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Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
September 21, 2011, 15:42:39
Test version doesn't work at all. It can show the car on a route, but suddenly it changes to the blue arrow. If I then tap Nearest Point, it selects the starting point of the created route. No way to make Locus understand that I am right on the route (purple line). Sorry, this version was worse than
That sounds like a very good approach! Leave it as it is for now and let's use it in real life and see if we miss anything.
Agree that too many settings is not wanted.

Thanks again, Menion, for implementing distance rings!!
I was thinking of using different colors and both rings having solid lines. But I thought you might not like that idea since it would require two more entries in the Settings > Map menu. Today there is one color entry: "Color on map". Separate colors on distance rings and on time rings would require two more entries: "Color on distance rings" and "Color on time rings". Sounds good to me. The current solution with distance rings with same color, dashed lines but limited rings outside screen area, works fine too.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
September 20, 2011, 09:39:52
- Create route with straight lines: sorry, of course this is in as before by turning off the guiding selection button (3rd button from left on the create route command line). I just mixed up things here yesterday. The old "Yours" selection was used to create a route without guiding. Your idea of having this selection as a tick box on the popup menu sounds great.

- Rejoining route: ok understand that automatic "Nearest point" in background may not work as we want. BUT - I understand you are using 50m as a limit to say if I am on the route or not (seems to be a very convenient limit. Works great). Can't you use the same criteria to determine if I am back on computed route? At rejoining I can see the blue arrow right on top of the created route. Can't that be a good enough criteria to tell that I am back on track?  Locus seems to use the blue guiding line to determine of I am back on track or not.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
September 19, 2011, 22:27:43
Tested version extensively today when driving by car. Re-compute with MapQuest works great! Also takes my moving direction into acount, so if I am moving away from my destination, it correctly computes proper turns to get back towards my destination (e.g. U-turns and using a roundabout to turn back. Very good!

MapQuest issue
Found one funny thing: MapQuest always computes some distance (100-200 meters) beyond the last point I enter. When I continue with the next point, I get a double line for that distance. See attached track. There are three places you can see that double line. No big deal. Just want to mention it.

Yours/CloudMade/MapQuest selection gone!
Just installed version Tapping the guiding selection (create route command line, 3rd button from left) used to pop up a menu where I could select Yours/CloudMade/MapQuest. This was still present in version, but is gone in version Why? We need that!! The whole point with "Yours" was to be able to create a route with straight lines between the waypoints. We need that feature back. I used it extensively when flying. Also when walking in the mountains or woods without trails, I want a guiding along straight lines.

The new navigation selections (Limited access, Toll road, Unpaved, Ferry) are really great though! Thank you!

Navigation voice
Navigation voice: when I choose a voice, the new selection is not highlighted blue until I quit Locus and restart it. If I just finish navigation (Guiding Off) and reselect navigation, the last selection is used correctly, but the previous selction is still highlighted.

What about including one navigation voice (English) with Locus. It is not straight forward to extract voices correctly from TomTom and other places. I am sure many people would appreciate at least one English voice included. I would suggest "Ken LOUD". I tried a lot of voices and found this one best.

Rejoing route
Yes, still a problem. Worked in about 4 out of 8 cases today (version When "Closest point" does follow, then Locus understands when I am back on track. So the real issue is the fact that the "Nearest point" gets stuck. Would one solution be if Locus executes the "Nearest point" command once in a while (e.g. every 10 seconds) in the background? Could you think of situations where you would not want that to happen?
Installed test version yesterday and tested different features. Regarding distance rings, moving the map was still significantly slower with distance rings displayed.

Installed test version today. No lag when moving maps with distance rings on. Great!!

However, Menion - you mentioned in a post that to solve the problem, you turned off distance rings outside the screen area. But that has a side effect: when I move the map now, the next distance rings do not show up. Actually the next ring shows up, but not the rings outside that. I can live with that as a compromise. Would having one more ring calculated, i.e. 2 total outside screen area, cause lag again? Zooming out correctly recalculate the distance rings.
Other features / Re: CloudMade "navigation"
September 16, 2011, 08:51:50
 With version 1.13.1 I have now tried this great new feature several times on several trips. Thank you for implementing that!

Here is what I found:
- recomputing works great every time, even when driving (your concern above).
- recomputing doesn't take your moving direction into account, only my position. So if I am driving away from my destination and tap Re-compute, I get new directions as if I were driving towards  my destination. But I understand from your post above Menion that it is a known CloudMade limitation, right? It's a pity.
- I haven't tested if CloudMade takes oneway streets into account. Does it? And does CloudMade take restrictions into account, like no left turn allowed here, no u-turn there, ...?

Taking another road and then rejoining route:
This doesn't work anymore (worked before). I have tried this many times and it doesn't work. The guiding line that is supposed to track nearest point, always gets stuck on a point  and stops following. When I rejoin the computed track, the guiding line is still stuck at a point far back, and Locus never understands that I am back on track. So the navigation/turn window keep showing a question mark. I have to tap "Nearest point". I reported this in an earlier post, but the issue persists.

Refer earlier posts by me.
May I suggest Battery Monitor Widget by 3C. It shows both grafically and with text log exactly amount of current flowing in or out of the battery, capacity/voltage/temperature as a function of time. It can also export data to System Tuner Pro to analyze which process is responsible for battery drain.

I have tested several of these battery monitors on the market, and this one is by far the very best I have found!
Ok, so the meter-rings below 1nmi is your intention. That's just fine. I was just wondering. No complains!

When we talk km: could you add the 2km ring I mentioned? There is a big gap between the 1km and 5km rings when I zoom out but do not have the 5km ring within the screen area yet. No big deal, but would be useful. This may be just one more entry in your table, right?

Thanks again for excellent work!!
Downloaded the new version 1.13.1 this morning and tried out the redesigned distance rings.

Congratulations, Menion! The distance rings are now excellent! You implemented all my wishes - dashed line to distinguish from time rings, distancce text below the ring so the text doesn't interfere with text on time rings. Fantastic! Looks and works beautifully!

Forget my suggestion to open the ring when interfering with text on the other ring. When I tried out the rings this morning (enabled both timing rings and distance rings), I realized there is absolutely no point in doing that: it doesn't matter when a ring passes through the text on the other ring - the text is easily readable anyway.

I found one small bug: if I set distance unit = nmi (nautical miles, all rings are correctly aligned to integer distance numbers. Great - BUT if I zoom further in so the 1nmi ring becomes large, then a new rings appear with distance 1000m - meters! Zooming in even further makes a 500m - meters! - ring show up.

One small wish: could you add a 2km ring? The step today is 1km -> 5km. All other distances are perfect.

Thanks again for this great feature and great improvements in the last release!
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus Pro installation?
September 14, 2011, 09:13:56
I have seen this quite some few times on a general bases, not only Locus. I usually just tap the app to get the download status (or use the pulldown window) and then tap Abort. Then start the download again. It always works the seconds time.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Creating nav voices problem
September 08, 2011, 22:06:36
Noone who can help me?
If you decide to keep the text on the upper half circle of the distance rings (as you show in you picture), then you should put the text on the outside of the ring, not inside. The reason is that at certain zoom levels the smallest distance ring doesn't leave sufficient room inside for the text (if squeezed inside the ring, the text will interfere with the blue arrow). So no matter if you locate the text on the upper half circle or lower half circle of the ring, the text should be located outside the ring. As pointed out before, the lower half circle would be the preferred location, but I fully understand that you may not want to spend too much time on this. Thank you anyway.
- The dashed distance ring looks good!
- Seems also you now recalculate distance rings to align to integer distance numbers. Perfect!
- New text location with the text inside the distance ring: I think you misunderstood my expression "text below ring". Sorry for not being clear. What I ment to suggest was below the lower half circle of the ring. In that way the text on time rings and distance rings will never overlap as time rings change dynamically with speed. But of course a ring may strike through the text of the other ring. That is acceptable I think. However, a way to improve that would be to have text priority such that the ring is opened where there is overlapping text. But I guess that is more complicated to implement, so do not spend too much time on that detail.

Thank you so much for implementing distance rings and your interest in improving this!
How great!
Sorry, I was not aware of that setting. Thank you!