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Is there something new now?

Since 12.07.2012 the new version 2.0 of My Tracks is on Google Play.
The Bug is still present.
Is it still their API which makes the loading problem?
Good heavens this is true!
Thank you, this is it!


EDIT 2013-05-03: The previous links to the screenshots were gone (like the service to save them, the dumb, so I restored the pictures from a backup (from ClipMate, the Clipboard extender, thank you).
Quotemaybe you forgot to tap the checkbox "Store permanently" before (while planning)

But what does it help?
Yes, I check the CheckBox and then I have saved the track*, but not the navigation.
I cannot choose this same navigation from the box "ending point", can I?
How could I reuse it, especially when I am offline?

*by the way, the track is also saved when I don't check this CheckBox.
This would be great!
I used before Google Navigation, which is OK, but Locus Navigation is not bad either, and is even better! More information, more flexible, more functions etc.

Do it!
Yesterday I used the Locus navigation for the first time.
I searched some address as end point and started. After a while I closed the navigation and wanted to continue shortly later, but now I had to search again the complete address and navigation path (as end point) although the same navigation-path (track) was still saved in my tracks.
There are many possibilities for "end point" but I don't find to continue a track already saved.

Couldn't it be possible to open a track already found by locus for navigation again? To re-use the saved track?
I understand that this would be difficult if the actual postion weren't on the track, but then locus could warn or say: "Track not possible" etc.

This would be useful if there is no carrier, which can happen quite often when navigating on the road somewhere.

Thank you.

Yesterday I tried the first time for a 2 hours drive the Locus navigation.
It worked very good, but I noticed that there is no Icon in the tray, when I minimize the navigation (pressing Home-Button etc.).
It still talks but after a while it was shot by the OS, which is clear.

So I wonder why there is no Icon, did I miss some settings? I didn't find any about this.
There is an icon for the tracking though.

franc on SGS2 with OS 2.3.5 (root).

Thank you.
Ich habe nun mal bei der Bundesnetzagentur gefragt, ob es Listen von allen Sendemasten mit den jeweiligen Providern gibt, aber das gibt es nicht.
Man kann zwar über das Kontaktformular für jeden Mast, den man ja auf der BNA Karte sehen kann, erfragen, wer da drauf sitzt, das funktioniert überraschend gut, aber nicht komplett für ganz DE.
Das würde in den Bereich "Wettbewerb" fallen, der seit 1989 für die Anbieter von Mobilfunk im Fernmeldewesen zugelassen sei.
Was auch immer damit gemeint ist. Ich verstehe das so, dass die BNA nicht deren Wettbewerb stören darf.

English: There are no lists for whole Germany.
Quote from: "druki"
Thank you for this link, very interesting!
I found this map for Germany:
showing all tower locations (only on high zoom levels).
not with the information which providers are on each tower, but it  might be possible to ask this for each tower from BNA, I read.

my guess was that Google collects informations about cell IDs of the towers (which are available in the phones) when there are GPS signals at the same time and calculates a big map for the cell IDs. if enough phones send cell ID and GPS with different locations around the towers to Google it must be possible to make a more or less exact average position of each tower location (using also streets and paths location information, where people are likely to pass by with their android phones).

but then I think the position of the towers should be more accurate, so I think Google doesn't do it this way.

at least for Germany Google could do it better using the information of the BNA (Bundesnetzagentur).
when I get the position of my phone SGS2 by mobile carrier and not by GPS module I get it by mobile sending tower position I guess.
but when I go to the exact point on the map, there is no tower.
anyway, in Germany the providers don't tell the exact position.
so what position is this Google indicates?
Thank you.
Quote from: "menion"best for you should be record small track with Locus...
I track with My Tracks, because I can upload it right away to google and I think (but I don't know) that it is using less battery (see picture below).

Quote from: "menion"... about "in-possibility" to load My Tracks tracks. I have same problem, seems to be problem of their API...
It is not "in-possible" to load a My Tracks track. If I check the track in the list, the CheckBox is immediately unchecked, after beeing shortly checked.
Half a second or so. But the track is now visible in locus!
I see it as if the CheckBox hadn't been unchecked right away. The thing is now, that I cannot get rid of this track-line without restarting locus, because I cannot uncheck an unchecked CheckBox. And if I check it (unlogically) anyway, nothing changes, the track is still visible.
This cannot be a bug in the API of My Tracks, though.

Anyway, concerning the API of mytracks, is there a issue in the bugtrack of mytracks for this already?

I just updated to My Tracks 2.0 rc2 - no change to this issue.

often I track with the great App My Tracks some hikes or other things.
One thing I miss there is the possibility of editing the tracks after tracking.
E.g. sometimes my GPS plays mad and tracks some points in Africa, so after tracking I suddenly have made 10.000 km instead of 10 ;)

Is this possible maybe with Locus?

Another thing I noticed: when I try to open (to display on the map) a My Tracks track in Locus and check the CheckBox of this track, it is half a second checked but then the CheckBox is unchecked again, I have no control over it. And I cannot uncheck a track like this, only by restarting Locus.
Is this a bug or a feature?

On SGS2 OS 2.3.5 root, with actual Locus and actual my Tracks.

Too difficult?
At the moment I hear five little beeps, not really loud.

But I don't complain, I guess there are enough other, and more important places to work, locus reminds me at a huge building, and you are working like a weasel on all floors all the time :)
I understand, at the moment this is the default sound but in future release the sound can be changed to any sound, is it?