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Quote from: menion on May 29, 2018, 23:10:25
In case of "cadence sensor", isn't this aways about rotation?

In this under example, the cadence sensor is installed on my left shoe, and I am walking inside my house, so the sensor has no rotation at all...

Its measure is 27, here, which represents an instant speed of 54 steps of (something like...) 80 cm in one minute, which can be converted in a (realistic...) speed of 2,592 km/h  ;)

As it implies a rotation, "RPM" is not perfect, for a cadence, witch can be another mouvement like back/forth, up/down, etc...
So, the unit "m-1" is probably the best. And I just see in Wikipedia that Hz ("hertz") is also s-1...
Quote from: menion on May 29, 2018, 16:30:14
Hello sbouju,
funny :).
"min-1" is the shortcut for "cadence per one minute". Any suggestion to make it more clear?
Interesting that this interferes with speed value. I may guarantee that no such connection exists in code, so both values should be completely independent. Isn't on dashboard visible sensor speed instead? If you have speed & cadence sensor, it may then do something ...
Ah, OK... I had never seen it, and so, it is quite the same thing than the more usual "RPM", when there is a rotation/revolution somewhere ! ;)

Not well understood the end of your answer, but this very little sensor is only for sending a cadence, and with no other part or accessory (except th smartphone!) to convert this in other thing, even if the sended unit is a revolution...

I currently try to see if this little standalone ANT+ sensor can be a reliable source of data with my electric unicycle in order to have my current speed with a good precision, and also because all the others tested solutions are not very satisfying !

Any chance to have an option for customizing the item "Sensor/Cadence" of the dashboard for a direct view of the speed, if pertinent, rather than the cadence?
Another screenshot, the Ant+ sensor being glued at the extremity of a turning little electric screwdriver...

And it seems to me that this this interfer a little with the GPS speed indication (near bottom right), as the smartphone was not moving, at this same time...

Troubles & Questions / Cadence sensor view
May 26, 2018, 12:35:34
Just begining to test a fresh&cheap&chinese ANT+ cadence sensor in Locus...

My first question: what means "min-1", as unit ?

In this under screenshot, the value is 0, but I precise now that it can be other values, if I shake the sensor.

Doing Menu/Settings/Maps, I have less available options in the beta version than in the pro version.
Normal ?

Hello everybody,
Just joined the beta testers, and sorry in advance for the poor english...!
My current "tests" are just the observation of the pacific coexistence between the two Pro and beta versions, as they are now both installed on both my smartphones. A good thing for starting, as they also share some data, as personal maps, points, tracks...
Anyway, is there some things to test in priority?
Hi every body,
Is there another topic about recent and new Locus Map live tracking abilities, as it seems to me that this has happended...?  :)
All is OK now, the key was to choose the setting Navigation/Route recalculation/Point priority, and I had probably not set it previously on one unit, as I use more than one smartphone/tablet !  :)
Thank you for your help, and this is exactly my setting. I shall try some times more...
If I leave a calculated route to a point, I get only the "?" and the bips, but Locus/BRouter never recalculate the route from my new GPS position. Normal ? Or a setting I miss...?
Yes, I did so, with an "upload mirror" setting of Dropsync on my main unit, for its Locus/data/database directory, and a "download mirror" setting on the other  :)
OK, just did it, with the help of Dropbox and DropSync, and having defined sync pairs between their Locus/data/database folders and a corresponding Locus_data_database folder in my dropbox... ;)
Is there an easier way (cloud...?) for sharing my Locus POIs database between the two smartphones I use than exporting/importing them from one to the other?
Oh yes, OK, thank you !  :)

I may be wrong, but for me, this screen seems to be a simple "numeric snapshot" of a recorded track, far from a real time info as is what we can see in a dahboard data field.