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My Garmin units don't support Connect IQ, so does this plugin can help for simply (?) obtaining a .fit Locus export which can be uploaded to Garmin Connect then ?
Just trying the .fit export...

1) in Locus route planner, I create a routing, then save it.
2) from "Tracks", I export it with the FIT option, and I share it with me too (in Telegram).
3) on the PC, the shared file (.fit format) can be open and viewed correctly in Garmin BaseCamp.
4) but this same file cannot be imported into Garmin Connect...

Is this last point normal ?
Too fast paid the full version with Lo Coins, none of my Garmin units being compatible :(

I have tried an Ant+ speed sensor in Locus Map in different configurations (compared with a GPS speed stabilized measure), and founded some limitations/errors in its results:
- a poor precision at low speed (under 10-15 km/h)
- false indication when reaching high speeds (over 75-80 km/h), with the indicated speed not growing more.

Any idea of the reasons of that ?

Anyway, the measures seems relatively correct between 15 and 70 km/h :)

At low speed in the first half of this under second video:

The sensor I test is this one:

Note: not able to mount it on the hub of the wheel as figured above (it is with my EUC or my car), I mount it on the side of the rim... May be a problem ?

Just for pointing that I no longer have the problem... on my recent new smartphone (under Android 9)  8)...

And no, I have not bought it (just) for that !  ;)
Locus Map Watch / Locus at wrist
January 23, 2019, 10:46:42
Has anybody tested Locus (standard app) on a 640x590 screen...?

Thanx, Menion.

The good thing is that I can compare much more often the routings between BRouter on the Sony and GraphHopper on th OnePlus. And then, it is easy to have both GPXs on both smartphones   ;) For that, I send then to each other with Telegram, very convenient!  :)
Is this problem from BRouter, or from Locus, or both, or other...?
And is there any chance to see it solved? But may be I need to report it first in a more right place...
Thank you for this answer !  :)

Quote from: milan.cejnar on October 18, 2018, 16:04:05
... I am curious what your use case would be...
For example, I can think of a master full Locus working on a large tablet, well protected in a bag, and a slave one with less possibilities, working on a rugged, waterproof, etc., a little unit I can wear like a watch on my wrist, like are the Unihertz "Jelly Pro" and (soon available) "Atom".

Similary, I am a very old user of the "qtVlm" program, a powerfull marine navigation application working on all plateforms, and which is going to work very soon with such another extension ("qtVlm Companion"), installable indifferently on a Android wear unit or on a more  "classic" smartphone, assuming (for example) the main program is working on a PC inside the boat.
Hi everybody! :)
Can (or could be) "Wear for Locus" be installed on a secondary standard Android "slave" machine, instead on an "wearable" one?
Yes, Android 8.0.0, on this OnePlus 3T...

So, I tried again with my XPeria Z3C (under Android 6.0.1), and bingo! no such problem on it ! :)
Tested with version 3.32.2 for the Pro version, and for the testing free version.

Under, two screens for the same test, one realized with the BRouter option for data source in the navigation settings and resulting with a straight line (1), the other with the Graphhopper option (2).

I add that when using the BRouter option, I have the following alert msg evoquing a connection problem (?), "T:cannot connect to service", and I need to stop the process by clicking on the white "X" on blue circle icon.

PS: and sorry for my bad english, whichdoes not help...

Just tried again the Locus route planning fonction, and I no longer can have Locus constructing a route following roads, when BRouter is selected in the navigation settings. I have not this and all is working fine when GraphHopper is choosed in place of BRouter, in those navigation settings.
I currently use a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, which has no internal GPS reception, with an external bluetooth GPS unit.

And I note a discordance between two Locus indicators, one which says that reception is OK (the green icon in the main screen) , and the other that reception is null (the satellite view saying "No satellites")...

Normal ?

I precise that the good behaviour is the first one!  :)

If this can help, I point that I can use Locus (and some other GPS oriented apps) on a smartphone (whose GPS don't works..) with an external (bluetooth)GPS unit.

The phone is a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, and the GPS receiver is a GlobalSat BT-338.