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Troubles & Questions / Online Google maps returns "unknown problem"
« on: August 23, 2019, 17:17:46 »
I have used online Google Maps many times before, but when I now select Online Maps= Google Classic (or Satellite, or Hybride, or Terrain), I get the error message "Unknown problem". Anybody knows what has happened and what to do to get it back?

Troubles & Questions / "Parking" causes Locus to crash
« on: November 08, 2011, 23:26:16 »
I downloaded the latest version 1.14.1. I was curious about all the improvements in the Parking function. But every time I tap Parking, Locus crashes (GPS on or off).

If I select "Color style of recorded track" = "According to speed" or = "According to altitude", the color changes. But how are the limits determining the color changes calculated?

Troubles & Questions / Top panel never hides if Record menu is shown
« on: October 30, 2011, 23:20:01 »
I have enabled "Top panel hiding". The Top panel does hide after the timeout - but NOT if the Record menu line (which pops up above the bottom command line) is shown. The Top panel never hides in this case. As soon as I cross out the Record menu line, the Top panel hides again as expected after the timeout. I guess this is not the intention.

Troubles & Questions / Parking function - two small issues
« on: October 30, 2011, 23:14:13 »
I use the Parking feature a lot. It is a really great feature.
However, there are two issues with the Parking function:

1) Parking data is lost if phone reboots
When I activate the Parking function, it is seems to be stored in the RAM, because all Parking data are lost if the phone reboots. That is critical if you trust the Parking function to find your way back to the car. So I am asking if the Parking data could rather be stored either in the internal flash memory or on the SD card. If tracking is on, the track is still there after reboot, so I guess the same could be done with the Parking data?

2) Guiding to Parking
If I activate the Parking function, the top status bar of Android shows that Parking is active. If I pull down the status window and tap the Parking (or tap Menu > Functions > Parking), I get a menu with 4 entries: Map, Compass, Edit and Cancel. But no Guiding! That is highly wanted! As it is now, I must either tap Compass and then Home, or tap Map to center the Parking and then tap the Parking POI. Would be great if the 4-entry menu mentioned above could include a 5th command: Guiding.

Something in map selection is screwed up in version 1.13.3. I have 16 offline raster maps  + 5 offline vector maps installed. All raster maps are visible at the same time  - it doesn't matter which map I select. And I can't zoom all the way out on a selected map anymore.

This was correct in the previous version. When I installed version 1.13.3. yesterday I also installed two more raster maps. Each raster map is <2GB, and they are 15GB tota (16 maps)l. Could this be a too large data base for Locus?

I am going on a trip to the USA on Friday and really need Locus for navigation and planning. So I hope this can be fixed very soon.

The follwing is really weird in Google Maps:

 - I choose "Sharing map center"/"Insert coordinates as URL" and send it with email.
 - If open the email on my PC and click on the URL. Google  Maps displays the map center with a green arrow, but centers the map at a quite different location where a red marker is displayed with an address. By testing this seems to be the closest location where Google Maps can find a valid street address. That makes no sense if I share my position far out in the woods or in the mountains.
 - If I open the email on my mobile and choose Google Maps to show the position, Google Maps only displays the location with the red marker (which is the closest location with a street address.
 - If I open the email on my mobile and choose Locus to show the position, Locus shows the correct location I shared.

So Locus seems to send the correct coordinates, but Google Maps tries to map that to a valid street address. I can't find any setting in Google Maps to control this.
However, if I send my position with another GPS program, the link sent looks dofferent:

Locus link:
Another GPS program:,yyy

Does this explain why the position sent is interpreted differently? If so, the Locus way of sending the location should be changed to the other approach.

Buf report: Track recording color is user defined in Settings > Track Recording > Track color and transparency. This has worked smoothly until release 1.13.2 Pro. I have been using track recording color = purple, but now the track is green with a black/dark brown center line. When I save the track, it is shown with correct colro as defined in Settings > Miscellameous > Track color and transparency /blue).

(I haven't been able to test the latest Navigation improvements in 1.13.2yet since I am up in the mountains for some days. Report will follow later).

The automatic map centering button (leftmost bottom command line) used to stay enabled when you move the map with your finger. That is also what the popup description says (press and hold the button). I do not know when this changed, but at least in version 1.12 the button is turned off if I move the map with my finger. I found it much better the old way, since often you want to just move the map temporarily to see something outside the screen area, and then it was very convenient that the map automatically centered again after 5 seconds as it was before.

Troubles & Questions / Distance rings - great! - but some small wishes
« on: September 08, 2011, 09:29:32 »
Distance rings in version 1.12.0 - thank you so much for listening to my wishes!! Really great! And now the rings are always aligned to the screen, not to the map (then do not rotate with map) - great!

I used this feature when I was out flying yesterday and discovered some small issues. When using either distance rings OR time rings, then no issue, but as I find both rings useful when flying, then the rings may be close and text may overlap. So I would like to propose the following improvements:
 -- time rings: solid line and text on top of ring as today. No changes.
 -- distance rings: dashed line and text below ring. This will make it much easier to separate distance rings from time rings and text will never overlap. If map center is moved 1/4 down, most of the text will fall below the bottom of the screen, but that is ok since the distance rings are static with map scale and I can just move the map up temporarily to see the text. So I think that is better than having overlapping text.
- Distance rings are obviously calculated based on metric units. When I change to nautical miles (which is used in aviation), the rings remain at the same place and the distances changes to non-integer numbers. Would be better if the rings are recalculated to align to integer distance numbers as units are changed. That would make it much easier to estimate distance to points in between the rings.

Troubles & Questions / Creating nav voices problem
« on: September 04, 2011, 09:17:52 »
I am trying to create nav voices to install in Locus, following posted links like
   viewtopic.php?f=21&t=968 ... e_cmds.htm
I do exactly as described:
    - download zip file from TomTom web
    - extract .vif and .chk files from zip
    - put .vif, .chk, .zip and viftool.1.3.exe in same directory
    - in DOS window I cd to this directory and type (example KenLOUD 06)
               viftool.1.3.exe join 06 KenLoud data06.vif
Then I get error message
     Gathering sound files ....
     entry #0 "After.ogg" (After) is missing
I have tried with 4 different  voices with same error message.
What am I doing wrong?

Troubles & Questions / Time ring text should not rotate with map
« on: September 03, 2011, 11:13:30 »
The text on the time rings ("xx minutes") is map fixed, not screen fixed. Should be opposite. So with locked map orientation (north up) the text is located on top of each ring. Perfect. However, If map rotation is enabled (bearing up or compass orientated), the text location rotates with the map. So if you for example are heading south, the text is up-side-down on the bottom of each time ring.

--> Could the text location be fixed to always be on the top of the rings?

--> Distance rings: I would like to pick up this request again:
     I was out flying yesterday and used time rings. But DISTANCE rings in addition would be an extremely useful feature! Refer link above to earlier post on this subject.

Troubles & Questions / The new Screen Lock is amazing!!!!!!
« on: August 23, 2011, 14:06:18 »
Have you guys tried Menion's new Screen Lock? If not, you MUST. This is the most genius unlocking features I have ever seen! And try to move the Screen Lock frame around on the screen. Yes, Locus continues to be something apart from anything else.

Troubles & Questions / Zoom Lock shouldn't zoom when enabled
« on: August 06, 2011, 08:18:13 »
The function of the Zoom Lock button changed several versions ago. I tried to get used to it, but found the previous functionality better.

It was like this before:
- when enabled, it locked the existing map AT THE CURRENT ZOOM LEVEL. From now on you could zoom in further by pixel multiplication starting at the current zoom level using the zoom buttons

It is like this now:
- when enabled, it locks the existing map, BUT CHANGES THE ZOOM LEVEL with the same amount as last time used. You have to use the zoom buttons to zoom back out to see the zoom level you were at when enabled. I do not think that is the intention of the Zoom Lock button. The button info says: "This may be useful if you do not have a particular zoom level and still wish to zoom in". So when enabled, it should only lock, not zoom at the same time.

Is this new way of operating your intention, Menion, or is this a bug? I liked the old way much better. Now the zoom may suddenly jump several levels at the moment you enable the Zoom Lock button, depending upon last time used.

When selecting "Axis Y" = Altitude, the X axis is displayed correctly with units (distance or time). However, when selecting "Axis Y" = Speed (only), the X axis is missing the units (only the text "Distance (km)" / "Time (min)" is shown, but no numbers)

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