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Exactly. The first one is correct. The second one is how I get it. I'll be busy until late tonight, so you know in case you want me to test something.
Sorry, but same problem. The location shown on Google Maps is far from my sent position. GMaps shows the closest location is can find with a street address.

You can easily recreate the issue by moving map center to a point out in the wilderness with no streets around. Send it to yourself and display it in GMaps.
Zooming does work correctly. I was just confused first time when I moved zoomed out as far as possible for the selected map, and still I saw a lot of map area outside that. But now I understand that this is the auto-loaded adjacent map. I notice that the max zoom out is defined by the selected map. So even though there are auto-loaded maps covering a larger area, I can't zoom out to get the complete map area within the screen area. Which makes sense, since the selected map wouldn't have been displayed in that case.

However, allowing to zoom further out than defined by the selected map, would been useful in the case you have for example a city map with detailed street zoom level, and another map covering a larger area around the city (including the city). In those cases it could have been useful to zoom even further out than what the city map defines. This could be expanded to an even larger map covering the whole country.  So that would allow you to zoom out to see the whole country, then zooming into a city to see the detailed streets. I have maps like that, but have to manually select the country map to be able to zoom out to see the whole country. Then I need to manually switch to the city map if I want to zoom into the detailed city streets. Which is ok. I can see it would be challenging to swicth maps like that automatically when maps are overlapping and how to decide the priority of maps.

So everything is fine, Menion.
Menion - no hurry. This is not urgent at all. Just this Locus feature is great, so it should work with such a key app as Google Maps.
I have not tested url syntax. But you could verify with the apps I mentioned - "GPS Status & Toolbox" and MyPosition. Both of them use a syntax that shows the correct position on Google Maps.
Quote from: "svartbjorn"Question here is ... why you care a lot about it? All softwares and apps except mobile GMaps opens data correctly right?

I often send my position to friends. Opening the link in Google  Maps would be the natural way for most people. What else would they use? So this is actually important. I now have to use other apps like MyPosition or GPS Status to send my position. That's a pity. Would it be possible to choose the url syntax? E.g. today the command is "Share map center" > + > "Insert coordinates as URL". May be you could add another line saying "Insert coordinates as Google Maps URL"? Or would that create a problem with
Menion - any ideas?
As discussed in another thread BOTH conditions "Interval meters" AND "Interval seconds" must be met before a point is stored. So even though your 7s have elapsed, Locus is still waiting for a minimum 250m distance move before storing a new point.
Yes, that's it!
I was wondering what that setting would do. Now I understand. That seems to be a nice and useful feature - once you understand how it works.

Thanks for a quick reply, Menion!
Something in map selection is screwed up in version 1.13.3. I have 16 offline raster maps  + 5 offline vector maps installed. All raster maps are visible at the same time  - it doesn't matter which map I select. And I can't zoom all the way out on a selected map anymore.

This was correct in the previous version. When I installed version 1.13.3. yesterday I also installed two more raster maps. Each raster map is <2GB, and they are 15GB tota (16 maps)l. Could this be a too large data base for Locus?

I am going on a trip to the USA on Friday and really need Locus for navigation and planning. So I hope this can be fixed very soon.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
October 03, 2011, 07:50:32
Like all the navigation windows this status line shows up when you start navigation. So you create a navigation route as before, then you tap the command "Guide on" (on the create route command line) to start the guided navigation. At that point the large turn window, a small guide command window, a street name window on top, and this new status window below that show up. All these windows have menues and command below, which show up by tapping them. There are a lot of features here.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
October 02, 2011, 18:46:24
Installed version 1.13.3 today.
- Thank you so much for implementing my suggestion of a new status line with user selectable contents on the navigation screen. This is really great!! Thank you!!
- I created some navigation routes, and the overshoot issue with MapQuest seems to be gone. So you fixed something here?

Congratulations Menion with a great release and thanks again for all the great navigation features!!
The follwing is really weird in Google Maps:

 - I choose "Sharing map center"/"Insert coordinates as URL" and send it with email.
 - If open the email on my PC and click on the URL. Google  Maps displays the map center with a green arrow, but centers the map at a quite different location where a red marker is displayed with an address. By testing this seems to be the closest location where Google Maps can find a valid street address. That makes no sense if I share my position far out in the woods or in the mountains.
 - If I open the email on my mobile and choose Google Maps to show the position, Google Maps only displays the location with the red marker (which is the closest location with a street address.
 - If I open the email on my mobile and choose Locus to show the position, Locus shows the correct location I shared.

So Locus seems to send the correct coordinates, but Google Maps tries to map that to a valid street address. I can't find any setting in Google Maps to control this.
However, if I send my position with another GPS program, the link sent looks dofferent:

Locus link:
Another GPS program:,yyy

Does this explain why the position sent is interpreted differently? If so, the Locus way of sending the location should be changed to the other approach.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
September 26, 2011, 23:27:27
1.13.2 Pro navigation test report based on experience from several trips the last two days:

Great news:
- when off-route, the guide line to nearest point is updated correctly all the time now! Just perfect!
- re-joining the route now works perfectly!
- the new auto re-compute route works perfectly!
- the two new entries in Settings > Navigation> "Distance for recalculate" and "Invalid distance" work great!

The "overshoot" is still an issue. When a new point while creating a route, computed the route is drawn to a point beyond the selected point. Refer gpx file sent in an earlier post.

Refer earlier post August 30. The suggested new status line at the bottom (just above the bottom command line) with 3-4 fields with user selectable contents would be the crown now.
Buf report: Track recording color is user defined in Settings > Track Recording > Track color and transparency. This has worked smoothly until release 1.13.2 Pro. I have been using track recording color = purple, but now the track is green with a black/dark brown center line. When I save the track, it is shown with correct colro as defined in Settings > Miscellameous > Track color and transparency /blue).

(I haven't been able to test the latest Navigation improvements in 1.13.2yet since I am up in the mountains for some days. Report will follow later).
Implemented / Re: Presets for activities?
September 23, 2011, 21:23:24
Quote from: "supermaz"Ouch, I thought it would be an OR criteria. Record if the last point is 5s or 5m away. Wouldn't this make more sense?

I disagree. I find the current definition to make sense - and exactly what you want and what you need. You want to specify a min time internal to reduce the number of stored points, and you know from your activity which interval makes sense. At the same time there is no reason to store a new point of you haven't moved. And the definition of moving is the up to you by setting the min distance interval. So as Menions is saying - these are AND conditions, and that makes absolutely sense to me. I use them all the time.

A couple of hints:
 -  if you want the stored information of a track to show both moving time and total time, you need to set min distance = 0m. This is because Locus uses the stored points to calculate this information.
 - because of the inaccuracy of GPS position, setting min distance = 0m will cause your track to show a lot of small movements in all direction while standing still. This will also add some meters to you total distance. This is particularly a problem if you set "Time between GPS locations" > 10 seconds or so, since the GPS receiver will wicth off as soon as the position is found. The accuracy won't be as good as when the receiver is on all the time and constantly works on maximum accuracy. Setting min distance > 20m (depends upon the satellite coverage) will reduce or eliminate those small movements.

Bottom line: Locus has a very strong set of configurations here - "Time between GPS locations", "Interval in meters" and "Interval in seconds" - that allow the user to tune accuracy, stored track size and battery usage (setting "Time between GPS locations" > 30s reduces battery drain significantly)  to his/her specific need for each trip. I have not seen such a strong feature set in any other GPS program.