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29.6.2014 - Locus

BETA version available over Google+ testing group

27.6.2014 - Locus

BETA version available over Google+ testing group

15.6.2014 - Locus

Because I'm just leaving on around 8 days and I'm in quite a hurry, I don't want to publish not well tested Beta version on Google Play. So here is Alpha version on own risk. Enjoy it. I'll testing it also during next days, so we should put heads together later ;)

Version should work fine. I'm now using new system for creating Free/Pro/Beta versions, so hope it will really work as Beta. (should be visible in menu > info). Use on your own risk! (and have Locus Pro 3.0.2 as backup).

3.6.2014 - Locus 3.0.1

"Quick" bug-fix version available on Google Play

29.5.2014 - Locus 3.0.0

new version available on Google Play. Enjoy it

Versions / Test version from GooglePlay
« on: April 25, 2014, 15:30:04 »
New test versions are now available over Google Play !
I'll try a new system for distribution. Probably easier for everyone.

How to participate in Beta testing.

over Google+

over google group

If there will be any problems, feel free to write me.

Wishlist / How and Where add new Idea/Wish
« on: March 26, 2014, 10:03:21 »
Since March/April 2014, all ideas/wishes (also basic questions/problems) should be placed on new

  Help Desk

Before posting new idea, please search for existing ideas.

If any will be close to what you want, Vote for it (optionally add new comment) instead of creating new idea.

Also use Vote down, for ideas you really do not like/do not want

Thank you and Enjoy Locus

27.5.2014 - Locus

23.5.2014 - Locus

15.5.2014 - Locus

13.5.2014 - Locus

7.5.2014 - Locus

29.4.2014 - Locus

changes compare to 2.20.3
- added fully working reader for ANR+ CHIRF sensor
- added support for BT LE Speed & Cadence senzor
- added ability to upload edited 'Notes' to web
- new color buttons for main track record buttons, that match current recording state
- 'Navigation Generator' is now automatically used for tracks computed by Yours and Brouter
- added ability to disable computed navigation orders in 'Navigate to' feature
- added ability to notify add-ons on changed point over API
- improved selection of items for dashboard - united style for dashboard & track rec screen and added some more choises to Track rec panel
- fixed problem with Proximity sensor (which rarely remain enabled)
- fixed problems with crash of 'Add new wpt' function from dashboard
- improved options for log of trackable from Point details
- small fixes and improvements in new Track record panel
- created defaults track record profiles and set Locus Free to 2 profiles without ability to add/remove any
- fixed problematic notificaiton on missing dependency for ANT sensors
- and many small UI improvements/fixes

25.4.2014 - Locus

After a week, new version on testing.

I'll try new system for distribution. Probably easier for everyone.

So all should be writen and clear on this Google+ page - . If there will be any problems, feel free to write me.

18.4.2014 - Locus

For really brave "Locusers"

changes compare to 2.20.2
- completely new panel for Track record
- completely removed MyTracks library from Locus
- completely new settings for track record based on profiles (removed old)
- added new "Automatic track record after start" settings
- added ability to define 'Quick add point' also for track record
- added ability to switch to next point manually during Track guiding
- added "Periodic updates" to Quick switch
- added support for drop of trackable items in cache without need to post a log (from menu > log trackables)
- improved adding points to tracks
- improved 'empty' screens for Ant manager, BT manager, track chart to new system
- switched function of buttons on "CoordinatePanel"
- fixed problem with refreshing of points over Locus API (waypoints of caches that remain on screen)
- fixed problem with deleting attachments for track waypoints
- fixed some UI problems with ExtendedData of KML
- fixed problems with "Point" button on compass screen
- fixed layout of description in point screen (automatic breaks for non-html text)
- fixed problems with handling redirects in Http communication (problems with WMS or GC Offlinizer)
- fixed problem with import of *.loc files
- fixed loading of special "locus" parameters in GPX files
- fixed problem with loading of all GC waypoints at once
- fixed problem with refresh of track on main screen after "Fill altitude"
- fixed problems with refresh o Geoaching Logs (new images)
- fixed problem with refresh of counter in data screen
- a lot of other small UI improvements and fixed

8.4.2014 - Locus 2.20.2

new version available on Google Play. Enjoy it

7.4.2014 - Locus RC

I had to do some serious changes on background of point screen due to some problems with icons and styles and finally also due to changes to back button behaviour. So please be careful if there will be any problem. As a compensation to your work, I added for those who use "Add point" during track record, small surprise ;) Thanks

changes compare to
- added support for images in cache and images for geocache logs added over API (needs new version of Geocaching4Locus - not yet published)
- new settings for automatic loading of waypoints
- fixed small problems with GC Offlinizer
- fixed problems with restoring previous zoom after app start
- improved speed when a lot of geocache waypoints with lines is visible
- small optimizations

And also testing version of Geocaching4Locus to check if images works correctly

6.4.2014 - Locus RC

changes compare to
- a lot of changes on Point screen. Fixed some problems with icons, scales. Memory problems with Google Places. Back button now works completely different. If you do not do any edit, it works as cancel, othewise it automatically save changes
- improved 'Add point' button during track record
- improved icons for rotate/lock buttons on map screen (display correctly selected item)
- improvements in Locus API
- GC Offlinizer now should keep device on during work
- fixed problems with zoom levels after start of app
- fixed problems with adding url/phone/email to points
- fixed missing icons on computed navigation tracks
- fixed problem with incorrect zoom level in map overview on point screen
- fixed settings for automatic track export

4.4.2014 - Locus RC

If anyone with 4.1.1 had problems with access to Data screen, may you confirm it works with this version? Thank you.

It's also last chance for some last fixes if anyone needs something. After this version is planned longer break, because we will be switching old Store to new and I'm sure, it will take a lot of time to test it perfectly.

changes compare to
- improved default icons for searching, long-click etc. Also added ability to ignore these icons in edit mode
- fixed problems with scale of KML styles
- fixed remaining problems with listing/images scaling in point screen
- fixed popup menu in 'Search POI' dialog
- fixed export & import GPX tracks (course, speed, times)
- fixed problems with visibility of tracks when track width was too thin
- small improvements in point screen

3.4.2014 - Locus

changes compare to

- hopefully fixed problem with "black screen" when point screen appear (on slower devices)
- fixed problems with styles for KML points (need more testing)
- added default folders for points/tracks for new users
- fixed problem with refresh of already stored Google Places
- fixed problems with visibility of keyboard and selection of text in edit mode of new point screen
- fixed problems with "Geocache" button in parent waypoints
- highly improved listing/images tab zooming for geocaches (need a lot of testing)
- fixed not-working MapQuest maps

1.4.2014 - Locus

changes compare to 2.20.1

- added ability to show/hide map overview in point screen
- added ability to define order of tabs in 'Point screen' by config.cfg
- removed vibration when tap on point
- added new page with "Web services" to main menu
- added missing logs Archive/Unarchive
- removed ability to remove temp track that is currently used for navigation
- disabled dismiss of "Edit coordinates screen" by touching outside
- added support for import of extracted PQ files correctly (handling *-wpts.gpx files)

- fixed problems with guiding & 'Point screen'
- fixed problems with missing lines to cache waypoints and rarely missing tracks during 'Add new route' function
- fixed problems with overwriting exported KMZ files
- fixed rare problems with export of tracks (tracks with 0 points)
- fixed problems with import of cache waypoints
- fixed problems when content of folder is not deleted during import even if user wanted
- fixed problem with styles of tracks after import from GPX (not used folder style)
- fixed problems with parsing a colors (mainly from GPX)
- fixed problem with not-working dashboard
- fixed icons in FileBrowser for local and dropbox places

28.3.2014 - Locus 2.20.1

new version available on Google Play. Enjoy it

26.3.2014 - Locus

Today I wanted to have half-relax day after five weeks of work on previous version. And second half invest to optimizing of screen loading (faster start). So here is result of my 14h behind PC :).

If anyone have time and wants to be sure it's OK now, please check it in this test version (Locus Free - test). If I'll have finally time, tomorrow I wants to speed up (if possible) loading of point screen and in Friday release fixed version

changes compare to 2.20.0
- fixed not working SmartMaps maps
- fixed texts of geocache logs and reduced size of icons by 25%
- removed menu button for geocache logs, so menu appear after simple tap on log
- when you edit point, name is now selected and keyboard appear (as before)
- fixed duplicate waypoints after cache update
- fixed slow import of points to folder, where a lot of points is on map
- fixed export of attachments stored in new track waypoints
- fixed problem with Locus-actions & Google Drive
- fixed problem with edit of existing field notes and it's refresh on main point tab
- impoved altitude values along 'line to gps'
- changed a little edit of coordinates - click on text show dashboard with options, long click copy coordinates to clipboard, click on target icon show direct edit

25.3.2014 - Locus 2.20.0

new version available on Google Play. Enjoy it

22.3.2014 - Locus

Please, if anyone has Android 4.4.x with SD card, where this SD card is not writtable, find some time and test how it works now with Locus. Simple test is to create empty dir on card only, another test is dir in internal memory only and in the end two directories at once. Locus should now handle all situations and in case of troubles, display new screen with detail description and hint what to do. Hope it will be clear. It's major problem and I do not have better solution than, if it occur, explain how to solve it.

changes compare to
- a lot of (10+) small or bigger fixes in new Point screen
- fixed problems with using SQLite maps places on read-only SD card
- highly improved start screen tab, that check problems with filesystem

- improved removing "mapItems". If you remove all items from one file, "mapItem" will be disabled
- improved placing of texts for distance/time rings on map
- improved icons for address/contact searching
- fixed some problems with geocaching waypoints (mainly using it's "Final" type)
- added support for export altitude also for KML waypoints
- fixed problem with import of some special extensions in GPX files
- last small improvements in automatic backup system
- fixed crashes after import and "tap" on hungarian caches
- picking waypoint in "Get location from map" screen, show only small confirm dialog now
- and some small unimportant UI improvements

known, not yet solved/decided issues
- map in Point overview when main map is rotating
- order of tabs in new Point screen - vote here

download - direct link

17.3.2014 - Locus

changes compare to
- small redesign of Points screen for normal and also edit mode
- improve Google Places (gallery and added "open hours")
- improved screen with items/trackables in FieldNotes
- fixed problem with overlayed dashboard on main screen
- added support for using new Point screen also on track points/waypoints
- fixed problems with sorting geocache logs and using new "Friends" system
- hopefully fixed not perfectly working auto-backup
- added ability to define default path for images from camera by config file

11.3.2014 - Locus

changes compare to
- improvements in layout of point screen
- improved POI filter
- improved types of field notes during log of cache
- improved start checking for invalid root directories
- improved attachments tab in new Points screen
- removed context action bar when edit points
- fixed some problems in point filter screen
- fixed small problems with search for localized photo
- and solved some reported small issues

9.3.2014 - Locus

changes compare to
- a lot of improvements in points screen, mainly UI
- improved list of cache waypoints and list of cache logs
- created completely new Google Places system also integrated to new Point screen
- improved design of start screen and small fixes in checking existing directories
- made Garmin icons smaller to look better in picking dialog
- improved system of friends in geocaching
- fixed problem with crashing of field notes
- fixed generating of Offlinized HTML pages (to fix problem with rescaling of images in "Image" tab, you need to delete cached HTML page in data/geocaching directory. Fortunately all new, never offlinized caches will be automatically OK)
- fixed refresh of data manager after editing of point
- added ability to move from cache waypoint to cache screen

3.3.2014 - Locus

changes compare to 2.19.1

- new Point screen! (replace previous waypoint dialog, geoaching screen, edit point screen)
- udpated all garmin icons to new BaseCamp version
- fixed problems with not working Garmin (img) maps
- improved definition in AddQuickPoint feature
- added ability to prepare list of friends (in settings > geoaching) and mark logs by this
- created new screen that handle possible problems with fileSystem during start (should help with duplicate folders, problems with read-only access, etc.)

- small fixes with parsing colors in config file
- improved layout in Live tracking (mainly on a small devices)
- fixed problem with removing navigation (temp) track
- added ability to load orientation for "get location > projection" from compass
- added 'battery' and 'GSM signal quality' to live tracking
- improved GC Offlinizer, now should correctly handle overloading of groundspeak server
- improved zooming in geocache listing
- fixed problems with importing more zip files at once
- fixed not-removed waypoints when you compute route without directions
- fixed problem with restoring export path
- fixed problems with import of files from content source (like email attachments)
- partially fixed problem with rendering maps that are loaded with "auto-load" feature
- many small improvements in UI, etc.

21.2.2014 - Locus 2.19.1

new version available on Google Play

14.2.2014 - Locus 2.19.0

new version available on Google Play. Enjoy it

10.2.2014 - Locus - RC4

changes compare to
- fixes in map rendering

9.2.2014 - Locus - RC3

changes compare to
- hopefully fixed all possible problems with map rendering. Maps should be also a little bit faster - did you noticed any difference on your device? Hope so ...
- improvements in Garmin IMG rendering
- some small fixes

5.2.2014 - Locus - RC2

changes compare to
- improvements in loading map tiles - personal maps should be a little faster now
- complete rewrite of design of all screen that do not have any content (for example when you have no points, no maps, etc..)
- new icons for files (will be also used later in new attachments screen for points)
- improved formatting of UTM coordinates
- fixed small problems in reloading of smartmaps
- and some minor changes based on feedback
- big update of rendering style for Garmin maps
  I've decided to give this format a small chance, so I examine how small library I use works and started chaging rendering system to allows some modification. So forget for now on texts (they're really bad), and focus on style of map itself. If you use IMG maps and will want improve any style, then I need - map (img file) with specific item on map, place where should I see it, and screenshot how it should looklike (for example on garmin device)

31.1.2014 - Locus - RC1

- added ability to edit style even for temporary tracks (even that it dissapear when track is lost)
- added ability to display custom coordinates in dashboard
- added support for colors in GPX files (tracks)
- refreshed all Garmin icons (used current default icons from BaseCamp)
- improved "closing" dialog
- some improvements in magnifier
- small improvements in GPX and CSV export (mainly compatibility problems)
- improved delete/remove dialog
- improved loading of maps - set "lazy loading" on big screens
- fixed not working Google Places - rewrote to use new Google API
- fixed small problem with moved times in field notes
- fixed problems with loading of multiple waypoints of opencaching caches
- fixed problems with export to Google Earth
- fixed problems in track chart (mainly during track record)
- fixed small problems with compass title
- removed not working Hike&Bike maps from

Also little sorry for a long time without updates. I'm currently mainly working on new screen for Points (merged small dialog on map together with geoaching screen etc.). I expected to make it fully working after few days, but unfortunately it already took me almost 50 hours and it's still not done (what's funny is, that it looks almost same as current screen). Anyway, in testing and also in new market version, will be still old good dialog. I'll publish new testing version with this dialog after new 2.19.0 version ...

Just a small taste ... feedback and ideas (based just on screenshots) are welcome

17.1.2014 - Locus

- added support for Heart rate monitor BT 4.0
- fixed problems with handling new "attachments" system on many places
- many small fixes reported by many users, mainly ta-ka ;)  thanks!
- and also many many small improvents in system, also in design etc.

13.1.2014 - Locus

- added support for attaching audio, video and others files
- added support for TTS notification in POI alert
- added TTS notification by new system also to 'notify on out of track'
- fixed problems with encoding of texts in WMS maps
- fixed problem with deleting point when moving between folders
- added ability to center to WMS map (if contain bbox info)
- much faster loading of big WMS maps (some were really slow)
- added export to EveryTrail site
- fixed problems with counting of logged caches
- added ability to calibrate compass (pitch, roll)
- fixed problem with incorrect resizing of TAR maps
- added ability to define items below and above "add new path" line (in cfg file)
- hope that finally solved problems with magnetic/true bearing values

5.1.2014 - Locus

- added new feature "QR Code generator"
- created united "Clear data screen", for clearing all unneeded data at once from one (settings) place (menu > settings > misc). Also added ability to remove unneeded (previously taken) photos into this new screen
- fixed order of GPX v1.1 tags to fit better MapSource requirements
- added small number of folders for data groups
- fixed problems with drawing a labels on track points
- fixed problems with incorrect magnetic azimuth value
- fixed problems with drawing map tiles on some devices
- added new start screen with basic preferences (I'm currently not 100% sure which settings are based, so content will change, anyway this screen is mainly for new, basic users and appear only once)

3.1.2014 - Locus 2.18.0

new version is slowly uploading to Google Play and other servers

28.12.2013 - Locus

- changed UI of list of export types
- small fixes, improvements, optimizations

16.12.2013 - Locus

- possibility to create groups for points & tracks
- improved recompute of tracks during working in "Add new route & measure" function

14.12.2013 - Locus

Finally after almost 14 days, testing version.

- added export to RunKeeper service
- added export to Strava service
- improved system for creating new paths manually
- improved selecting of area for downloading online maps
- some minor fixes

28.11.2013 - Locus 2.17.4

new version is ready for download

20.11.2013 - Locus 2.17.3

new version is ready for download, damn geocaching logs ...

15.11.2013 - Locus 2.17.2

new version is ready for download

13.11.2013 - Locus - RC

- added Japan GSI maps (who has free evening and is from Japan (or plan trip), please try these 18! map layers and let me know, which of them should remain in Locus, because many of them seems to be quite useless.
- fixed small problems with "navigation generator"
- a lot of small fixes

Btw. Japan GSI maps have been added thanks to amazing work of ta-ka, who almost everyday communicated with Japan map owners, then with us, then with them ... and this all almost month. After that we signed some papers that comes from Japan and again some communication - crazy. Anyway thanks ta-ka a lot :) )

download - direct link

6.11.2013 - Locus

- a lot of small fixes

3.11.2013 - Locus 2.17.1

new version (mainly bugfixes + USGS maps)

30.10.2013 - Locus 2.17.0

new version is slowly uploading to Google Play and other servers

Navigation & Guidance / BRouter Version 0.9.4 +
« on: October 06, 2013, 09:01:55 »
gynta wrote
" thread because there are essential modifications between BRouter and Locus..."

Quote from: Menion
so what about this guys? ;)

25.10.2013 - Locus - RC1 version

Main information
- complete new "File browser", so all places where you pick/select files (import/export mainly), should be tested.
- full dropbox support for import/export
- BRouter integration (offline while rest was online)

- speed optimizations of tracks (mainly moving map with a lot of tracks)
- small improvements of navigation TTS
- fixed rotation of attached photos (to wpts)
- fixed few problems with merging navigation tracks
- fixed problems with start/end of charts
- a lot of small fixes (please don't want a list because it's quite a long :) )

18.10.2013 - Locus - test version

- fixed problems with GPX export (invalid URL), stop of track record in rare cases, some problems with dropbox integration
- update translations

16.10.2013 - Locus - test version

Main information
- complete new "File browser", so all places where you pick/select files (import/export mainly), should be tested.
- full dropbox support for import/export
- BRouter integration (offline while rest was online)

- mainly fixed reported problems

14.10.2013 - Locus - test version

- finally working dropbox import/export? ;)
- small improvements in dashboard - new icons, ability to display these icons, ability to display labels, new items - distance to GPS, temperature from sensor, battery level, battery temperature
- did I mentioned changes in settings? mainly settings for Guide notification
- small improvements in closing of locus, where you can choose to close locus and all running services or just minimize
- new three special appearance track styles - arrows
- small fixes and small improvements

11.10.2013 - Locus - test version

- added support to export directly to dropbox!
- changed settings for notifications (do you like it?) and separated settings for guide notification - too far from track & next point
- small GUI changes to united whole Locus
- removed need for restart of locus when adding/deleting personal/vector maps
- fixed problems with BRouter car mode
- fixed problems it "Items" tab of data manager
- fixed duplicate geocache waypoints in some cases
- fixed dropbox login
- uff and many other small fixes and small improvements

6.10.2013 - Locus - test version

- added BRouter as another source for track compute
- completely rewrote file picker (allow multi-file-selection, Dropbox support!, faster, cleaner)
- improved import methods (removed small dialog for source choose)
- added ability to define export directory during export
- added ability to import mutliple files at once (all has to be same type)
- added ability to import mutliple PocketQueries at once
- fixed problem with rare crashes of popup windows
- fixed problem with on-board calibration
- fixed missing "tools" button in "Items" tab of data manager

30.9.2013 - Locus 2.16.0

new version is slowly uploading to Google Play and other servers. Enjoy and don't be sad about changes you may don't like now. Everything is changing ...

General information
  • using of these Beta versions, is on your own risk. Always keep your data backuped, just for sure
  • list of changes is always related to previous test version, not to last public version
  • all Test versions, works as Locus Pro on limited time, so you may use them also for testing Pro features

27.9.2013 - Locus

- last fixes

download - direct link
discussion since - this topic

26.9.2013 - Locus

- GUI improvements and fixes

25.9.2013 - Locus

- GUI improvements and fixes

21.9.2013 - Locus

- big GUI rewrite
- fixed MapQuest routing
- many small bug-fixes

13.9.2013 - Locus

Hi to all. Do you want a real BETA version? I'm doing some changes in GUI now. Mainly because Locus is quite often criticized because of un-united layout, weird GUI etc, I'll slowly change all possible screen to same functionality but united design.

There are also some changes, that are not yet perfectly tested. Peter plan some real user testing next week, but I'll be also glad for some feedback from you

changes to 2.15.1

big changes
- completely removed modules
- new style for list of functions (menu > more)

GUI changes (mainly visible on tables or landscape)
- improving data export screen, parking screen, POI alert, navigation screen, altitude manager, geocaching Live API screen
- improvements on sizes of buttons etc. to look better on huge resolution screens

- improvements in navigationGenerator (now generate orders for completely all points, even first or last)
- fixed problem with change from Personal map to SmartMaps after start
- fixed problems with log times reported over Geocaching Live API
- fixed problem with loading caches over G4L add-on (basic members)
- fixed problems with refreshing guiding on points from network link
- improved list of geocache logs
- fixed POI grouping on navigation tracks (grouped orders)
- fixed problem with loading online tiles with expired validity
- fixed small problem with searching root folder on storage/sdcard

4.9.2013 - Locus 2.15.0

new version is slowly uploading to Google Play and other servers. Enjoy

Navigation & Guidance / Navigation on all tracks
« on: September 03, 2013, 12:47:55 »
I would like to introduce new testing feature - navigation on all tracks, not just the once, created with online service, directly in Locus

How does it work:
1. you need latest test version of Locus
2. simply display track on map, tap on it and under Guide section, will be Navigation test button. Use it
3. locus will generate navigation orders along the track and allow to enable classic voice navigation

Keep in mind: Locus generate Navigation orders offline, by testing changes in angles (course of track) . It's almost same as current system for Guiding with enabled TTS, but with more precise results and much easier to work with

Big thanks:
big thanks belong to Thomas and Willy. They created and tested during a holidays, algorithm for computations of navigation orders. So it was quite easy for me, to just use it, little bit improve and optimize and provide you as a working solution of this, quite a lot, wanted feature

Why this topic
Navigation will not be perfect. It will not also be included in new release version, just in these testings. I would like to discuss about - how it works, what to improve, etc.

Enjoy it

Bin / Testing and free discussion (Forum vs GetSatisfaction)
« on: August 28, 2013, 16:25:30 »
hey .. voting test

Discussion/New features / Dashboard improvements (planned)
« on: August 28, 2013, 10:38:04 »
Instead of creating private TODO list, I want to share with you list of items that all wants (needs) to add to current dashboard system.

Adding every item is on one side simple, on second side it takes quite a lot of time. So I want to prepare list of all tasks around dashboard, and then later do it all at once.

Dashboard items to add

topics on

General information
  • using of these Beta versions, is on your own risk. Always keep your data backuped, just for sure
  • list of changes is always related to previous test version, not to last public version
  • all Test versions, works as Locus Pro on limited time, so you may use them also for testing Pro features

3.9.2013 - Locus - new Release Candidate

news list
- finally ability to navigate on all tracks (more here ...)
- another improvements in merging of tracks
- fixed some problems with KML features (screen overlay, rotation of icons)
- fixed co-apps links
- improvements in ANT+ support
- improvements in address search (handling result)
- fixed loading of IMG map files and generating of it's center
- improved rendering speed of MapsForge lib (again I know ;) )
- and many other small fixes


29.8.2013 - Locus

news list
- added Visicom online map
- improved merging system for tracks
- added ability to read base64 encoded images in KML styles
- fixed refreshing of GPS icon state
- fixed selecting of more tracks (10, 25 ...)
- fixed problem with missing waypoints after refresh of GCVote
- fixed turned off GPS when screen rotate in sat screen

26.8.2013 - Locus

news list
- ability to zoom base map/overlay/wms independent on base map (this mean when base map ends at 17 and you have vector map overlay, you will at level 18 rescale base map, but vector will still use own level 18)
- improved computing of time values during a navigation
- added export of generated final geocache when needed (to keep found flag)
- fixed problems with new GPX export (versions)
- fixed problems with shading
- fixed problems with updating a dashboard when started with app
- fixed autoloading of vector maps
- fixed switching of maps
- created caching of initialized garmin maps, for faster start
- fixed forgetting of loaded points/tracks after full backup
- and some more reported problems

20.8.2013 - Locus

WARNING: worst then BETA version <!-- s:) --> :) <!-- s:) -->

Everything around loading maps (online, personal mainly and also vector) has changed. You'll probably not see anything, but trust me, most of code has changed and there will be problems on places where all worked fine before. Anyway thanks to this, is possible to shade also ALL!!! personal maps

news list
- added ability to shade ALL maps
- final integration of new ANT+ library (needs ANT Radio Service 4.1)
- added support for ANT+ temperature
- added support for Garmin IMG files (this is just a small bonus, don't expect big support here. I'm also not sure if this will be official feature)
- added new one-finger zoom
- improved export of GPX files (choose between version instead of "Garmin compatible")
- stronger altitude filtration for tracks
- fixed problems with settings own location sources
- added ability to hide tabs in satellite/compass screen
- many small speed optimizations

8.8.2013 - Locus 2.14.1

mainly version with fixed problems ...

6.8.2013 - Locus

quick test version before bug-fix release this week. It's mainly for people that are interested in some specific fix of any bug

news list
- added turn on screen to Screen On/Off feature for guiding along track
- improvements and fixes in Satellite/Compass screen
- fixed problem with keyboard on OAuthLoginActivity
- fixed problem with pressure sensor automatic calibration
- fixed problems with auto-zoom
- attempt to integrate working solution for ANT+ based on old library and code (previous version), because it looks that new version of ANT+ lib will never be ready (planned release date was 06/2013)
- fixed problems with BT GPS handling over track record widget
- fixed crash when locus do not have enough space on SD-card

3.8.2013 - Locus 2.14.0

new version is slowly uploading to Google Play and other servers. Enjoy

Discussion/New features / Offline POI database
« on: July 22, 2013, 22:02:41 »
Feature released in 3.5.0 version of Locus

We've been working on ability to use already available POI data from OSM maps in some better way than now. Currently, only work with OSM POI is that you may see small icons on vector maps ... nice, but...

I'm glad to officially introduce Offline POI database for Locus application.

Keep in mind a few things:
- system is in early beta and final public version is planned on last quarter 2014
- distribution of these database files will be in same way as vector maps, so over Locus store and as simple as possible
- installation will be also easy as vector maps. Currently you have to download and place on correct place files manually
- primarily for this BETA function you need also a open Locus FREE test version
- I want to keep whole system simple. No extra filtering, no extra features. Simple and fast database, nothing more

How to:
- download file from below list
- extract file and place it right to the same place as you vector map. If your file will have exactly same name, it will be used automatically together with vector map. So for example for austria, you should have in the end

Code: [Select]
- locus
  - mapsVector
    - europe
      - austria.poi.db or austria.osm.db

- firstly you need to check if database work. this may be done in:
Menu -> More  -> TESTING FEATURES -> Points of interest

There is also a question, which points include in database. Increasing number of points will slow down whole database, so it make sense, to include only interesting points/tags, not everything. So below is list of requested tags that should be by your opinions in database

missing points:

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