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Other features / Re: Online search
May 29, 2023, 12:14:36
@Radim V:
I interpret Michael's post as feedback of his current user experience.
Of course a server side database and search- and filter- tool-chain needs it's time to be developed and to mature, and building such an online-search is a bigger project.
Though user-input- and display-framework is a another thing.
I guess Michael prefers the choice within L to also profit of G-API and G-results, app-side. That would be a 2nd block/path behind the scene which might already be available and not active.
Quote from: joeloc on May 28, 2023, 17:07:45There's only one setting for this? Expert settings / immersive mode?
yes, with that you can go 100% fullscreen, might depent on Android-Version. Menion has intensively tweaked this 2 versions ago or sort of as there have been some ups and downs along devices.
I have also choosen to auto-hide the Locus-panels (controlling > panels & buttons > visibility) to get max. map-area, they appear with a simple tap.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 25, 2023, 22:55:59
IMHO the current updated experience is really way better. Results to typed searches are a lot faster, before the blue circle was rotating and nothing happened (I even missed the magnifying glass in my focussed eye-catching area and thought 'what now?')..after a long while those far distant results appeared - now I get immediate results and even good related suggestions like categories.

See images attached, I searched for a franchise, there are several around.
IMHO the auto-results are not very helpful as very similar and hitting the search to get to the map results are different but okayyyy as I see the map and can choose, but there is a Munich entry - well that is 500km away..
I still cannot collapse the keyboard as the 3 buttons are hidden, I have to swipe from top to bring them in and then can collapse keyboard and see all entries.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 25, 2023, 00:15:59
@Andrew Heard:
yes, results with typed 'bar' is very annoying. Results are way off. And sometimes you carefully moved the map to a specific position without having some saved points over there, and want to search around - whoosh, gone.

Seems like the filter-chain is not yet optimised. 1st check against special terms or well known keywords that user might also use, 2nd check around close range distances or screen-border plus extra (district, town, region, whatever), etc., sort of. Might get sophisticated. This might be an iterative process and might require user-interaction, at least if you target perfect results (because you are lacking hardware for detecting brainwaves), to limit results or check multiple subsets. Just a thought.

I secretly visited, and, please do not tell.
They put a magnifying glass-symbol NEXT to the searchbar. Maybe it's because you can get there with different devices, e.g. Desktop-PC, maybe not.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 24, 2023, 18:41:17
Quote from: Jan Čapek on May 24, 2023, 11:43:49@T-mo what search are you referring to? Both in category (POI highlighting) search and text search you should be able to put list and map 50:50 to screen, while only in category search the list is by default collapsed down.

I currently only test category-search as this will be my preferred search with Locus.

you're right, could swear it has been different during my tests.
That is okay. Personally I am not of fan of too much changing map-area-size, result-list vs poi-details, as this is destroying the impression of an information-overlay as layer on top, floating above the map, but a matter of gusto.

When searching for food&drinks and move around the map I also get symbols for schools, sport pitches, dentist..hitting those additional items I get poi-details without back-to-search-arrow, this is only available with search-related POIs.
Well, all those icons are not of interest too me but still on the map and in dense areas even complicate Poi-selection.
In GMaps I often check the surrounding while Locus I get a constant map-changing-experience due to autoload. There will be situation where you might need to refind an favoured POI :)

Some POI have names like a sub-category, 'bar, pub', but I guess these is due to the quality of the OSM-dataset which gets used as base. But as said, I currently test ui and category-search - dataset and quality of results somewhere in future.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 23, 2023, 22:44:38
I suggest to not show only the header of search results and the map, but to also show part of the list, maybe 3 most top items and additionally indicate that this is a scrollable list.
When I slide the header it can only be slided fully to top, no mid position, and I don't see part of the map but the full list, well.

As suggested, see GMaps, heavily optimised and developed over the years. You see the map, you see the results, map height is mostly kept so no disturbing/irritating changes, results list is horizontal and neighbouring results can partly be seen so you understand that there is more, very screenspace friendly, you have categories, 'search this area' is genius to check left and right and trigger new search on demand, but in Locus we now have it automated which also is a new experience, et cetera et cetera. Nothing more to say and worth some inspiration.

As a physicist I honestly don't understand the logic to show results not requested by user's input and specified search but flooding the map, I will need an option to disable this speciality.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 18, 2023, 07:08:14
Quote from: michaelbechtold on May 18, 2023, 04:12:36Go near Barcelona, search for
Restaurant Semproniana
note: while 'Semproniana' gets found immediately, 'Restaurant Semproniana' brings the results as described.
Helpful example!
no offence, tastes are different. Babyblue always makes me tired. Sometimes small differences in shades give a totally different impression. I'll try my best, promise!
Other features / Re: Online search
May 14, 2023, 21:30:34
Sure, the example of brand names was not about categories.
when searching for online adresses and places, LoPoints on the Internet, then you generally don't really know if someone is searching for a POI-name or is thinking about a category or fragments of its description.
But I stop here to not overcomplicate things, focusing on locus-specific scenarios makes sense. No-one expects to cover 'park' like car-parking, park as a place to visit or a misspelled CenterParc of a german :) and the user should still complete his search-text.
well there's already G-maps to cover extended needs.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 14, 2023, 12:38:40
I am also willing to support, maybe collaborative country-teams might be a solution.

I guess you already have special characters in view, e.g. german umlauts, ö<>oe etc.
tourism is 'Tourimus' and generally the words should also be added separately, like some others already (Essen, Trinken).

Popular searches (fast food, discounters, gas stations, etc.) might help, whatever that might include and it will extend and grow with more and more searches. Sure, advanced and just a filter that might be added anytime somewhere in your lookup-filter-chain. Just a thought.

This is tricky sure, see my vid, searching for 'mc do' needs to  trigger search 'mcdo', whitespaces, and very probably the popular 'Mc Donalds' is meant. Just as stupid example.
'mc dö' might possibly be a search-suggestion as list-item for searches around german locations. Some might be looking for 'Mc Döner', like suggested in the vid, just zillion miles alway.
What if you type 'mill' ? are you searching for categories or specific names, windmill, million..mispelling millitary, and some people also name modern wind turbines a windmill..just for fun. World searches will be versatile :)
I guess also a list for popular typos might be of help, to suggest replacement or even trigger further searchs.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 13, 2023, 00:36:52
sure: screencast video

I really like the smart approach of the search, based on last results, quantity of choosen categories, and whatever, daytime, popular choices, ..
Generally something that needs a lot of testing and adjustments.

If I explicitely search for health, then I explicitly search for health. Sure, there might be a pet shop nearby. Honestly I currently have no idea of an usecase of such extended results without any differentiation.

Relevant area, sure. If I search by category, then around map center.
If different scenarios are necessary, then maybe icons might help to focus search, mapcenter, gps-position (if different), ..

Clicking somewhere else was intuitively to get more map screen space, no bottom point detail, and also by mistake, sometimes i don't hit a POI precisely.

You have choosen small icons to indicate types.
I would also use different spaces and mabe dividers or collapsable areas/categories inside the list. Sure, different opinions, different layouts..
Google search and Google map and some other webservices might be a good source of inspiration for appearance of results and interfaces, often used and strongly optimised.
Other features / Re: Online search
May 11, 2023, 16:57:22
woah, that's a rough start..

LM4 beta 1st flavour tested, try&cry
LM4 beta

as polishing is needed and to save myself I will drop a note only at time
- cursor in search input: I have the keyboard, but the 3 basic android control-buttons are missing
- if I search by category, eg. health, also results of other categories are additionally shown on map
- if I input letters the shown results are located somewhere else, not nearby current map cursor, and also no distance is shown in the list.  As I don't see the results in context of a map (location) it is of limited value
- if the results are shown around the map as icons and I click the map for 1-2 seconds the results are gone. Might be by design, don't know. If I reenter search there is a bin icon next to category though nothing is actively shown
- the result list seems to be a mixture (as noted in #1) with missing visible structure. So I am first busy to get the clou, structure or filter the results, then I can profit of them..this should already be given by a proper design & layout
Themes - Vector maps / Re: Theme "Settler"
April 21, 2023, 10:33:55
missing city-/town-names:
see below 2.0.19
same with 2.0.13

maybe it's due to priorities, or missing tags (display="always"), or a rare case pointing to sth. further

(just a sidenote reg. appearance if yours is slightly different: generally using Maps>Adv.Features>125% magnify all maps and Maps>Offline>125% Text size)
edit: added tag-description
reg. backup, just an idea:
I am using LM4 AFA and also have any data backed up, and I am not in the situation, but imagine generally one needs to completely uninstall LM4 and then re-install. Probably some folders and their content might get removed.
Question is, does it makes sense to inform during backup that the processed essential backup does not include all data, like additional data maps 1234Mb, hgt 1234Mb, etc. etc.? Just to inform and paint the full picture.
In case of a fresh install and loaded backup them might need to get handled manually, or trigger re-download, and probably require a separate backup.
Or recommend to additionally use 'app data transfer', or whatever might be of help.
Menion, could you add an expert setting to enable long-press on theme-button to directly jump to theme's StyleMenu for quick access, so overriding theme-selection dialog?

A variant of this option (expert setting) could be, normal click jumps to theme's stylemenu - to change settings of active theme (enable routes, trails etc., change style), and long-click to open themes-selection menu - to switch to another theme, which might be less often.

With expert setting enabled the icon might appear in e.g. neon-pink colour :D