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POI's / POIs comments
June 21, 2017, 07:56:51
I have a collection of waypoints in a GPX file which contains interesting comments in their "Comment" field, but when I import it in Locus, this field is not there, so I loose these comments (in Locus, but in many other applications, I have to admit!)

Any workaround for that...?
Thank you for the prompt answer ! :)

I have seen that I can already use every one of the Locus (or even Gamin) icons, for that. But I imagine they are not editable...
Can I define a custom icon for me when using the live tracking option?

Edit: I have read some posts about custom icons, cursors, etc., but it seems very complicated for somebody which is not a computer guru !  ;)
Yes, I shall have a look to this BRouter, for my EUC offline navigation, even if the solution of just Locus and a good offline map is already fine ;)

When I am in car and offline, I usually use Sygic, already, and also Google Maps, since a short time... The offline option of Maps works only for car, at this time, if a navigation is needed. Sygic give also a navigation for pedestrian, being offline.
Thank you too, Michael:) I shall have a second look to this BRouter, which has seemed to me not very (end-)user friendly first ;)
OK, thank you, and really sorry: I understand now that I was trying something not possible...!
Retried sometimes, but I cannot make any routing when off-line with LocusMapPro + LoMaps.
Thank you :)
So I shall retry soon...
I could not ask Locus Maps to compute a navigaion for me in offline mode, this morning.
I have this reply  message:

Unable to resolve host
No adress associated with hostname.
OK, thank you, I understand  :)
Here an example of a Wikiloc live tracking:

In comparison, and when it works, the live tracking of the solution Locus+Gpsies show only a few and rare big brown dots on/of the followed route...
I have tried GPSies as server for the live tracking, but I founded the tracking very "spaced",in comparison with the perfect live tracking of Wikiloc, for example.This is normal ...?
Troubles & Questions / Re: Locus Store
July 02, 2016, 14:47:24
After the purchase of France South LoMaps, the cartography was not available via the LocusMap normal menu.
Then,I founded the two files (*), and they were stored not in the "france" folder, but just above, in the "europe" folder...
Finally, all became OK after a cut and paste of the two files to the france folder...

(*) _france_south.osm.db (305 Mo)   and (1,14 Go)
I perferctly understand that, and I love Locus Maps Pro... on my 5.5" smartphone !  :)

But having (a little surprisingly!) installed it on this so smaller unit, it should have been marvellous to be able to do 2 or 3 steps forward, like loading amap for offline use, and having a way to center the map on my position, for example  ;)

Best regards,