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Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
September 26, 2012, 12:00:16
Quote from: "franc"... I will update to 4.x when the first app needs 4.x as minimum OS.
Now I have CM10 and I struggle with not anymore working USB-Support.
Quote from: "tommi62"Did you try Settings->Global->Locus as a service?
Sorry, didn't know about this, I will try it.

EDIT: Thank you. It works! Equally I can keep GPS running with this setting, preventing from the need to search the GPS-Fix each time again.
Something new about it?

At the Moment I was using the phone and Locus to navigate but after a short while of using other things the navigation is killed :(
I have to use Google navigation like this, but would much like to use Locus :(
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 28, 2012, 17:53:36
Is this information relevant or should I better forget about it?
Now as a new version of Locus is out.
I think the beta stops working end of august anyway so I can uninstall it, do I?
Yes it works, the CheckBox keeps checked and so can be unchecked.
It even works with MyTracks 1.1.16 (which is better than the "new" 2.x).

So at least: thank you :)
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 22, 2012, 19:15:01
Yesterday I tracked with this Beta and stopped tracking. Some hours later I resumed the same track and my gps found the first two tracking locations 132 km away from where I was, this was tracked by locus beta.
Five seconds later the right point was found and tracked, which made my speed to 26400 m/s. I guess this should not be possible with the new algorythm (even not with the old one).
But looking into my nmea dir I don't find any nmea file from 21.8.2012.
Maybe it has to do with a crashing of locus beta yesterday.

This is a part around the weird tracking from the gpx:

<trkpt lat="51.321929" lon="9.433191">
<trkpt lat="51.321699" lon="9.433097">
<trkpt lat="52.064054" lon="7.967058">
<trkpt lat="52.063354" lon="7.965397">
<trkpt lat="51.319144" lon="9.440504">
<trkpt lat="51.318121" lon="9.440638">
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 20, 2012, 15:42:28
Quote from: "menion"no, there is no error message. Incorrect locations are just ignored ...
I thought it.

Quote from: "menion"...It's just another reason for app publishers, how to update their app on market without any change. They just write this :) ...
Are you sure about this? Why should they do it? People get angry if they have an update every second day because it is time and traffic consuming.

But anyway, can you tell me why I should update my nearly perfect 2.3.5?
Only because it can be, that the rare gps module faults are a software issue? Nobody will guarantee that it will be flawless on 4.x

I had the discussion some weeks ago with a friend, he has an sgs2 as well and we agreed that we won't change the since yet winning 2.3.5-team :)
Read comments about people who updated and you will find more disappointed posts.
E.g. Titanium Backup apparently doesn't restore all apps, what means that I would have to manually setup many apps I might need, which is a timey thing.

EDIT: I will update to 4.x when the first app needs 4.x as minimum OS.
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 19, 2012, 11:21:20
Quote from: "menion"...If it will works fine, then you'll not recognized any jumps. That's the point isn't it?...
I won't know if there are no jumps because of missing faults of the gps module (or OS software as you thought), or because of the new algorythm in locus. Only if you put some debug message for this case, but I guess you didn't?
And then I guess I had to run the tracking at least for some days again and again to trigger a faulty jump. Like I said, it is not often.

Quote from: "menion"... Didn't you think about update to Android 4?
No, update to Android 4 is not yet an option at all. My OS 2.3.5 works fine, I have nearly no problems with it, very rare only it crashes. Will this be with 4.x the same?
What is the big advantage?
At the moment often I can read in Apps Updates something like "fixed an error for Android 4, made compatible with Android 4, ..." etc. That means, that I could make an OS update in a year or so and then I could hope that all apps are running flawless and stable on 4.x. At the moment I am pretty sure, that this day (or likely more than a day) of work to do this OS update (and all the installing afterwords) is it not worth.
It is nice to have a new GUI but it is much nicer to have a stable system where everything is just working :)
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 18, 2012, 16:29:52
I installed this beta, tracked oncely but naturally there was no jumping. To test this, I think I would need to track many times. Much more than only several times, because the jumping happens not often.
And endly, how would I know that the gps module jumped while tracking if locus fixes it? Would I even recognize it anyways?
I don't want to track too often with locus, because it uses more battery anyway.
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 14, 2012, 08:25:11
It happend twice to me, that I logged at the same time with MyTracks and Locus (I wanted to compare the battery consumption) and this jump happened.
Maybe if more than one App uses the GPS module the risk for these errorous jumps are higher, but I didn't dare to suspect it this way.
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 13, 2012, 13:57:58
Quote from: "menion"...treshold will be reduced to some more real value - like you said 2500km/h...h
Oh, why not a more realistic and lower value, or, much better, a setting for max. allowed jump?
Or just a setting for this whole checking?
Then the few rockenauts can track their ride to mars ;)
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 10, 2012, 08:58:47
Thank you!
Quote from: "menion"...your GPS has definitely some problems. ...
Time for a new phone  ;)
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 09, 2012, 22:22:10
Did you get my nmea file? I sent it per mail ("track to africa"). I thought I posted it here, but don't find the post now.

I flew once with activated GPS module and tracking (the great App "GPSLogger" on a BlackBerry 8900) beside the fact that the module had an maximum altitude which was much fewer than the real one, the tracking was sucessful. Speed and location was correct.
I was near the window and had the phone hidden in my pillow, which I pressed to the window, as it is strictly forbidden to use smartphones, any phones in the plane nowadays. Only laptops with sim-card and HSPA, BT, WiFi etc ;)
Wishlist / Re: Minimize GPS-errors on Tracking
August 08, 2012, 23:43:26
Sometimes this happens, I have to reboot my phone then, after it won't happen for a while. I think this is a combination of OS and GPS-module of my sgs2, but I don't know.

I never tried to edit tracks in Locus, as I normally use MyTracks to track. I measured both in battery consumption and detected that Locus tracking is nearly the double. Is this wellknown or maybe an error in my measurement?
But when my gps-module starts to run mad it is not much sense to edit anything, because I won't get reasonable values after it once start to fly to africa ;)
Great, thank you!