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track statistics..still ok so far (uphill/downhill are great for snowboarding-statistics)
but track waypoints..IMHO the list-view/overview is still limited in informations to me:
- no numbering on the very left
- no number/amount of all waypoints
- only details after clicking on a single point: to start, to end - not within the list
- maybe % (reg. tracklength)
..and sure, I got a 'big' display (OnePlus3, 5,5" 1920px x 1080px)

I am currently looking at a copy of a navigation-route
I recognise that my recorded bike-tracks don't have 'waypoints' at all (maybe becaus of lack of navigation/routing-infos)..but useless laps instead..hmm..maybe I used a wrong setting while recording.
hope I am not confusing :o :D
Hello Menion,
I think that while navigation the arrival-time or time2target is a bit strange IMHO.
Mostly the time is way too early or short and seems to be extrapolated by the current speed, not averaged or sort of weighted speed.
I recognised this several times, still since some 3..4 months think so.
I am using brouter and graphhopper, don't know if some precalculated times or informations are exchanged or used, like road type or limitations between navigation-hints,or some sophisticated calculations are used at all (number of direction changes, distances between hints, % of distance and average speed, vehicle, speed variations, daytime conditions,..)
img: navigation through swiss to Germany, graphhopper. OAM AlpWest, HiLoV10

*Happy New 2018*
with lots of lots of happy moments with Locus in action :) 8)

motivated..also to ask for some points after vacation and using Locus the recent time 8):
- route planner: I set up a simple A>B-route..switching the direction (A<>B) is not given nor? at least couldn't find it
- route planner: looking at the stats..are you planning adding a list with the defined via-points..I recognised that I heavily zoomed and moved the map for getting an overview of my route (or parts of it as I could only use the given map which is vector, detail-rich, but does only cover part of my route) and felt myself in effort..a list-view, re-sortable, would help IMHO
I have to admit that I once again used Locus for car-navigation..I only use Locus :-)  (except really annoying traffic-situations)
- on vacation I used OAM-vector-maps whith the elevate-theme to be able to handle any situation..while showing the map to friends, I often had to zoom-in-out-in-out + move the map to be able to get a location-name correctly displayed. Still a neccessary game otherwise you won't get it. I guess this is related to sth. MichaelBechtold mentioned
IMHO considering some kind of priorisation would help with this - any chance ?
For some use-cases I am still using raster-maps (MOBACed) to have a better result than those with the themed vector-maps, limited in detail though.
Let's assume the vector/theme-sources are ok, hehe :D
 BETA version
route planner:

  • while moving the map I accidentally moved a red point, very sensitive..maybe adding some touch-delay is usefull - also still love the simplicity of changing parts of the route quickly. pro vs contra :D
  • did some badass-stuff ::) I added a nogo-point not that far away from a shaping-point and changed the radius. With recomputing the message shows 'route connot be computed'. Maybe checking the distance(shaping, nogo) < radius(nogo) at changing nogo-point-definition and giving a short info makes sense?
  • recomputing (long press blue-profile-icon): syntax, message starts with T:  (T:Do you want to recompute..)
  • Tools > statistics >show chart. I set a chart with altitude vs distance. Selecting a point and hitting the 'show on map'-button puts you out of route planner. it's okay but I exspected the cursor to be moved to the point within route planner
  • Tools > statistics: maybe an aditional list of the shaping points is usefull, shaping points then also editable?
  • Tools > Travel time: there are no profiles for cars, even though I planned the route with a car-profile. I would like to define some profiles (fast, eco,..) just to get an idea. Of course traffic can change a lot, but as a first approach it would be nice
edit: changed to unordered list-style
GET transfers all data via URL which has it's downsides reg. security as everything still can be found in the URL if known - so I don't want to use it.
Even though it's my personal stuff and any abuses are more theoretically, from technically point of view I am still restricted to this and this share-option is the only way I can use this, and screen is changing, firefox, change to new tab, switch back to locus, .a small journey instead of a simple button-click.
Hi menion,
of course using 'share' with a set 'live tracking'(LT)-service is more simple and within 'share' :)
Came to my mind as the LT is already set up and could be used. I also could start+stop LT.
'Quick www' uses GET ( and I need to switch to the browser, so i'm leaving Locus.
All this forces me to be focussed to exactly this, so it binds attention, and changes the screen - I thought about a single-button-action, of course 2..3 clicks might also be ok..
Not a problem of course but I think it's useful.

edit: fixes
the new route planner is awesome :)
one issue I had to fight with: popped-up marker-popups :D
Of course they appear when you
- touch and select a regular connection-/via-point
- long-press the map
I did my very best but I was still not able to close those popups to see the map without any overlays, so
- long-pessing map > new detailed window with basic infos, then back
- adding a new point and deleting it
..still workarounds
I am currently searching for a function to push/share my current location to a custom web-service, i.e. url. I want to use POST-method.

what I found so far

  • quick www bookmark - does exactly what I want to use but is still limited to GET-method, which has its downsides
  • live tracking - beside GET also POST is possible and works fine (love it!). But by intent, self-explanatory, it's still active for a certain on-time, so not usable for a single push-/share-action

Any ideas?
Hallo gynta,

Post#1 hat keinen Anhang mehr, hast Du diesen mit dem V5-Hinweis entfernt?
Ich vermute der V5-Hinweis ist vom Februar 2017?
Den aktuellen Stand kann ich nicht ganz nachvollziehen, zumindest ist das Thema neu für mich. Die google-voice spricht bei der Auswahl auch von V5 - ist diese 5 von Menion in Locus hardgecodet oder ist das ein tts-eigenes Thema?
Die .tts in Tommis Post#2 ist auf Basis V1.
Kann man die Basis-Datei selbst extrakten? im Ordner habe ich eine V4-Englisch.

Habe mich kürzlich per brouter führen lassen, speed-Modus mit Stöpsel im Ohr, und möchte etwas rumtesten, die Ansagen etwas feinzutunen..
Dürfte sämtliche Seiten (alt+neu) durch haben.
shortly I recognised while driving close to start or end but being busy with the traffic situation due to road works and changed navigation, not much clicks and stuff possible, that the selection of the 'navigation data source' is quite faaar away.
Also studying and comparing of the found navigation-results of different 'data souces' for the same navigation (start-end) is nothing that can be done quickly..with a girl as assistant by my side and having a bit different result with an iphone on unknown tracks ;) Sure, things can be done before, but happened..

Do you think it's possible to rethink some positions of settings?
At least you want to have your best route, which might not be delivered by using only ony data source nowadays..still the same with profiles, where we can quickly change due to situation depending criteria
Hallo Foxi,

- für das Routen ist nur am Anfang Internet erforderlich, da die Route von externen Diensten berechnet wird, zB. Google oder mapquest. Sowas ist nicht trivial, wenngleich auch gefühlt nichts Besonderes heutzutage. Internet ist dann nur wieder erforderlich, wenn von den Diensten wieder was neu berechnet werden soll, zB bei Verlassen der Route um xy Meter, wenn man das einstellt
- es gibt seit einiger Zeit 'Brouter', das kann als lokalen Dienst zur Berechnung der Route genutzt werden, was natürlich genial ist. Das benötigt aufbereitete Daten, die sind in Kartensegmente unterteilt, die man mit der App herunterladen kann. Sollte man im wlan machen.
- ich würde auch vorschlagen, mit einem Track oder mit mehreren kleinen Tracks, Streckenabschnitten, zu arbeiten
- die Frage ist: Schnitzeljagd begeistert seit Jahrzehnten die Kids, top Sache, gar keine Frage - aber was für eine Aufgabe hat das Navi, Locus dabei? Ist das nur n cooles Technikgimmick, was zurecht mal nen Auftritt hat, oder soll ganz klar als Lernziel der Umgang mit moderner Technik geübt werden? Bislang sind Generationen auch mit Zetteln, Ausdrucken, hinterlegten Hinweisen, Arbeitsmaterial, sich Durchfragen, ...zum Ziel gekommen. Frage da nur, weil das Arbeiten mit Locus schon vorher gelernt werden sollte
Quote from: menion on May 14, 2015, 10:50:46
Quote from: T-mo on May 14, 2015, 10:36:37
Menion, some options have hardcoded values, e.g.
maps - control & panels > hold map center
with a value of 5s.
I would suggest to remove any of those 'limitations'
Parameter: map_hold_center_method_timeout ;)

Hi Menion, late feeback
Thanks, that helps. But why that cumbersome..?
Menion, some options have hardcoded values, e.g.
maps - control & panels > hold map center
with a value of 5s.
I would suggest to remove any of those 'limitations'