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Troubles & Questions / Android 11 copy filled???
January 08, 2022, 12:11:16
How the heck are we supposed to copy files like kmz into locus now?

If it's going to be this broken it's time for me to abandon Android and just go to iOS !

locus is crashing over and over again , whether I'm using guidance/compass to get to a cache or pressing the "nearest waypoints" button. also when i upload logs of caches.

also the GPS controls are all screwed up. turning off the screen is turning off the gps, which is set to stay on for both track recording and guidance. I'm not using any battery saving features in the android battery settings.

this is on three of my devices, running Android 7 and 5
I've uploaded bug reports each time.

Troubles & Questions / 180° weirdness ?
October 16, 2019, 13:36:23
scroll around anywhere north/south on N 66.97525°, E 179.99989° , close to 180th and locus gets bogged down, not sure which hemisphere map view to load ?

I'm using strava to find trails, and noticed latest releases have offset strava QUITE a bit.

i used locus and a known hairpin turn to calculate the offset...

strava overlay is 4.87 miles offset south
4.7 miles offset east

i used the locus offset to correct this, but i don't know if it's a locus big or strava trying to prevent usage ;-)

any ideas ?
Troubles & Questions / error covers screen
May 29, 2019, 15:18:17
i get this error constantly, covering the screen. i did not on previous versions.
I gave 3.37.2 a shot yesterday. it aquired normal location, i started a navigation process (no commands) and started driving. about 1/2 way through the trip locus dropped location and displayed a 'waiting for location' error message for over 5 minutes or so.  i closed the app and tried again, with similar results. at this point i didn't have much time left to test, and needed to get moving, so i restored the 3.72.1 version and it performed fine the rest of the trips for the day.

are there issues with 3.37.2  and location ?

do I need to install 3.37.2 and catch a log for you ?

thanks !
Troubles & Questions / track database merge ?
January 24, 2019, 15:38:50
i have lots of tracks in my database backups, and want to merge 2 different databases. is it possible to merge 2 databases so all the track's from an old database and all the track's in the new database are available?

thanks !
i have two track databases...

1) group name "James", folder name "tour of Georgia"

2) no group name , folder name "fixes"

if i touch any track in the folder named "tour of Georgia" ,  and then press it again to see more info, locus crashes.

i copied all those 11 tracks into "fixes", and locus operates normally, without crashing.

I've renamed "tour of Georgia"to other names, but it still crashes.
I've edited the tracks in "t o g" to shorten/lengthen them, renamed them, but they will still crash locus of i try the "more info" button.

I've tried restoring old track/waypoint databases, tried older versions of locus, with exactly the same results.

what do i need to do to purge locus of this database error ?

I've noticed the guidance panel has disappeared (the one that was minimal) and the songs for turning on/off the guidance panel have no effect.

thank for squashing these bugs ! :-)
I haven't changed the location of locus or it's directories since several updates ago. now, locus complains my filesystem is read only. the only way to fix this is to go into device administrators section and disallow then allow locus. then it will start normally.

this only started happening with the last two updates.

happens anytime I try to export a long track. this track is created from a LOT of tracks that were merged into one (using locus merge function) , ending with 7,500+ miles of tracks to display.

it will crash /hang when trying to display that merged track, or exporting. I can see the statistics, but that is all.

any hints/help ?

(the reason for merging all these tracks is because I'm trying to find a away report ALL of my tracks to get a running total)
I have a large database (100+mb) of tracks and waypoints. I would love to be able to export ALL of them, from all the sub directories, into similarly named directories. there are times I want to wipe out the database and start new, but expiring all the tracks would be very time consuming.
when viewing a track information, touching the map preview at the top no longer allowed for left/right panning, nor does touching it once return to the main map with track centered as it used to.

this is locus 3.31.0
I've added both internal and external dcim directories to locus , but no images are showing when I enable the photo option in layers.

Is it broken in 3.29.1 ?

Thank you !
Troubles & Questions / points near me
January 14, 2018, 14:25:01
using the points near me button, the "turn on eyeball" area of touch is so small that I often instead select the "show info" pane.

could you increase the area of the "turn on eyeball" so that turning on several waypoints was an easier process, and fewer accidental options would happen?
Troubles & Questions / POI search crash
May 19, 2016, 14:00:09
Search POI >> touch poi returned from search >> crash

repeatable always.
'view' POI = no crash
'selecting' POI = crash

most recent locus, android 4.1.2
Yesterday I attempted to switch between 3-4 offline map sources which have worked well in the past. The phone slowed down considerably, and I got the same error "Map blah database problem!" in red, but I couldn't record the exact error problem.

It did this 3-4 times, but after selecting that map again, it corrected , after I rebooted the phone. Thankfully, my track recording wasn't effected by this as I was stationary at the time.

Is there a log I can send you about the problem, or a known way to fix the error in the future ?

thanks :D
Wishlist / Fuel / Milage Gauge ?
September 09, 2015, 13:15:28
I use locus for a lot of off road enduro. It would be great if it were possible to have a fuel gauge, that could be reset each time I filled up again.  What I do now is record from the start, and start a new track with each fillup, and use a custom dashboard to show
Track Distance (full)
GPS coordinates (on one line)

but it would be really nice to have a fuel gauge that showed miles till reserve, or miles covered.

Any interest ? thanks !
Navigation & Guidance / navigate route?
May 08, 2015, 21:34:57
i thought in the past that locus would start with the beginning of a route? today  i loaded a rope, and tried to navigate to the beginning, but locus is pointing me to almost the end every time?

I've been watching BubblerGPS' progress for a little while. It's the application that uplaods current locations to Spotwalla. I've also been watching MapMyTracks progress too. They're working fairly well, and would be a great addition to the functionality of Locus.

The UI for setting up Live Tracking in Oruxmaps is via email, and would really be welcomed (for me) if it were part of Locus setups for Live Tracking.

Would this be possible, or has it been done already and I just need to input server and GET values ?

Thanks ! :)