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I have backup manager turned on, for months now.

I have two Locus directories:
phone storage /mnt/sdcard/Locus


external sdcard (micro sdcard) storage /mnt/ext_sdcard/Locus

I tried to recover from both the /mnt/sdcard/Locus and the /mnt/ext/sdcard/Locus backups, but neither of them restored my waypoints  or tracks i've recorded over the years. The only way I got the data back was to WifiDirect the entire /mnt/sdcard/Locus directory from another phone, which I normally sync the directories between.

Have I misunderstood the purpose of Locus Autobackup ?
Can, or does it backup waypoints and tracks, or should I be zipping the entire ~/Locus directory to a safe place weekly ?

If you would like to provide me the exact location of, and how to restore, the waypoint/tracks databases I would really appreciate that.

Thanks !

(and sorry for the long read) :)


no again?

it only works for zoom levels 10 / 11 ?
here is my kml created in google earth:

but when i try to import to locus, it shows nothing. i'm assuming something is wrong with the file, but it displays perfectly on google earth. what did i miss ?
in past versions, I could touch a point on the track, and view course bearing, speed, altitude, etc, but in 3.3.1 all that is displayed for info is the overall info for the entire track.

could you please show me what I'm doing wrong, or return to the previous information display of individual track points please ?
I just updated to the latest version of locus, I believe this is 3.3.0, and noticed map scaling to speed shows the tickbox for on/off, but none of the settings that were previously below it for setting the zoom levels.

sorry if this is a duplicate post, i've tried searching the forum and found nothing.

thanks !
Free chat / Live Tracking in other apps
July 24, 2014, 12:29:20
the system that oruxmaps uses is fantastic, but I don't know enough about MyTracks to implement it via the api.

very easy to setup, even easiert to add users via email address.

osmand just started live tracking also, but it's very beta, I always end up being some guy walking across the Atlantic 8)
Tools / Live tracking setup/tutorial please?
June 04, 2014, 03:54:13
I would rally like to use the live tracking function of locus, but do not understand what server to point it at, or the parameters required.

I like glympse but it's a stand alone application.

I've tried traccar and it works well with their application, but I haven't figured out how to use that server with locus.

The Google docs stuff makes my head expand in a painful manner.

Would someone please pint me to a simple tutorial on how to set this up?

I'll make a video for others once I understand it myself.

Free chat / Request a video here
May 30, 2014, 13:27:21
The video capture of features and processes seems to help some users get started.

If you have a function or process in mind, request a video tutorial here and I'll put one together for you.

attached db files

Very simple, very clean. Let me know if you like it.

Top larger coordinates are GPS, lower are map cross hairs.

Works well both vertical and horizontal.