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--- 3.31.2 FREE ---

Compass - OK
Rotate log text - OK

Display Control crash - ? Pro *
Display Control value - ? Pro*
Display Control working display off - ? Pro*
Pre-text log geocaching - ? Pro *
Time format (pre-log GC) -? Pro *

* 30.31.2 BETA has published as Free.
Just remind (unimportant) details.
If there is time, throw the new text on the crowdin.
After the update, Locus began to fall in different places. I was looking for a bug on my device. When people began to report problems, I stopped exploring and using Locus. What I remember when changing the default log, then changing the time format, Sometimes changing the% zoom. (and all places reported by other people) I try to go back to what I wanted and find out where it all fell. I suspected it was happening when typing text or values ​​in general. So I tried randomly to enter text or value into different functions. Somewhere it went and somewhere fell.
Rotating the portrait to landscape display deletes the text you wrote! Log geocach.
confirmation Žajdlík Josef problem.
Required hot-fix.

Locus down when trying to change texts, numbers, values ​​in different places.
It is a global problem.
@Menion 3.31.0 Pro
So Does It Work Off Display in All Situations By Time Set Up in Locus? Really?
Set up, geocaching, predefined text.
The long text is missing the scroll bar.
And constant window - not adaptable.
Activate the sensor.
It works in only one mode of guidance. Off after 30s (Locus).
All other situations (navigation, map, GPS off, GPS on, Power) Android settings.
@Žajdlík Josef
The basic question is what time do you set up on Android? Same 30s?

After my multiple tests both Pro and Beta work the same way.
Everything is as I wrote higher.

@Žajdlík Josef
Please simulate variants with my test and write the results.

The correct operation of control could only occur in one situation.
Quote from: erfi on June 07, 2018, 17:46:55
QuoteLast wishes before Monday bug-fix version possible :).
My wish:
I agree with the assumption that when planning a route, it will be possible to combine different profiles in one route.
By the way, this is not bug-fix ;-)
Display control and permanent light.
Ufff... Many options.... tests...

The result of the analysis (both Pro and Beta seems to be the same):
First issue - broken assumptions (IF) "Screen still on"

It does not matter what the assumptions (IF) are set to when the condition does not work.
I need to fix this and then continue testing.

Currently, display control "right" only works in one variant. No matter what the conditions / assumptions (IF) are. (Navigation, GPS on / off, Power on)

Only for guidance.
It does not work in any other situation.

Night Ride Home and Test.
Combination: GPS on, navigation - the display lights up permanently. It does not even take the Android setup.

Somewhere on the disk I have an instructional video for Locus navigation. Made for Locus event school. Among other things, there is also a preview of this feature. More than 2 months old.
Display control and permanent light.

The first time you notice the difference in settings.
I had to re-set this feature in BETA.
I noticed the difference in the settings (Pro / Beta).
Constant backlight control. This influences the control function (On / Off display). I've been looking for this setting because I have not changed it for a long time. Without my knowledge I have other settings. I do not know ... Maybe I am. But are we both (Žajdlík Josef) at the same time changed the setting? Did any update change the setting? Suspicious ...

I'm trying to test the settings of other variants again.

I expect (I hope) that this will be the case. We will see..
Analysis (error from 3.31.0) of the display control:

Locus setting 120s (no change)

Android Situation setting 30s (less than Locus):
- power button - 30s (by android)
- 1 use gesture sensor - more than 10min (probably permanently or randomly, or after a random motion of the map - change of position)
- the following uses gesture sensor - 30s (by android)
- double tap - 30s (by android)

Android Situation setting 5min (more than Locus):
- power button - 5min (by android)
- 1 use gesture sensor - 5min (by android)
- next use gesture sensor - 5min (by android)
- double tap -5min (by android)

1. Repair or return to the state prior to 3.31.0

2. Rename the display control function.
New Name - Lights up the display
Remove the time setting. Write information - according to Android setup.

Personally I highly recommend the first option and hope that my favorite feature will work again correctly.
Quote from: menion on June 06, 2018, 14:54:53
It had to be same as now or something change in Android itself. I do not know, because I never used such short screen timeout and also "no touch on screen" after screen turns on.

I do not wanna argue  :)
But I used this feature mainly in a car many thousands of kilometers. I know how it worked.
About 2 years ago, I changed the timeout from 30s to 120s to see crossroad crossings after the last command.

P.S. My Android settings have been and are different for different profiles (Normal 1min, Home 5min, Work 10min, LowBat 10s, CarPower 30min, Geo 10min, and more ...)
Latest Android Update 1.2.2017
Quote from: menion on June 06, 2018, 13:30:45
@Žajdlík Josef
interesting problem. Partially unsolvable, but I've at least bit improved it so timeout should be now closer to what you have defined in settings. If you do a tiny touch (movement) on your screen it will reset devices counter and will work as expected. Anyway ... improved.

In earlier versions, the display control worked flawlessly.