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Quote from: michaelbechtold on January 09, 2022, 08:03:33
1) not - yet - as crazy as iOS - you can do a lot with the right tools. Pls. install x-plore as a start.
2) which version of LM are you using? 4 or Pro?
3) AFA means all files accessible. x-plore has that, LM4 as well (for now)
4) pls. tell the LM storage setup: settings-misc--default directories. Main directory and thevsub-folders. Once we understand your setup we can advise.
5) x-plore can handle everything, except writing files to EXT SD private folders. Only for the latter you'd need the PC based escape

1 did it!
2 pro
3 excellent, thank you
4 default setup for Android 11 fresh install
5 excellent, they worked !

now, how do I send you and locus devs a 6 pack ?
Quote from: michaelbechtold on January 08, 2022, 12:41:21
1) iOS is the origin of the ideology to put users into a velvet coated prison, hence mind your steps
2) LM 4 has all files access privilege, so you are not forced to move Locus base folder to any (int/ext) private folder
3) for LM Pro there is an AFA version on Google Drive - see 2)
4) you can use file managers like x-plore who have AFA privilege to populate int SD private folders (re. ext SD private folders, Google screwed up the implementation - you can handle folders, but not files to/from those places. And Locus base folder on ext SD private structure is not a good idea anyway.)
5) independent from above and app privileges you can always connect your device to a PC or laptop and copy files also to the private folders

1 agreed 100% !!!, imagine my frustration in realizing that Android is now just as bad as iOS... that's where I am right now

2 I have no idea what moving base folder would do here... I'm trying to copy old map_items into new locus in Android 11 devices, and failing

3  what is afa ? where's the link to this version of locus ?

4 I've tried Google files, vanilla for manager, total commander, they all fail...  can't even see the mention/.. directories let alone copy anything

5  the entire point of using smartphones is so I never have to plug into a computer.... I used to literally install the app and copy my database to a friend's phone in the middle of nowhere.... now that functionality is broken it's it requires doing stuff the old (gah!!!!) Garmin way with cords and laptops and grrrrdd
Troubles & Questions / Android 11 copy filled???
January 08, 2022, 12:11:16
How the heck are we supposed to copy files like kmz into locus now?

If it's going to be this broken it's time for me to abandon Android and just go to iOS !

Troubles & Questions / Re: GPS weird
January 20, 2020, 17:33:45
location settings>> GPS ONLY
location settings >> device only

then turn OFF all the power saving features in android settings

turn OFF "battery optimization"in android settings for locus also

if it's set to settings>>> high accuracy 
i will give terrible GPS hops all over the place, partially because it's trying to use cellular/wifi but mostly because the battery saving junk is turning off the GPS antenna and getting bad fixes when starting up again
if you want to use a PDF as your image source , you'll need to convert it to an JPEG / JPG before you can georeference it. the app i use to do this is called X2IMGPRO. i don't know if it's still available on the android market, but it's easily found online.

this is it's app icon.
Quote from: ihtus on January 06, 2020, 16:51:15
I've purchased the pro version.
Is it possible to import JPG / PDF as an overlay map?

you can use the "image calibration tool" in locus to georeference any JPG / JPEG to create a referenced map. it outputs a KMZ (google keyhole zipped) file that locus, google maps, google earth, etc can read and display as an overlay.

the process that locus uses to create KMZ's is really really good.

here's an old video i did to show folks how to do it. you may want to pause/rewind it a few times to get the concept down.

locus is crashing over and over again , whether I'm using guidance/compass to get to a cache or pressing the "nearest waypoints" button. also when i upload logs of caches.

also the GPS controls are all screwed up. turning off the screen is turning off the gps, which is set to stay on for both track recording and guidance. I'm not using any battery saving features in the android battery settings.

this is on three of my devices, running Android 7 and 5
I've uploaded bug reports each time.

Troubles & Questions / 180° weirdness ?
October 16, 2019, 13:36:23
scroll around anywhere north/south on N 66.97525°, E 179.99989° , close to 180th and locus gets bogged down, not sure which hemisphere map view to load ?

Quote from: marcolbmp on July 30, 2019, 19:26:55
I have been using Locus to follow tracks for off-road use and it works quite well.
However, with my Garmin, I can create a custom map overlay using the application IMGfromGPX that I can load into my unit and view. In essence, this negates the need for running a track and give me the ability to navigate at any time without losing the map.

Can I load a custom map file like this into Locus? The file type created is a Disk Image File.

there is no need. you can display both a track (GPx) and a route (gpx) at the same time with locus my the map isn't changed by displaying either/both.

bug present in all maps, vector and image based... attached screenshot
Bug still present in .3 release

I've tried several maps, no zoom past .3 mile
thank you !
image to help understand the issue....

the upper WAY; point of the triangle is the normal, non offset hairpin turn

the lower right waypoint of the triangle is where strava aligns it's hairpin turn

I'm using strava to find trails, and noticed latest releases have offset strava QUITE a bit.

i used locus and a known hairpin turn to calculate the offset...

strava overlay is 4.87 miles offset south
4.7 miles offset east

i used the locus offset to correct this, but i don't know if it's a locus big or strava trying to prevent usage ;-)

any ideas ?
Troubles & Questions / error covers screen
May 29, 2019, 15:18:17
i get this error constantly, covering the screen. i did not on previous versions.