constant crashing with geocaching

Started by ohgood, October 22, 2019, 15:13:08

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locus is crashing over and over again , whether I'm using guidance/compass to get to a cache or pressing the "nearest waypoints" button. also when i upload logs of caches.

also the GPS controls are all screwed up. turning off the screen is turning off the gps, which is set to stay on for both track recording and guidance. I'm not using any battery saving features in the android battery settings.

this is on three of my devices, running Android 7 and 5
I've uploaded bug reports each time.



Hi, sorry to read about such problems.

Latest Locus Map 3.40.2?

Best to get anything fixed is to
a) describe me steps to reproduce same issue on my own device
b) create "big" log right after app crash by this method:

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