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I am using LM4 and I have been using expert mode since day 1. When I go through all thge menues, I do not find any Expert setting anywhere in LM4. Could you please guide me to the right place in the menues?
What about using Distance rings? However, as far as I have figured out, the colour and thivkness of these rings are fixed? Correct Menion? I wish these two parameters could be user defined to make them more visible.
I have created a private group for live tracking. The other members can see my location and the other location details, but not the last history of my track. I have a location update every 5 seconds and have specified that the last 15 minutes of my track history should be shown. I have seached the manual and the forum, but haven't found this reported as an issue as long as the update interval (in my case 5 seconds) is shorter than the history (in my case 15 minutes). I have a Gold Premium membership.
I have used online Google Maps many times before, but when I now select Online Maps= Google Classic (or Satellite, or Hybride, or Terrain), I get the error message "Unknown problem". Anybody knows what has happened and what to do to get it back?
Other features / Re: Offline POI database
July 23, 2013, 12:18:41
Very interesting! I am going to Austria next week and will download the database for that country.

I live in Norway, so would be great if you could create the database for Norway too.

Thank you very much.
Other features / Re: GUI of Locus
February 06, 2012, 09:22:57
I really like the current GUI (what you call the *old style* above). One particular detail that is extremely useful, is that current setting of an entry is shown in yellow, so you do not need to tap into that entry to see what is selected. This is particularly useful in an app like Locus with so many settings (which all are great!). Also the way the menus are organized on the map and all the user settings there are really good.
In version 1.14.2 everything works great! The two new  Parking commands - Guide On, Navigate - are perfect!
Thank you very much!
I downloaded the latest version 1.14.1. I was curious about all the improvements in the Parking function. But every time I tap Parking, Locus crashes (GPS on or off).
Thank you very much, Menion, for a quick fix - as usual!
If I select "Color style of recorded track" = "According to speed" or = "According to altitude", the color changes. But how are the limits determining the color changes calculated?
I have enabled "Top panel hiding". The Top panel does hide after the timeout - but NOT if the Record menu line (which pops up above the bottom command line) is shown. The Top panel never hides in this case. As soon as I cross out the Record menu line, the Top panel hides again as expected after the timeout. I guess this is not the intention.
I use the Parking feature a lot. It is a really great feature.
However, there are two issues with the Parking function:

1) Parking data is lost if phone reboots
When I activate the Parking function, it is seems to be stored in the RAM, because all Parking data are lost if the phone reboots. That is critical if you trust the Parking function to find your way back to the car. So I am asking if the Parking data could rather be stored either in the internal flash memory or on the SD card. If tracking is on, the track is still there after reboot, so I guess the same could be done with the Parking data?

2) Guiding to Parking
If I activate the Parking function, the top status bar of Android shows that Parking is active. If I pull down the status window and tap the Parking (or tap Menu > Functions > Parking), I get a menu with 4 entries: Map, Compass, Edit and Cancel. But no Guiding! That is highly wanted! As it is now, I must either tap Compass and then Home, or tap Map to center the Parking and then tap the Parking POI. Would be great if the 4-entry menu mentioned above could include a 5th command: Guiding.
Other features / Re: Voice NAVIGATION
October 17, 2011, 12:25:54
I was last week on a business trip in USA and tried out Locus navigation on the freeways. In the US there are a *lot* of "No left turn"s. The MapQuest doesn't seem to supply any such information. That makes Locus navigation kind of useless. Here is a summary of this week's experience (with latest version):

- "No left turn" ignored by MapQuest. I didn't have the chance to check if "One way street" is ignored.
- exit from freeway is missing exit number
- top status line selected to show name of street turning into very often displays "Unknown". That is bad when exiting or entering freeways, since it is important to verify the street I am exiting to or freeway direction when entering. E.g. when I am entering freeway I95, the signs always display e.g. I95N and I95S. Then it is important that Locus displays that on the top status line. It doesn't do that.
- if I create a route in steps with via points in order to force a certain route, the voice says "You have reached your destination" for every via point. Since the route is shown continuing after the via point, Locus obviously knows it is not the final destination. Is it a way to rather say "You have reached your via point" ? Locus also always says "You have reached your destination" when I start the navigation by enabling guiding from the first point on the route. I assume this is the same issue.
- The 2nd status line with the two fields still displays "Unknown" if the field is selected to show "Time of arrival" or "Time to target".
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
October 05, 2011, 08:32:05
Refer my post above regarding the navigation status line. One more thing I discovered today: If I select "Time to next cross", the field shows correct value as long as I am moving. When I stop, the field displays a huge number (seems to be max number possible to store. Obviously what you get when calculated from speed =0. However, it looks too bad. It should rather display the latest calculated value that makes sense. So e.g if you have 2min left to next cross and have to stop, it should keep showing 2min. This is how car navigators work. Alternatively it could display "----".
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
October 04, 2011, 09:49:00
Discovered an error in the new navigation status line with the two user selectable fields:
- If I select "Time of arrival", it displays "Unknown" until I reach the destination whereupon it displays a time that makes no sense to me.
- If I select "Time to target", it displays "Unknown" until I reach the destination whereupon it displays a huge integer number with more than 8 digits.

I am assuming these fields are supposed to display the estimated time of arrival, not the actual time spent calculated after arrival.

What is the estimated arrival time based upon - speed limit on the streets chosen in the calculated route or an actual average speed the last minutes? The first one is what is used in other navigation apps. In that way you get a time even before you have started moving.