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Using my smartphone simultaneously for Locus voice guidance *AND* (alternately at Locus) for listening to music, I notice that some audio apps stop playing permanently after a Locus audio intervention, while others naturally play again when Locus has finished .

Could Locus Map be the cause of this different treatment ?
Can the value "Distance from start" be available in a dashboard during an activity recording (with no route planning)?
I have tried an Ant+ speed sensor in Locus Map in different configurations (compared with a GPS speed stabilized measure), and founded some limitations/errors in its results:
- a poor precision at low speed (under 10-15 km/h)
- false indication when reaching high speeds (over 75-80 km/h), with the indicated speed not growing more.

Any idea of the reasons of that ?

Anyway, the measures seems relatively correct between 15 and 70 km/h :)

At low speed in the first half of this under second video:

The sensor I test is this one:

Note: not able to mount it on the hub of the wheel as figured above (it is with my EUC or my car), I mount it on the side of the rim... May be a problem ?

Locus Map Watch / Locus at wrist
January 23, 2019, 10:46:42
Has anybody tested Locus (standard app) on a 640x590 screen...?

Just tried again the Locus route planning fonction, and I no longer can have Locus constructing a route following roads, when BRouter is selected in the navigation settings. I have not this and all is working fine when GraphHopper is choosed in place of BRouter, in those navigation settings.
I currently use a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, which has no internal GPS reception, with an external bluetooth GPS unit.

And I note a discordance between two Locus indicators, one which says that reception is OK (the green icon in the main screen) , and the other that reception is null (the satellite view saying "No satellites")...

Normal ?

I precise that the good behaviour is the first one!  :)

Troubles & Questions / Cadence sensor view
May 26, 2018, 12:35:34
Just begining to test a fresh&cheap&chinese ANT+ cadence sensor in Locus...

My first question: what means "min-1", as unit ?

In this under screenshot, the value is 0, but I precise now that it can be other values, if I shake the sensor.

If I leave a calculated route to a point, I get only the "?" and the bips, but Locus/BRouter never recalculate the route from my new GPS position. Normal ? Or a setting I miss...?
Is there an easier way (cloud...?) for sharing my Locus POIs database between the two smartphones I use than exporting/importing them from one to the other?
POI's / POIs comments
June 21, 2017, 07:56:51
I have a collection of waypoints in a GPX file which contains interesting comments in their "Comment" field, but when I import it in Locus, this field is not there, so I loose these comments (in Locus, but in many other applications, I have to admit!)

Any workaround for that...?
Can I define a custom icon for me when using the live tracking option?

Edit: I have read some posts about custom icons, cursors, etc., but it seems very complicated for somebody which is not a computer guru !  ;)
I could not ask Locus Maps to compute a navigaion for me in offline mode, this morning.
I have this reply  message:

Unable to resolve host
No adress associated with hostname.
Any chance to have a Locus version with all main functions accessible on a very small screen like this one...?