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After pressing the back button for the first time on the phone, this warning message will be shown.
Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
March 31, 2022, 13:15:38
Omlouvám se za mou angličtinu.
Stěžejní problém je ten, že není jak doplnit údaje o převýšení do importovaného GPX souboru. Já například zkusil naimportovat přiložený soubor (vytvořený pořadatelem turistické akce). Při načtení ale neobsahuje údaje o převýšení. Viz SCR výše. Jediná možnost jak je tam doplnit, byla otevřít trasu v Plánovači/Přepočítat vše. Tím ovšem dojde nejen k doplnění nadmořských výšek, ale i přepočtu trasy. Takže zatím jediná možnost jak je doplnit bez přepočtu, je otevřít importovanou trasu v Locusu a doplnit je tam. Ovšem to je natolik zdlouhavé, že mohu import udělat rovnou v něm. Chtělo by to tedy při importu kontrolovat zda GPX obsahuje data o nadmořské výšce, a pokud ne, nabídnout jich doplnění. Nebo nějaké tlačítko na doplnění až po importu, to už je jedno.
After updating to version 4.8.0, the entire menu shifted almost a third of the screen height. Android 8, Samsung A3. The route scheduler is fine, it's just on the main screen with the map. Any idea what about it?
Web portal & sync / Re: Web planner / portal
March 30, 2022, 13:11:57
Import GPX is good, but there is a possibility to add the route cant. There is only the option to open in the editor, but the route changes completely after conversion. See SCR.
Hello Menione, Import GPX is good, but there is a possibility to add the route cant. There is only the option to open in the editor, but the route changes completely after conversion. See SCR.
Switching between two maps is simple. Just use the function "Overlay Map" with cover 100%. This can be turned on either a separate button or in the "Map screen" "click" Eye ".
One more question.
When I install beta version from Google Drive, Android will reinstall the old version of Google Play within a few hours. Wouldn't it be resolved? I don't want to stay off and turn on automatic updates on it.
I just tried a new map manager. I really like it. Map topics would only be added as another bookmark to Map Manager.
Quote from: Menion on March 06, 2022, 14:12:28
Is there any other core feature that is missing? Question to users who prefer automatic updates over Google Play of the non-AFA version instead of manual update over Google Drive ...

It would still be good to unite control. Map manager uses three dots. Map topics administrator Long press.
TO: ta-ka
It could be a problem in this function of Misicolet, see SCR. "Pause when the sound is muted"
The same is even with me. At the same time, Musicolet and Locus updated, it is difficult to estimate which the application has caused. But it is not a problem for me, the instructions are now better heard and the music continues at the interruption site.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.6.+ ( 02/2022 )
February 06, 2022, 13:02:32
I tried to find in your neighborhood Points in Wikipedia, which would also include figures. It would be possible to add a "Add photo" function in detail with the option of adding from the camera or from the folder?
The display of the GPS signal is fixed in the new version 4.5.7. It even looks like it appears much more satellites.
I also noticed that the indicators are not displayed in the last version. He does not help the phone reboot, I'm sure previously appeared. But it does not affect the route record, so I did not. But i'm using a version 4x
Pokud jsem Meniona správně pochopil, tak pokud při aktualizaci přesun nepovolíš (je tam tato volba), tak se Locus k mapám už nedostane. Nicméně zkus počkat, v Betě se experimentuje s jiným umístěním. Když to bude fungovat, bude to lepší varianta.