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where can I set the Alarm Sound for the Parking feature?
Can I change it?
I looked into:
but found nothing.

Thanks, frank

SGS2 with 2.3.5 (root) and Locus Pro 2.4.3 (2012-06-13)
Hey! Great!
Thank you!!
That is superior support!!!

:) :) :)
Hm. I don't store it.
After beeing created by navigation it is stored automatically in Tracks, there I can check or uncheck it to be shown (or unshown).

Maybe I didn't understand the concept?
I tried this, put it on 3px red, but after creating a new navigation, the path of it is blue and thick.
To find the right setting I put all paths in settings on red, by the way ;)
But still the navi path is a thick blue one.

Doesn't matter, I know now how to change it after.
I don't use navi often, anyway.
The rare times I need and use navigation  I use Google navi.
Ah, thank you, this works.
So to set up the default line color and width is not (yet?) possible?

is there a way to make the line for navigation thinner or transparent anyhow to set it up?
When I have a path in navigation the line is blue and strong. I cannot read the street name under it.
I searched all path line settings and tried and tried to set the right one up, but I think I cannot change it.
Look attachment.

Thanks frank

Running on actual Locus and SGS2 with OS 2.3.5
Quote from: "menion"same in locus, go to menu > functions > add new route & measure

here you can measure distance or areas ;)

Diddent know this, great!
I quit the race, you won!
I just remember that in Google Maps there is a distance meter, with this I can easily measure any distance on the map, even three times around the equator (120.000 km)
Sure! If one km distanced, it is not at all precise, but remember: the world has its 40.000 km equator length, so at max. you can have a distance of 20.000 km, with this you easily can neglect the preciseless of GSM etc.
I was in a room without GPS and wanted to know how far is a city A from my city B which is about 400 km, so herefor it is useful.
Make a switch, disabled by default, so unexperienced users won't be messed up.
Locus is not an app for unexperienced users, anyway, so this is not a real good argument ;)
Is there a chance that this bug will be fixed?
Or is it not considered as bug at all?

when I have a GPS signal, I get the distance between the actual location and the center of the map.
This is useful when I want to know how far I am distanced from some other place.

But when there is no exact GPS  point, only the approximately location from GSM mobile spot, I don't get this distance.
Look: ... 132107.png


Locus (actual version from market), phone sgs2 with 2.3.5

After testing it on the field, now I noticed that indeedly I haven't understand yet what the arrow means.
On these screenshots, taken while I was walking: ... 8-orig.jpg ... 9-orig.jpg
I have my "Azimuth line" directing to where I am heading directionly, but the blue Arrow (my location), is pointing just somewhere, I don't know where to.
I have checked the hardware compass on.
Quote from: "menion"...franc: everything clear?
Yes and thank you! I use it :)

I asked already in the german subforum but nobody knew it exactly:

What is the "Azimuth line" (from Map objects in the settings) exactly?
See: ... ap?lang=en

Is it the direction of movement?
I doubt it.

Azimut kenne ich (ansatzweise) aus der Astronomie, aber das scheint ja was anderes zu sein.
Du hast wohl recht, das könnte die Bewegungsrichtung sein, obgleich ich mir einbilde schon beobachtet zu haben, dass der Bewegungsrichtungspfeil von diesem "Azimut" Strich abwich.

Auf Wikipedia  ist Azimut in der Kartografie ja ein Winkel und keine Richtung:


Quote...In der Kartografie versteht man unter Azimut den im Uhrzeigersinn gemessenen Winkel zwischen geografisch-Nord (Nordpol) und einer beliebigen Richtung (z. B. Marschrichtung, Magnetkompass-Peilung etc.) auf der Erdoberfläche....

Ich muss wohl mal in der englischen Abteilung des Forums fragen, der Entwickler von Locus wird es ja wissen ;)