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I confirm a problem with screen control.
Shutdown does not work!
Sensor activation - screen turns off according to Android settings.
The activation double tap - the screen lights up permanently.
Higher data for me is not essential.
I was trying to apply the GPS correction and shift.
No change to map or save point.
I want to ask: Where does this correction apply? Only route record? Or where is it still possible to see this GPS altitude?
Quote from: balloni55 on June 05, 2018, 13:31:43
QuoteAlso OK like in case of Condor
log via addon FN work also fine for me :D
I wrote and sent through Field Note Manager (Locus). No Addon FieldNotes!
I have tried it now. For me, the log via Field Note Manager has gone through OK.
Screenshot before

And after

I figured. Tab UPDATE DATE to update no refresh! Close and new open cache. Date will appear!

Not the same.
I have an old cache.
Action: Open old cache, (see update date), update, row last update disappears.
Locus 3.31.0.
Update Date Removed from Base Tab Cache?
- screenshot with greyed trackable

I did a lot of tests ...
Yes, you're right, it's some old records. I do not know where and why does Locus archive them?
These records were tested and deleted. I do not have them stored anywhere.
I have no offline (FN) record at this time.
I open a cache, write a new log, and I will download the TB list to send it. And we'll get a long long gray list!
Now I've looked at it and added another 7 entries! I did not send anything! Each new TB list opening adds additional gray records. I did not send anything.
You understand?  ;)
I already have a list of 4 displays   :D

I did not use the send button!
And I just looked at the GC and:

23. 5. 2018    Condorik took it to Koral
This old test I do not see in Locus anywhere today send on GC!
I did not use the send button!
I did not even use the TB refresh button
This is what the white records are on the screenshot!!!

+edit 2

I have probably reached some limit (Max TB record? I have them 11)
Because the gray record has ceased to grow.
I'm in the state that I can not make any new TB record anymore.

+edit 3
Maybe if I used the TB refresh button I could go on  :D :D :D
I do not want to try it! I do not want another unwanted record on the GC site.
Field Note Manager (FNM)
It does not update the list after editing.

Existing record, tap and hold to edit, edit record - delete record, click back, return to FNM list.

This list will remain old with no existing records.
***  3.31.0 RC2   ***

The first and only click on the online log and this has happened.
Below TB records continue.

The magnifying glass is now great!

Line spirit! Some bugs ...
Appears when POI notifications are running

The solution retains the principle of maintaining the status quo and the ability to send caches individually as now. Benefit would be to remember the setting you have visited.

New option (in FNM) to mark the range or everything, set TB as the visited and one click. Equipped. Each action is unambiguous and user-driven. No action makes any hits in a different cache or offline record.

Simple log single cache option:
exactly as it works until now. (required manually for each set visited or drop off)

Variant bulk log:
mark A, B, C click send. Cache D send individually, visited, drop off, grab. Mark E, F, G .... or all and send.

Individual unique decisions drop off, grab, pick up can not be automated. It is an action after a specific decision or action. It's not a repeat activity.
95% of work with TB is visited (own inventory). This activity takes up daily for a 50-100 cache of 1-3 hours. I want to spend 3 hours on nature or sleep or whatever. I want to save 3 hours of mobile phone battery.
I do not know how to comment and explain the context properly.
The basic question is:
What do we want it to happen?
There is a need for this answer. We want to write TB to a specific cache log. Yes.

So this is what I want and the solution offered is complex and without complications. It is easy to apply for bulk enrollment.

Once again, I emphasize. Any storage of the offline TB log is unnecessary, it does not matter is the source of the problem. It does not require any subsequent action.

Any work with TB is only needed when you send it online. Just how it worked so far. We want automatic setup to be visited. This is the first phase and requirement.

The second is to apply this principle to the bulk log exactly in the same way automatically for all caches in a batch.
Offline record of TB is really unnecessary and especially unrealizable.It is assumption of many variations of problems that can not be solved.
Real use? Nothing reasonable did not think. More importance to save offline log TB is the reason for its later use (send) For this purpose this activity is unnecessary. This action is only done when sending. And it does not matter whether it is a one cache or a lot of cache.
Everything is about saving time, doing unnecessary tasks, automating the process, minimizing errors.

We all want to make Locus the best.
TB log at one cache, essentially as it was for years. The only requirement was to preset (or remember the last state) than the one visited. Whether it is on the old card or down on the main one is one. No offline storage! Just like sending in one batch with a cache. No gray records.

This "card" TB is similarly used in FNM for the whole dose. Follow sequence, synchro as detailed in it.

Really simple and no problems ;-)