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ich bin gerade Richtung SW in NRW, siehe screenshots wie es bei mir aussieht
Anfahrt + Strecke, hier wg. Lage eigentlich immer die gesamte
Kann ich nicht bestätigen.

Prüfe das lieber noch einmal und mache screenshots zur Bestätigung, damit auch andere das erkennen können, relevant wenn eine Fehlermeldung erfolgen soll.

Dein geschätztes Ozi hin oder her, Locus kennt nicht Dein Vorhaben und ist so ausgelegt, dass man bei div. Wander- und Radrouten die im Netz herfügbar sind und oft in diverse Etappen unterteilt sind, ganz praktisch irgendwo einsteigt, nicht zwingend bei dem 1.Punkt des importierten Tracks - wenn man denn von weiter weg den Track zur Streckenführung benutzt.

Lass Dich zum Start navigieren und hab die Tracklänge im Kopf.
Wenn man dann auf dem Track ist, ist die Sache eh klar.
- only with GPS on
1. choosing a recorded track, show on map
2. on map, select track, track infos pop up
3. choose navigate button
4. choosing guidance, start > crash
Du musst bei Deiner Strecke Start und Ziel betrachten, also auch die Richtung der Strecke.
Ggf. Guidance (Streckenführung? nutze Locus wie auch gesamt Android nur mit englischer Sprache) in umgekehrter Richtung ?
Bei mir wird als Wert zum Ziel angegeben:
direkte Entfernung zur Strecke, nächstgelegender Punkt (siehe auch Menüpunkt) + verbleibende Reststrecke ab diesem Eintrittspunkt
Locus 4.11
using 4.11 as of today

I suggest to pause latest brainstorming on presets for some releases and updated features, until new calls possible, probably Menion and team save existing links, ideas and comments to some MS OneNote or alike. BR
Quote from: tapio on July 21, 2022, 10:05:21
Applying presets... You think that's not clear enough? After all, people could restore settings from backup.
:) your comment point to a detail I first wanted to note about the help/manual but did not.
I am also saying 'applying a preset' instead of 'activating a preset'. Super nerdy detail i know.
The very 1st time I thought it might be about Profiles..thank god it's not. Reading help..zzzip, finished. Let's use that another time.
Hmmm, warning or offer 'With Presets you can reset whole Locus with two taps.'  :D
I doubt most do backups of settings before testing e.g. presets, might be wrong, available to Premium-grade anyway.
Hmmm, I'm quite sure I noted this once:
I don't use presets a lot and I am familiar with all settings, so I'm fine.
Though in my opinion as new user you might get easily misleading and the most important notice is only given after hitting a button: see screenshot.
IMHO this should be noted above the any already available choice will apply the pre-settings (just a limited number of all, sure) and will move you away from your current settings - whatever you are using now, and maybe you are not aware of, after applying it will not be available any more, no undo also. Tryout is a one way ticket.
So creating a new preset is a must have as 1st step..or try and error.
If it would be up to me I would check preset usage.. if applying a preset 1st time or after 3 months of inactivity here, spend a note and request confirmation.
plannings for introducing custom buttons in dashboards would improve flexibility and if so, I am with tapio, it should be possible to trigger any kind of action with it, like any other digital (UI) or hardware button would do.

@Menion: when optimizations in LoPoints and search get addressed, I suggest to also use some 2 weeks of collecting/sharing ideas, opinions, needs upfront
now I see with zoom in my screenshots above..each button has an octogonal shape in the background-layer
maybe some transparency/alpha-channel leftover or support for contrast, dunno
- cannot really see a change
- do the buttons have a 1px border of different color? Looks a bit strange, some visual effect
- compass needle - this way ok to me
- blue color of lock-symbol for centering-lock is still of low contrast and super ugly
I guess English is the only language that has reroute as own verb, most languages have 'route' as noun only and then it's the sensitive question what's up with it..a lot of possible words might even sound awkward as noone would use it that way
As long as we write locus without k everything is fine.. ;D
Quote from: tapio on May 01, 2022, 12:07:38
I always thought - what do you think - it's hard to spot what's an upper level, what is collapsed, what's expanded?
this might be on Menion's ToOptimise-List as already noted..
current LoPoint-UI is that useful to me to not use it
pip: wow great, very much appreciated
some notes:
- the double-arrow-button or double-tap brings it to fullscreen,but then immediately puts it in background or whatever..same with close-button
- by design pip seems to run in a separate process, so when using android opened apps, we have to not go back to last locus-process which is pip,but the next one then
#104 launched, still AFA version to avoid possible mess.
A11 here.
Is this the point to backup, backup backup and better go with non-AFA with beta?
honestly, being able to understand and manage the complete toolchain and generate individual maps is great.
but putting efforts being others able to do so and sharing tools and description
is absolutely master class!
Let me say thanks though I am not able to dive in the very near future (time and projects)!!