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ts ts ts, wie kann man nur glauben als Gold-User Herr über seine Daten zu sein  ;)  :D

Steffen_Mk, bin ganz Deiner Meinung.

Synchronisieren ist übrigens alles andere als trivial.
Wie Du siehst gibt es auch Sonderfälle, die kann man nur abfangen wenn man prophylaktisch Device, Locus-Versionen und Track-/Punkt-Datum mit abprüft und im besten Fall Dialoge einbringt, um wirklich die Intention des Users abzufragen..statt blind schlecht zu entscheiden weil Annahmen und Kriterien nicht optimal.
Nicht umsonst bieten viele Tools 1-way-sync oder 2-way-snc an, Spiegeln, Synchronisieren, tralala, ggf. individuell je Element (Datei, Ordner) steuerbar, inkl. Bestätigungsdialog bei größeren Aktionen..
Da was Rundes zu erstellen ist die hohe Kunst.
Ich möchte es dann nutzen wenn es ausgereifter ist.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 11/2023 )
November 29, 2023, 22:05:17
Quote from: Radim V on November 29, 2023, 20:27:07But unless I have a look into map data, this is just my guess. Please specify the location more.
sure: shared track @
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 11/2023 )
November 28, 2023, 22:29:02
I planned a route with profile 'walk' and get warned about 'heavy traffic' :o
The route is also not perfect, see top near scale - might probably be due to osm. I walked the route shortly and was able to use each sidewalk of the street.

BTW is there any way to deactivate these new warnings, i don't need them and map is pumped with unneeded signs?
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.20.+ ( 11/2023 )
November 25, 2023, 08:19:42
after closing (exit) with confirmation dialog I get the following popup after a while, some 30s or something
Ich persönlich würde Exposition oder
Ausrichtung-Neigung, vgl. Arcgis, auch recht beschreibend, bevorzugen.
Ich vermute die wird Balloni55 kennen, er nutzt ja immerhin die beta, aber fragt darüber hinaus..
scheint auf deutsch im Fachjargon mit 'Exposition' beschrieben zu werden:

zb. Wikipedia und in anderer Sprache:

Ein paar ähnliche Einträge auch unter

Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.19.+ ( 9/2023 )
November 21, 2023, 23:04:41
Quote from: Menion on November 20, 2023, 22:16:34@freischneider & others
Usage of the space in the route selection dialog
Some options for quick selection of last used profiles? I was already thinking about it, but was not sure how to do it. So maybe later.
Maybe sorting based on usage within each category is enough, so the most often used profile is always most left.
Additionally at top the 3..4 last used profiles can be placed, followed by a divider, then the categories like now.
Just as idea.

With some clever options for sorting and filtering you can nearly meet most todays needs, a lot of modern apps and services fail at this simple fact.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.19.+ ( 9/2023 )
November 18, 2023, 15:27:28
Quote from: Tapio on November 18, 2023, 14:03:52
Quote from: luce on November 18, 2023, 11:54:42I think this is what he means.
I think as being a selection-dialog a vertical smaller window does not make sense, there might be profiles with a lot of parameters, and a changing dialog-size is of no real help (uncovered map is of no real value), same with another overlay which might be irritating.
As we can see by Luces screenshots the horizontal space might get slightly optimised, sticking to 3 (current state, some space leftover) or 4 icons with text. 5 is quite compact and might not help with thin gloves on or while being in motion (reduced precision) on bike.
Just some thoughts though reg. this.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.19.+ ( 9/2023 )
November 10, 2023, 23:12:52
Quote from: Menion on November 10, 2023, 09:58:55@T-mo
- access to routing settings > and is it useful at all? I expect, that you want to modify profiles mainly in the route planner. There is no big reason to do this outside of this screen.
Sure, to me it's okay. Maybe some novices might search for it, dunno.
- tested a bit, edit, changing the icon, set: not re-selecting the profile, instead hitting back (sure, nasty move) does not update the big profile-icon. Also the blue icon only gets updated if you switch between profiles.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.19.+ ( 9/2023 )
November 09, 2023, 23:30:42
Really like the new routing-profiles dialog.
I choosed the route planner to basically get to the selection and customisation dialog, it doesn't seem to be reachable via settings AFAICS.

- cycle touring profile: I suggest to add a 'prefer cycle routes' option (parameters). I love using existing routes.

- I created a profile. Its icon doesn't get used as segment-icon, instead it's empty

- I wanted to change the profile-icon. The icon-selection-dialog starts in recently used, which is currently very short of course. 'Default (tracks)' shows all, which is better IMHO. Btw Is the naming intended or by mistake?
Appreciate the step to customize profile-settings/parameters by using UI-controls.
For bicycle-profiles I would love to see a stick-to-cycle-routes option 8)

See attached picture of online-router bicycle-road-profile.
It really puts me on the road, which I know, heavy traffic, somewhere where you don't want to drive. I prefer the given bicycle-lane  ;)  :)
Only choosed it for testing and result with touring-profile was different and less practical route through town, with road it is 99% my preferred route.

btw what do those crosses mean?
Other features / Re: Online search
August 26, 2023, 13:44:54
Seems like the filter-chain is not yet optimised.

I used some city names for simple search tests.
Was going for 'Gütersloh' and looked for the search-as-you-type-results.
'Güters' (while typing) is tricky as 'Güter' is a german word for cargo and goods, and street is 'Straße' in german, also starting with s - so you will get a lot of 'Güterstraße' of different towns, not that uncommon.
At least no city 'Gütersloh' as top-posititioned suggestion.
Google does different, quite experienced with searches, they classify search requests by types and top-position towns or other popular interests.
Similar to 'Dor' when going for Dortmund or Dorsten.

Maybe you prefer some close-range-experience, nevertheless I sometimes found myself in a situation to quickly look for some locations due to very different reasons. Currently I go with Google maps.

IMHO some category- and some priority-evaluation makes sense as part of the filter-chain (sorting of available results).
Other features / Re: Online search
August 16, 2023, 23:53:53
I recommend to use and test the search as much as possible.
As user experience it doesn't appear as a very sophisticated result though I would love to give a different feedback.
I also suggest -again- to orientate to very evolved solutions like e.g. G-maps with regard to HMI and result presentation. I could tell a lot, but all is said and the rest might be catched by comparison.
It's not about database - which is understood as not being the plan (and hopeless to reach at all), probably might target sth. more basic and komoot'ish.

Nevertheless, just try and add a town-name as basic location description concatenated with another string of an idea to search for..
(if you only use the kiosk name it will be found as shown, being unique enough).

Another example: search for 'Rewe' you will get results, if you search for 'Bochum Rewe' you get no results. This definitely makes no sense.
Locus Map / Re: [APP] - version 4.18.+ ( 8/2023 )
August 03, 2023, 17:53:23
Quote from: Andrew Heard on August 03, 2023, 00:56:16...But sharing of existing GMaps POI doesn't work/ has different behavior to 4.17. Now LM4 Search will display the shared link as text, for example, and display "No search results" rather than moving to that point. When I open this example URL in my web browser, it displays the correct POI.
I guess that is about PlaceIDs and requires API-usage, if possible at all.
This can not be simply decoded or parsed like simple MapURLs with lat-lon. Currently only sharing a nearby set marking seems to be of help.