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Quote from: Menion on May 20, 2024, 09:13:32@T-mo
full-screen > do not use it, if it does not work. It is a hacky unreliable system. That's why it was removed and will not come back. Thanks for understanding.
It works!!
99% flawlessly.
The 1% is at app-start and changes if some fullscreen-dialog is entered  e.g. settings, so it's more 0.5%.
This 0.5% was solved once, but sometimes things change.
It's just feedback to optimize LM.
If you have doublechecked the mechanism and code and it's superduper-tricky at all, then nothing to complain and good to know.
I just have coded too much in my life to sometimes not recognize unknown barriers.
As being an expert I am using expert settings, and here 'Fullscreen mode' in particular 8)
Once again Locus starts with an additional black bar at top, which goes away once screen enters a Fullscreen-dialog, i.e. settings, track edit, route planning, then Fullscreen is working perfectly fine.
Though mentioned and corrected several times, zillion sort of, it seems that the used code or mechanism seems not being robust enough, checking bar states, or does not survive releases.
Das ist mit Sicherheit noch stark verbesserungswürdig. Ich fahre manchmal Strecken ohne Sicht aufs Smartphone und nur den gesprochen Streckenanweisungen nach, mit dem Rad. Je 60min Fahrtzeit (hohes Tempo) sollte man 10 Extraminuten einplanen, das meine ich wirklich so :)
Ich meine mich auch zu erinnern: bei den Anweisungen heißt 'nach links' eher links halten bzw. schräg links, wird bei 'bear_left' benutzt. Bei 90° käme eine andere Anweisung, im englischen 'turn left' bzw. 'links ab' (dürfte so sein, meine de.tts ist angepasst, ggf. nochmal bei github nachschauen)..oder sharp_left, not sure
maybe try the package installer (if this is due to permissions) or redownload package?
Mir gefallen die Neuerungen grundsätzlich, aber braucht noch Feinschliff.

- dass die bestehende Ansicht nicht verändert wird würde ich vorschlagen, wenn's nervt. Kann das verstehen, manchmal schaut man, scrollt und zoomt aufwendig, und dann ist alles dahin.

- Anzahl Klicks - wenn die flowability gegeben ist, dann ist's eine Frage der Übung. Ich klicke oft blind, quasi mit erscheinen der Darstellung. Also schnell geht schon wenn man kann :)

- jetzt sieht man zumindest Teile der Karte und kann trotzdem voll konfigurieren, ggf. sogar korrigieren oder umstellen. Finde ich gut.
If home is visible as marker/POI, then simply click on it and then select the start-point-symbol, so it gets used as shaping point and the segment gets calculated.
If not, you can use the 3-dot-menu of 'Waiting for GPS...' and then change location. Be careful to move the map before using 'screen center' as only available select-on-map-choice otherwise you'll get an error as starting and end point is identical. In the past there has been 'select on map', now it's missing though useful and there's plenty of space given..god knows why. Maybe this was the meaningful point in the one discussion.
deja-vu: black bar at top again at initial start, after switching to e.g. settings or route planner it disappears

@clock code instructions:
the only turn instructions that I know and ever read about are those in the tts-file, or alternatively simple beep or vibration patterns.
For my taste i don't prefer this intense differentiation of navigation and guiding and all options, it's more 1 topic and use cases and scenarios and set of options in my opinion. As far as I understood the diffentiation is a hurdle for new users too, but though it is.
jippy, inverse route direction - ideal for routing back based on the existing track and re-routing

  • route planner: hitting the 3-dot-menu moves all controls up, like a white or invisible bar would appear, see screenshots. Seem nothing related with android-standard-controls/navigation-bar (currently don't know the right term) as those correctly appear as overlay
  • route planner: selecting shaping point, then opening location-coordinates or location-menu and then cancel or back without any changes still seem to trigger a recalculation-process, green popup 'Process successful'
Other features / Re: Online search
March 12, 2024, 23:05:55
I searched for
and get results at 8th position very far away, 1000s of km, france, congo, kenya..
With 'bier' 1st suggestion might be a category like pub, food&drink, Trinkhalle..something with some very basic logic.
#filterchain 8)
Quote from: Tapio on March 12, 2024, 16:35:59I'm coming from the perspective where you click "navigate to" in the side bar. There is no point in this context. But there's the screen center as the most likely target. So coming from there, you could either a) instantly set screen center as target (I prefer) or b) ask via above screenshot.
I understood your both different perspectives and was thinking exactly the same, just plain search as entry is currently just an empty input without any context. I guess most people will assume a) as underlying logic if the choice would be search. Other services are mostly with b).
Question is: what might be users intention to use a search and with which UI-elements this intention can be narrowed and supported at most. Screen center might be a start. Though there is way more.
Other features / Re: Online search
March 11, 2024, 21:18:50
I know OSM is quite heterogenous, but it's still too easy to let the online search fail..results while fueling my private jet :D

(correctly it's McDonald's without blank, white space, and with 's, so it's originally due to the underlying OSM-database. But still fun as being a very popular example about how to handle popular typos, misspellings, multiple entries)
part 2
  • track, create a copy. The overview-map gets not created even after choosing and activating the track, dedicated show-and-jump-to-map-button
  • track with ~80 navigation waypoints. What's the easiest way to not show the bunch of this tracks waypoints on map, only the track itself ? The waypoint-popups are not needed everytime. The popups also seem to be active in overview-map when center-cross hits one.
  • route planner: collapse/expand is only available in last points menu.
  • route planner: when re-routing a track (and dismiss the last-active-temporary-route), the profile is the last one used, not the one used in the segments. idea: switch to profile of the last segment
  • route planner: idea: add reverse-list-button
  • i also rarely change the shaping/via-point-type, this dialog is not super important to me. The choice of location is of more value, recent/favorite/point/coordinates/adress/search. I suggest to add an touch-area or switch to the location-dialog
  • route planner: point > location dialog > search: searching for eg. restaurant uses the current gps-location,not relative to the chosen point]
When I search for an adress, then choose the 1 suggested and correct result/entry,  and add a point, then only name and geo-location is prefilled, any adress-field is empty. I can hit 'get adress' and get what I want, though this is somewhat lame.
I suggest to fill those fields if chosen search-entry already contains them.
E.g. 'Hermannstraße 24, 40233 Düsseldorf'
I again had to enter route planner to fully gain fullscreen-mode in general, this bug appeared some versions ago, you could fix it. I can share a video via PM later.