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bug present in all maps, vector and image based... attached screenshot

Bug still present in .3 release

I've tried several maps, no zoom past .3 mile

thank you !

image to help understand the issue....

the upper WAY; point of the triangle is the normal, non offset hairpin turn

the lower right waypoint of the triangle is where strava aligns it's hairpin turn

Troubles & Questions / map overlay requires offset ? (strava)
« on: May 29, 2019, 15:21:49 »
I'm using strava to find trails, and noticed latest releases have offset strava QUITE a bit.

i used locus and a known hairpin turn to calculate the offset...

strava overlay is 4.87 miles offset south
4.7 miles offset east

i used the locus offset to correct this, but i don't know if it's a locus big or strava trying to prevent usage ;-)

any ideas ?

Troubles & Questions / error covers screen
« on: May 29, 2019, 15:18:17 »
i get this error constantly, covering the screen. i did not on previous versions.

i would much rather have a DONATE button included in the current PRO application and free application.

subscriptions always end up having "phone home" issues when i don't have service, or sooner strange error that requires a reinstall/phone home. i simply cannot recommend subscription based applications because of these problems.

i bet you could very easily convince folks to punch the 'donate' button with your usual awesome updates. i know i would.

anyway, that's all the whining i will do.

if you include a DONATE button in pro/classic/whatever, I'll press it, hard.

Troubles & Questions / lost gps - waiting on location 3.37.2
« on: March 28, 2019, 14:31:35 »
I gave 3.37.2 a shot yesterday. it aquired normal location, i started a navigation process (no commands) and started driving. about 1/2 way through the trip locus dropped location and displayed a 'waiting for location' error message for over 5 minutes or so.  i closed the app and tried again, with similar results. at this point i didn't have much time left to test, and needed to get moving, so i restored the 3.72.1 version and it performed fine the rest of the trips for the day.

are there issues with 3.37.2  and location ?

do I need to install 3.37.2 and catch a log for you ?

thanks !

latest update 3.70 does not have this issue anymore.

thank you for the hard work and updates !

Troubles & Questions / track database merge ?
« on: January 24, 2019, 15:38:50 »
i have lots of tracks in my database backups, and want to merge 2 different databases. is it possible to merge 2 databases so all the track's from an old database and all the track's in the new database are available?

thanks !

thanks for all the effort!

it's not a big deal really, i just wanted to squash a bug..... but it's looking like it's a phone or filesystem issue, not a bug. I'll keep trying, tomorrow morning.

thanks again :-)

Hmm, weird.

May you give a try to this test (Locus Map Free) version: ?
I've maybe found something, thanks.

nope, it's the same crash with that beta version.

i tried to duplicate on an old rugby pro (i love those old phones!) but it was fine.

if you could try it on a kyocera xd, i can only guess it's device specific problem?

i sent the new bug report and user id via email

i tried two more tests:
1 moved all the "James tog" tracks out of the "James"group
2 edited a track (the popcorn road part) and it worked fine
3 moved "James tog" back from no group into "James" group..... at that point touching any track resulted in a crash.

outside of group named James, all works fine.
inside of ANY named group, it crashes upon touching and track and selecting "more info"


i really need groups, see how many tracks i have ? ;-)

ok this afternoon I'll wipe out the phone and start fresh to see if it helps. this phone hadn't been wiped in over a year.

i sent you a link to Google drive full backup.

thank you for taking a look !

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