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Ano! Prave to skusam... pridavat pridavat.... a ono sa to vrati.
Ale neviem ci toto je spravne fungovanie.

Takze moja prva rada ze pridavaj pridavaj bola spravna  ;)
(ono to tak nejako fungovalo pred rokmi ze nasledujuce tlacidlo ktore uz nevoslo hore "spadlo do praveho")

Funkcia zrejme dostala novu podobu zobrazenia ale princip fungovania zozstal povodny (co je OK)

pozeram ten Tvoj screen a do Locusu a fakt tam mas nejaku zradu.
Skusim popozerat.... ako si sa dostal do tohto stadia....

Akcia: + pridat tlacidlo,  + pridat tlacidlo, + pridat tlacidlo.... Nasledne zmazat tlacidlo, Nasledne zmazat tlacidlo A vysledok vidis na screene od wlashack!

Nasledne uz nie je mozné pridat do praveho. Nazov zmizne.
Teraz to skusim dat do poriadku a nejako tam dostat tlacidla. Ale je to BUG.

A takto som dopadol  ;D :D :o
Už tam nemam nic! Este ze som si odtoto len free verziu.

Len pridávaj.... pridávaj.... do "horného"  ;)
@Menion s tym názvom by už asi trebalo niečo robiť ;)
Pozerám že názov je OK. (Dávno som tam nepozeral) Nastavenie funkcii panela (zmením na PANELOV)
a ešte je to tam aj nakreslené  ;D Pekné.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Updating Geocaches
June 21, 2018, 18:15:35
Quote from: Viajero Perdido on June 21, 2018, 17:42:38
PS, GC6YB6K mentioned above is strange.  It's archived, not retracted.  But there's no Archive log, something I've never seen before.

Yes, I have seen what it is like for status. Groundspeak made some changes and automated processes. It's not exactly RETRACT but a similar state. (I do not know his name). Cache is in the archive. But the status change for the owner is allowed. Specific temporary situation in combination when owner does not exist (DELETED_USER)
It does not matter to this discussion ;-)

Maybe just the Reviewer has disabled the display of the record. I do not know...
This option certainly exists for the LOCK Cache log.
Maybe it's a similar case.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Updating Geocaches
June 21, 2018, 15:43:02

Geocache - GC6YB6K
At the moment, I would not take care of it.
Cache is in RETRACT status! (unique current status forced by Reviewer)
It's like waiting for archiving. (Better still archived with the ability to change this status to the user) After 30 days it changes status to Archived (I think system is automatically) if the owner does not do otherwise.

And yes. Momentally, G4L reports an error.
I do not know whether it makes sense to deal with this exceptional situation.
Troubles & Questions / Re: Updating Geocaches
June 21, 2018, 15:20:05
*** Version 3.31.3 ***

Cache name update OK  :)
Quote from: menion on June 18, 2018, 08:15:57
Tak ve verzi 3.32 nebo v Beta verzi -> experimentální menu (dlouhý stick na "nastavení" v hlavním menu) > nastavení > experimentální > Open main menu by dragging
Troubles & Questions / Re: Updating Geocaches
June 20, 2018, 13:16:21
I recommend that all databases and links be linked to the GC code (when changing the design).
This is the only constant identifying the cache. All other parameters are variable.

Quote from: Condor on August 24, 2016, 22:27:22
Apropo ked uz Ta mam na linke ;-)
Tak taky detail: Nazov kese sa neaktualizuje a aj po zmene nazvu na locus uz pri aktualizacii kes nazov nekontroluje. Neviem ci to tak je naprogramovane alebo to je chyba. Fix udaj je GCkod. Ten pripad zas ale nenastava casto takze to len tak na okraj ;-)
Ďakujem aj ja Tebe! Vďaka Tomu že máš v menu trasy že vraj plánovač trasy som to začal hľadať ako si to tam dostal!
Táto možnosť v nastaveniach nie je! Tak si vravim ako to tam ten chlap dostal? No nič skúsim si tam pridať aspoň ten starý edit na skúšku.
A! Stal sa zázrak 😄
Neexistujúca možnosť sa tam objavila.
Menion Menion......
Áno jasné. Jediná záludnosť je v tom že ľudia a predpokladám že aj Ty ideš z uloženej trasy cez menu do položky editovať. (Čo je logické) Ale tam nie! To je zvyšok starého systému (možno kvôli trasam zo starého systému).
Musíš ísť znova do plánovanie trasy. A tam Tí už to bude fungovať a bude Ti všetko jasné 😉.

(Pripomienka zo zoznamu malá priorita)
Troubles & Questions / Re: Updating Geocaches
June 19, 2018, 18:30:39
The new import is of course a new name. I'm talking about updating the cache. It never worked. Maybe something changed a few years ago? I'm trying to verify it again.

Test result:
Not worked

I will tell you exactly how "I off" the GPS.
Standard GPS status on (orange). Action - simulation on - simulation off. And I expect that GPS will return to the previous state or GPS on orange. And not to return to a state I've never won - GPS off white.
Upss ... You're right! After the previous tests, I left the satellite icon white! I never changed it so I did not notice it. Sorry.

But OK at least I discovered a hidden new simulation feature: D

By the way, I just watch Jürgen Gärtner's dream come true. Ok so my tests of three other navigators were useless. Locus will now behave differently as a standard. I do not mind doing this and I do not use it. Only in the morning in hotels can anyone not notice this change of calculation. And it will be surprising that the target is 300km and not 25. But OK.
I never thought to start navigating from the planned route.
But I read here and so I tried what it does. There is a "chaotic behavior". Navigation is running and "My Location" is the center of the map. When moving maps (manually), the navigation attempts to count a new route, reports turns, pips points ... Simply chaos.

So it works? I have not understood the intent and importance of this behavior.
Solver has stopped working for me somewhere around Locus 3.28.x I do not know ... I stopped using it. A lot of effort and little result.
I thinks is the change occurred when changing Locus working with the original coordinates and their views.