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Construct functionality so that you can send a TB log without sending the log cache is incorrect. (Border with GC rules).
This is all the more when it's done in the background without a clear action by the user.

E.g.:  activity in another cache (inadvertently) sends the TB log from a completely different Offline record.

So, according to the results of my activity (unjustified log on the GC page) I came to the conclusion that not only reload TB sends TB (there is a notice so it is relatively OK). But also LOAD TB! (No Alert!) So LOAD is actually UPLOAD SEND!
If I believed this would ever work smoothly so I suggested to rename the button. But this construction is waiting for further problems. So it does not matter.

Why did you choose this complicated path to a simple result?

But this is an effort (from your side) to make OFFLINE TB logs ;-)

All these problems ... the solution is elsewhere.

Editing of created TB log: yep, it is not possible now. If log is greyed, it should mean that it is already uploaded! I'll look at it.

Do not you mean that seriously?
I've just checked the GCs and yes!
All my OFF-LINE attempts I NEVER sent online and deleted on the device are recorded on the GC website !!!
The whole thing ..... does not work this way.

I'm going to delete the 30 records from the page ....

When and at what occasion did Locus send it?

+ Edit:
I did not use the option to send an online log.
I did not even use TB to update it once. (I know this action will send a log)

+Another problem

Hi Jakob,
Do you have all the necessary settings and data?
Set up as Brouter provider in navigation?
Downloaded navigation area in Brouter?

I had plans to replace the battery and hoped that this could be solved.

Today, after the battery has been replaced, the defect has been removed.

The problem with the integrated batteries is that the device does not provide a cold start.
The device is always in the fast start setting. Replacing the battery has completely restarted and rebooted.

On old devices, it was enough to remove and insert the battery.

- They seem to work properly
- "filter manager" and Tap menu icon is a good job.

Circle 161m (limit):
- The circle around the final is OK
- the circle around the original coordinates (virtual point) - Not good (there is no limit)

+ recommendation for 161 limits:
- If this function is to be perfect, virtual cache must also be excluded. (Event (M, G), Cito, Earth, Virtual, Lab, L&F)

FN manager:
- Tap and hold on log to edit OK

Cache detail offline log edit:
- Can not edit TB! I will save the log with the TB settings I have visited. Then I want to fix on eg. insert. It can not be changed. The original selection will remain gray (unavailable). Each edit creates a new TB record!
So it works? Definitely not.
(You'll know my troubleshooting, even those that will happen later)

- poor position orientation
(I wrote another place)

List of Attributes
The geowiki page seems OK. Number 66 also agrees with
According to geoviki, set available options for individual attributes.

"and Attributes (need re-import caches)"
This sentence was very strictly hidden between the pictures!  :o

@Leeds Tyke Thanks

The attribute filter also allows you to select an attribute that does not exist. Some prohibitions do not exist. Such as livestock, dangerous area, and others.

And I announce that the filters do not work at all! +hidden information
I found them to work partly but badly. On the contrary. Looking for a dog. I will give a green dog OK and no results. +hidden information


Chaos with bottom buttons.
clear/delete filter - OK
cancel (zrušiť) - ? the result is the same as the filter
filter - OK

Missing option - delete all currently selected (all to ignore)

I also recommend - tap and hold on the attribute - set to ignore

When working with the filter, the filters return to the base card (the last working one does not remember) - annoying

When the filter is activated, the icon below is white (unlabeled)

And I got into the window from where I can not go back to the filters. Filters will be lost and only a filter of distance. (add screen)
+My fault! Click the line next!

For sure, I'm generating a report....

I look at the LT map (as you run) and you run away from the map! :-D
It would be a convenient feature - "Focus" (center the map on the selected user)

Thank you for the cross in the magnifying glass.
Layout is inappropriate. (not applicable to exact work).
I wrote about it in detail in helpforum.

If the words are not enough ... find the 3rd branch of the map.
A view of the cursor position on the normal map is essential.
I have a cross (super) but I do not know where ;-)

This change is from puddle to mud.

Looking at the edit / add chat room window, I thought:
Use this layout for the add / edit section of your friends.
"green area and text" and quick delete - small cross.
Also implement the "friends" feature in the popup menu tap to owner (listing, logs) - "Add to friends".

Functions for online Chat appear to be interesting. In this context, yes and chat - as a byproduct.

For example, who does not care about the chat can make the icon that covers the map disappear?

Good note and question.
I assumed that if I left the room the icon would disappear. It did not happen. Even the tap on the envelope fits me into the original room I'm no longer in.

Available room is - Public room.
I'm in it for testing now ;-)

Just thinking about Chat and my personal opinion.
Does this feature have real use and relevance?
Today there are free calls, SMS free, a million social networks and text communicators.

Personally, this option probably never use.
Is this really what we need in Locus?

P.S. I do not want this in any way offend Locus team :-)

I have ideas for an automatic life saving feature. (notification and emergency rescue) It may be a separate application or addon. The advantage is that Locus is mostly run on "risky" activities and already connected to the device's sensors.
If this topic is interesting ... I can write more privately.

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