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Themes - Vector maps / Re: [Theme] TOTM
January 15, 2019, 09:39:41
I would also be very interested in a v4 version!
Thanks @john_percy for your feedback on the special Locus enhancements!
There is a main thread for mapsforge v4+ development now...but I'd like to keep this thread open because it's about themes and I think not all v3 themes (especially the themes which use locus-specific enhancements) will work with v4 library.

I guess we have to wait for menions actions in the next months and try themes again when there are new (beta) versions available...
According to this blogpost on (, OAM plans to stop producing v3 vector maps as of mid 2019.

Fortunately, Locus is able to deal with v4 maps (provided as "ML" - maps from OAM) using the standard mapsforge v4 library (without the Locus-specific enhancements like automatic map loading). Btw.: what other enhancements does the Locus v3 implementation offer compared to the default v4 implementation? I remember something like rendering speed optimizations...what else?

The other thing is themes...currently I use some really nice Locus-specific themes I don't want to miss. I'd like to start a list of OAM-compatible themes and the availability of v4-versions. I try to update the list when I or others find out more details...

themev4 version
HiLoin development, called 'active RT'
outdoorX (outdoor/desert/navigation)outdoorV4 and desertV4 available, will be further developed
Ok thanks, thats ok for me! I just wanted to make sure that there's not something wrong with my generated gpx files.

I don't know if it is specific to this version, but there seems to be a problem with showing details of imported gpx tracks when there are newlines (\n) in the <desc></desc> part of the track.
There is an infinite scrolling and/or flickering visible in the track detail screen under the description text.

Imported points from gpx files with newlines in the <desc> seem to be displayed ok!
Thanks for the bugfix-version! Locus-actions URLs are working again from favourites!  :) :)
Quote from: menion on December 09, 2018, 21:58:53
I noticed and fixed one similar issue today, so maybe it is already solved.
But just to be sure .. is there any sample link I may test? Thanks

I only use this with my own little php script ( on my poor little arm homeserver, so I'd like to avoid posting an URL here, I will send you a PN...
Are there any changes regarding Url-handling in favourites in the current version? I can't get locus-actions urls to work from favourites anymore.
In current version, if I click on a favorite containing a locus-actions url, I get an orange toast saying something like "could not find a suitable application for this action".
This definitely worked in the last version (locus-actions urls were handled without problems)!

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Thank you for the hand drawn nav instructions fix! Works as expected now!

While on a mtb-tour today I noticed a problem with icons display in quick add points screen (see screenshot). Can you reproduce it?

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FC right after init screen with latest BETA on Sony Z1C with Android 5.1.1 stock ROM. It is reproducable 100%.

Another thing: did you find time yet to investigate the nav point on hand-drawn route parts issue I mentioned some time ago?

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Nice enhancements to the routeplanner, I like it very much!

But one thing: is it intentional that I can't create a nav point on a hand-drawn part of the route? After tapping on the instruction sign (for example 'turn left'), nothing happens! On other (routed via Brouter) parts of the route this works just fine!

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Wie 0709 schon schrieb, geht das mit manchen Tracks, vor allem wenn sie als tcx vorliegen.
Bei GPX gibt es da leider keinen Standard, da kocht jeder sein eigenes Süppchen. Da hilft nur probieren! Achtung bei Brouter-Web: Brouter unterstützt zwar das navi - Format von Locus, die Profile sind aber normalerweise auf Auto-Erkennung eingestellt. Das heißt, bei Export aus Brouter-Web fehlen die Abbiegehinweise wahrscheinlich!

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Du kannst auch mal meinen Versuch eines MTB-Profils probieren:

Am Anfang war das mal ein Profil mit Umschaltung zwischen normal und hard über den Locus-Schalter "unbefestigte Straßen vermeiden", aber da Locus nach dem Einrichten des Profils immer standardmäßig die schwere Variante ausgewählt hatte,  habe ich das Profil doch in zwei aufgeteilt (normal und hard).

Vielleicht hilft es dir ja...


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I think for the ETA to work correctly with Brouter, we need a new version of Brouter app, right? The commits for Locus ETA on Brouter github are from 8th of july, but no official version with the changes is available. Do we have to ask Arndt for a new version?

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I also experience fcs when activating any preset from the ui in 3.31.1. Activating a preset via intend works, though...

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