurred again and again with the same photos, even when they were added again later in the WLAN. Only after I had opened these photos with a tool and saved them again could they be added to the LoPoint.

There is still the question of the upload time. Whether I can somehow trigger the upload myself.

Have a nice weekend!

OK got it, thanks. Settings in altitude manager:
Elevation measure by GPS only = 5
Elevation measure barometer only = 2
Elevation measure by srtm = 3
I was confused by "Update elevation", in the setting it says "replace GPS values".
(I prefer always srtm)

It would be nice to be able to set the Defalt value yourself or to be able to save the last selected value, but this is not so important.
I have a default value for the altitude threshold of 3 (I'm quite sure I set this myself in the past). Now I would like to change it permanently to 5, but I don't know how.
Hello Locus team. During 2 weeks hiking holiday in the southwest of Germany in a beautiful low mountain range I have tested the current Locus version extensively.

Most of it works very well and there are no major bugs. However, Locus crashes from time to time. I suspect this is due to RAM problems or when too many processes are running in parallel. Crashes often happen, for example, when I make changes to a planned route (e.g. add via points) during a track recording or when I open another app.

Or when I look at my LoPoint photos, open a photo in the gallery and call up the corresponding LoPoint. If I then switch to the map, Locus very often crashes.

A few questions and problems have arisen with the LoPoint photos. When I add a photo, it first appears in the gallery under "For upload", after the upload under "to be approved" and then in normal view after it has been checked. So far its all understandable.

However, it is not entirely clear to me when the pictures are uploaded. Sometimes it happens immediately as soon as I have WLAN. Sometimes it takes several hours or sometimes even 2 or 3 days, and often only some of the images are uploaded. There seems to be no way to initiate the upload yourself. If I delete a photo from the "For upload" group, a few of the other images are suddenly uploaded.

Sometimes pictures don't appear in the gallery at all, even though they have definitely been added to a LoPoint. Regardless of whether I took the photo or selected it from my own gallery. I then have to look for them again (from the folder 0/Pictures/LocusMap/LoPoints or my own photo folder) and add them to the LoPoints. 

Some pictures could not be uploaded at all, I got an error message "No success, invisible point" (screenshot 1). I have no idea what this means.

In rare cases, images are displayed as a white area in the LoPoint photo gallery (screenshot 2). When I click on them, only an exclamation mark icon appears without any further information (screenshot 3). 

The LoPoint photos don't seem to work quite so smoothly yet.

Track navigation: Generally works quite well, both with routes created with and without navigation instructions. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but both offer good results in terms of voice instructions.

Only the annoying problem with the ETA remains, but I'll write about that in another thread.

V 4.24.3:"Attempt to fix 'Nothing to display'"
Now seems to be fixed!
Quote from: freischneider on June 09, 2024, 20:16:14automatischer Export müsste im Aufnahmeprofil einzustellen sein. Cloud, Strava, OSM usw.

Vielen Dank, habe es da gefunden. 👍
Zunächst mal, kann es sein, dass du zwischenzeitlich von einem anderen Gerät synchronisiert hast? Ansonsten weiß ich nicht, wie das passieren soll. Bisher hatte ich nie Probleme mit der Synchronisation. Wünsche dir sehr, dass du deine Tracks wieder herstellen kannst.

Davon abgesehen ist ein Auto-Update nur alle 30 Tage natürlich sehr selten. Ich lasse alle 3 Tage eins machen, zusätzlich noch mit der externen App Drive Sync, falls das Locus Auto-Backup mal nicht klappt. Und wenn du siehst, dass die nicht funktioniert, kann man jederzeit ein manuelles Backup anstoßen.

@michaelbechtold: Automatischer Export, wo stelle ich das denn ein? Ich weiß, wie man Tracks einzeln oder zu mehreren oder ganze Ordner exportiert, aber automatisch?

Photo added to a LoPoint, not the LoPoint itself. You can add more than one photo. For every photo you can add (optional) a caption before uploading.