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You are saying that all three criteria need to be true before you store a point. Yes, that is how it looks to me, and that is what doesn't seem correct to me - because: you have said before that the "i" status window of a track being recorded is based on stored points. And you are confirming that a point is only stored if I have moved, i.e INT-M is true. So how is then the non-moving time registered? If I stop, the "i" status doesn't change, but when I then move again, the "Track time" field of "All" and "Speed > 0" jump up by the same amount of time. Could this be correct if that time update is done only for the "All" field? The "Speed > 0" field should not jump since I haven't moved, right? Isn't that a solution? (since storing points when not moving just for the purpose of catching the non-moving time is waste of memory).

From your last response I do not understand what RMOV actually is used for since we have the INT-M criteria that should take care of that problem (GPS inaccuracy). Or am I missing something here?
Menion, I think the basic problem here is that the criteria for storing data points in track log is wrong.
We have:
- Settings/Track/Interval(meters) = INT-M
- Settings/Track/Interval(seconds) = INT-S
- Settings/Track/Record only during move = RMOV

RMOV checked (on): Store data points only when moving, i.e. the criteria for storing data points should be INT-M AND INT-S. This seems to be working correctly.

RMOV unchecked (off): Store data points even when not moving, i.e. the criteria for storing data points should be INT-S only. This doesn't seem to be the case, rather the AND-criteria above incorrectly seems to be used here also. So basically the RMOV selection seems to be ignored. INT-M must used as a FILTER to determine if the position of the new data point should be a copy of the previous point or a new GPS position. The filter is necessary to remove the small movements due to the inaccuracy of the GPS position.

If you correct the storing criteria as suggested above, you do not need to do anything about the "i" of the recording track.

What do you think, Menio? Does this make sense?
Updated with the latest version. Now it works! Perfect!!!
If "i" shows stats of actually recorded track so far, that I guess explains why "moving time" = "total time". Because on the menu Settings/Track there are two entries "Interval (meters)" and "Interval (sseconds)". You do not want to set "Interval(meters" too low like 0 or 1m, since you are then detected as moving all the time because of the inaccuracy of your GPS position. So you need to set something like 5m, 10m , 20m. Then there won't be any new sample points as long as you are not moving, right?

So I guess you would need to treat the "i" of the recording track differently than stored tracks. You have the running time available, right, as shown in the Title window.

MyTracks is presenting this information correctly. When you have this issue fixed, then it is time to uninstall MyTracks from my phone.
It works for you, really?

I notice that the red arrow always point in my moving direction.
Here is what I do:
- Compass off.
- Tap the Rotate button/Rotate map on the main screen. The map then rotates so my GPS bearing is up. The red arrow pops up, but always point up, since that is equal to my bearing

- Compass on.
- The map now rotates so its north aligns with compass north. The red arrow now rotates, always aligning with my bearing (blue arrow).

So my conclusion is that the red arrow always aligns with my bearing, no matter what is selected. The red arrow is supposed to get fixed to the north of the map, right?
Latest version 1.0.0 issue #1 is solved, but issue #2 and #3 are still a problem.
The latest release today has got an indicator, but it is pointing to the top of the screen no matter how the map is rotated.
I really think Locus should be available in a paid PRO version, simply because such a brilliant app should give Menion something back in terms of money, not only honor. I will be more than happy to pay for a PRO version.
Locus is really a golden application! I am so impressed by all the great features, and by menion's responsiveness . I have had quite a bit of emails with Menion, and he has implemented all my requests! And from the forum discussions I notice that more is coming.

I think I have been through all map apps on the market and there is no one even close to Locus.
It would be very useful to have a NORTH indicator on the map when "Rotate map" is selected. I know there is a great compass screen, but then you need to switch back and forth between those two screens.
Locus version 0.9.28.
Settings: Recording interval = 5m and 5s. "Record only during move": unchecked. GPS "TIme between GPS location" = 0. For the Title field, "Track record" is selected.
While recording a track and making stops after start, pressing "i" brings up the status window of the track being recorded.
Three issues:
  1) After pressing REC, the time in the Title field doesn't start running until you actually start moving initially. This time field is later displaying the total time, so it should start running at the moment REC is pressed.
  2) In the "i" status popup window, the "Speed > 0" fields for "Average speed" and "Track time" incorrectly include the stop times. So the "All" the "Speed > 0" fields are displaying the same time, except for an initial difference equal to the time from REC is pressed until you actually start moving the first time. This difference remain the same through the whole recording, ignoring stops.
  3) While stopped, pressing "i" repeatably to bring up an updated "i" window, doesn't update the "All" fields. It should since the time is running.
For me it is even more serious. I have experienced the following in 5 out of 8 recordings so far: After about 3 km (16 minutes) Locus hangs. Sometimes the phone reboots, sometimes it is dead and I have to remove the battery to restart. I had one case where I could communicate with the Locus, but then it stopped responding, the phone got completely locked, and I had to take out the battery. But usually the phone is dead when I pick it up and check. I get a track log though for the first about 3km. I use downloaded  (offline) maps. I have seen the trouble both with no other GPS app running and with the app "Instamapper" (reporting GPS position online) running at the same time. No difference, so this hang doesn't seem to be related to other programs running. BUT, I have also succeeded in completing my run and saved the track. I have tried different zoom levels. No difference. I have an HTC Desire with Android 2.2. The phone is rooted, so I have Locus installed on the SD card. That has proven to be ok for all my other apps. So I guess Locus also should be happy with running from the SD card. I will try with online maps to see if this is related to offline maps. Has this something to do with drawing the track live on the map or the recording itself?